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Chapter 316: A Fortuitous Encounter?

“Grandfather, are you talking about the Fang Yuanqiu who was beaten by me so badly when we were younger that he had to search for his teeth on the ground? What could he possibly do?” Lan Xinyu asked scornfully.

“Xinyu, don’t look down on him. I just received news that Fang Yuanqiu was accepted into the gates of a strong cultivator in Dong Lin Country three years ago and has already achieved Battle Qi Level-9.” The crease in Master Lan’s brow deepened.

“Battle Qi Level-9 with that kind of innate talent? Three years ago, he was merely at Battle Qi Level-4 and was only slightly better than trash, how could he possibly achieve Battle Qi Level-9?” If not for Master Lan’s serious expression, Lan Xinyu would have thought he was kidding. To raise a Battle Qi Level-4 trash to Battle Qi Level-9 within a period of three years sounded ridiculous, no matter how strong the cultivator was.

“I also feel that it sounds impossible, but the information should not be wrong. Anyway, you have to be careful this time,” Master Lan said solemnly.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa, I will be careful,” Lan Xinyu agreed. She was no longer the Lan Xinyu who did not bother about others and looked down on everyone. Ling Chuxi was right – the sky was very high and the earth was very wide. There were many strong cultivators. Her mentality and thoughts were very different now.

“Alright, I won’t disturb you all anymore. You should keep Miss Ling and Master Ling company. Tonight, I will get the housekeeper to organize a family banquet. When it is time, just come together.” Master Lan left after he finished speaking.

“Lan Xinyu, do you still remember the Heart Refining Mantra of the Deity Temple? Your grandfather is right – you can’t be careless.” Ling Chuxi was worried about Lan Xinyu’s opponent’s cultivation and reminded her.

“Alright.” Lan Xinyu nodded. During the compet.i.tion last time, E Shulan’s cultivation was actually about the same as hers, but with the aid of the Heart Refining Mantra, she was able to evoke a cultivation that was far beyond that of Battle Qi Level-8. Maybe Fang Yuanqiu had a fortuitous encounter? Whatever the reason, she could not take it lightly.

“Even if he has the cultivation abilities of Battle Qi Level-9, I will not give up,” Lan Xinyu said determinedly, seeing her grandfather’s frail figure.

“Being determined is definitely a good thing, however, the difference in cultivation is not something you can compensate with just determination alone.” Ling Chuxi stared at Lan Xinyu contemplatively.

“What are you thinking about now?” Lan Xinyu felt unease growing in her heart.

“How to help you raise your cultivation, of course.” Ling Chuxi smiled evilly, and Lan Xinyu’s face paled.

A few minutes later, m.u.f.fled thudding sounds and Lan Xinyu’s furious screeching rang out across the training grounds. “Ling Chuxi, how dare you bully people like this?!”

Ling Yichen looked away, unable to continue watching. The bullying was really too much.

Master Lan who was slowly walking in the distance paused at the noise, then started to smile.

Three days later, the Fang family and a large group of people came to the Lan manor. With their arrival, the sparring between the two families that happened once every decade officially began.

The biggest compet.i.tion arena in White Stone City was crowded. The compet.i.tion had not yet started, but there was already cheering coming from below the stage. The sparring between the Lan and Fang families was considered a grand event in White Stone City. The Lan Family was the backbone of White Stone City, and it was because of their strength that White Stone City prospered. Naturally, no one wanted the Lan family to lose.

On the observation platform behind the arena, three old men were sitting side by side. On both sides were Lan Linguo, the head of the Lan family, Fang Dingan, the head of the Fang family, and in the middle of them both was the dean of White Stone Academy who had been invited as a witness.


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