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Chapter 842: G.o.d Father IntervenesTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The patriarch of Rahu Clan looked at Li Yunmu, but did not join the other three patriarchs to attack him. Three clan patriarchs were already sufficient to deal with Chen Xiu who was an initial stage G.o.d. He was only responsible for finis.h.i.+ng and beheading Chen Xiu in close quarters battle.

Li Yunmu’s expression did not change, and the patriarch of Rahu Clan coldly laughed before flying down at the arena. In a breath’s time, he was already standing by the side of the three young masters and saw that none of the previous arrogance remained in their gazes. They were too numb for anything right then.

“Lord father, you finally came. If you hadn’t come, your treasured son would’ve been killed here. If you were the slightest bit slower, I would’ve died here.”

Luo Tian looked at Rahu Clan’s patriarch with apathy in his eyes. There was almost no life in him. He only managed to reply in a quivering voice because of his fear for death.

Neither he nor the other young masters were afraid of their cultivation being sealed, and the wounds from the beasts that they got during battle did not ache. Only Chen Xiu’s insistence on getting them killed in the colosseum terrified them.

The three young masters who had been pampered from childhood never thought that they could die. All of them had thought that regardless of however the situation changed in the future, the position of clan patriarch would be theirs.

Domingle’s pale and originally tensed complexion also collapsed after hearing Luo Tian’s words, and all twelves eyes on his six hands began to shed tears. The luxurious dress on Jasmine’s body was in tatters, revealing her white skin as well as some places which were infected by poison. She seemed to be a completely different person and could not even weep.

“Each and every one of you is useless. You, the young masters of four great clans, have become like this after going through a little bit of hards.h.i.+p. You must recall your ident.i.ties and act accordingly in front of me.

“This time’s accident can be considered as a lesson about the importance of strength. After losing the fight over obtaining Ancient G.o.d Lakshmi’s soul, your cultivation had sill stayed at the ninth level of great flux expert realm.”

The patriarch of Rahu Clan revealed disappointment for the three young masters being unable to meet his expectations and spoke in a heavy tone.

The three young masters heard him clear and well, but did not dare to retort. They did not take his words to heart either, however. If anyone else had been in their place, the result would still be the same. If the opponent was ordinary, they wouldn’t have fallen to such desperate straits, but in front of a G.o.d, how could three nine level great flux experts resist? Even if they were sage flux experts, they still wouldn’t have been able to resist.

The expressions of the three recovered to normal, and three strands of divine energy left the hand of Rahu Clan’s patriarch to unseal their cultivation. In an instant, their cultivation base recovered, and a sense of security returned to the hearts of the three young masters.

After that, the patriarch of Rahu Clan turned toward the four great elders who were kneeling on the ground and coldly snorted before unsealing their cultivation too.

Four divine presences erupted, and each and every one of the devil beasts kneeling on the ground began to s.h.i.+ver.

“A group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds,” the patriarch of Rahu Clan said, and his hand enlarged to press on the arena. Dust flew everywhere, and the entire colosseum filled with miserable wails and random patches of blood.

After killing the thirty beasts with one fist, the patriarch of Rahu Clan turned his gaze toward the battle in the sky. The three late stage G.o.d patriarchs were filled with killing intent, and each of them used their most powerful abilities to attack Chen Xiu. In just a moment, the sky filled with all sorts of lights, which looked extremely beautiful.

Under the radiance, a line of blood flowed out of the corner of Li Yunmu’s mouth. His clothes were completely destroyed, revealing multiple wounds on his naked skin. The three clan patriarchs attacked him again, but he used the wind under his feet to unleash Heavenly Insect Step and immediately transformed into a blur, completely disappearing and then appearing at another position.

“He can still run around,” the patriarch of Rahu Clan mumbled. He stamped his left foot on the ground and soared upwards, transforming into a blur that rushed toward Li Yunmu.

In just a few breaths, the patriarch of Rahu Clan appeared in front of Li Yunmu with a cold smile on his face and began to fight with him. The punch from his enormous fist charged at Li Yunmu so fast that the people underneath could only see an afterimage. Li Yunmu constantly retreated under the attacks, which made it clear that he was the weaker side.

The four patriarchs wanted to kill him, so Asura in the city lord’s mansion had to come quickly. After all, it the fight was allowed to continue any longer, he would not be able to preserve his disguise. Under the attack of four late stage G.o.ds, an initial stage G.o.d like him could resist for a while but had to chance to escape alive.

Relying on his Heavenly Insect Step, Li Yunmu constantly dodged the attacks of Rahu Clan’s patriarch and continuously averted disasters. The three clan patriarchs standing on the side watched it with a frown.

Jiao Xiu looked in the direction of the upper city with a restless feeling. He then turned to the other two clan patriarchs and said, “We don’t have much time. We should attack together and kill him. Only victory is permitted here.”

After hearing his words, the other clan patriarchs used their most formidable techniques to attack Li Yunmu and their divine energy to restrict the s.p.a.ce in which he could move.

The descendants sitting in the spectator stand watched the battle in the sky with envy on their faces. The fights between G.o.ds showed off great power and countless divine techniques. In their hearts, becoming a G.o.d was the final point of their cultivation.

Among those people, however, there was a group of branch family descendants with a strange expression on their face. On some faces, it has disappointment mixed in within it.

Although the branch family descendants were deeply afraid of Li Yunmu, but after all was said and done, Chen Xiu was also a minor branch family descendant previously. His sudden rise brought hope to them. If they really had some ability, their position or bloodline might not be a problem.

Yet right then, Chen Xiu’s death was almost certain under the joint attack of the patriarch of four great clans, and with that, his legend would disappear. Because of that, the hope rising in the hearts of branch family descendants began to collapse.

The four patriarchs attacked with their full strength.

They used a large amount of divine energy to unleash a formidable divine technique to imprison Li Yunmu in a small s.p.a.ce. It turned the situation hopeless. If Li Yunmu did not reveal his true strength, he would die under the a.s.sault of the four great clan patriarchs.

The branch family descendants clenched their fists, feeling extremely nervous for that last bit of hope in their heart.

Not everyone was like that though. Excitement was on the faces of the three young masters and four great elders in the colosseum. All of them wished that they could kill Chen Xiu themselves. Only when he died would the shadow in their heart disappear.

Just when a multicolored divine technique was about to hit Li Yunmu’s body, the entire s.p.a.ce became extremely heavy as if it was a marsh. All the living creatures slowed down, and even the divine technique which was about to hit Li Yunmu became extremely slow, proceeding at a snail’s pace.

Upon seeing that, Li Yunmu heaved a sigh of relief. Asura finally intervened.

Suspicion appeared on the faces of descendants as well as the three young masters in the battle stage. They did not know what exactly was happening.

In the sky, the four clan patriarchs sensed the change in s.p.a.ce and sighed faintly.

Given that they had become G.o.ds a long time ago, they clearly understood that the change meant that G.o.d father has taken action. Sure enough, G.o.d father was thinking the same as them and wanted to deal with the four ancestors and even the four great clans. His intervention signified that he was watching the transformation of Asura City.


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