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Chapter 206 – Grand Demon Duke Agares (6)

Translator: HH Editor: thursdays

[Trait; Demonic Dragon Body]

Summary: Dragons and devils have been at odds with each other before history. The rejection of each other is stamped into their instincts.

However, because the Draconic species indulge in the mental aspect of the demons, and demons in the hearts of the Draconic species, their influence on each other is great. And occasionally, there are cases when they change themselves by accepting the traits of their mortal enemy.

The Demonic Dragon is one that changes itself and becomes the laughingstock of its species.

However, a Demonic Dragon is more powerful than the other members in its species because it has the combined power of both a demon and a dragon.

But their existence may be damaged if they do not control their body.

*Black Dragon

You can change the powers of the Draconic species and demons little by little.

*Dragons and Demons’ Territory

According to your qualifications, you can announce ‘Binah,’ a territory of your own.

*Dragons and Demons’ Knowledge

The world of knowledge of dragons, ‘Hochma,’ and the other side of knowledge of demons, ‘Netzeth.’

*Dragons and Demons’ Power

According to your qualifications, you can have the ability to open the power of truth of the Draconic species, ‘Keter,’ and the power of demons, ‘Tiferet.’

[TN: The names of some terms have been changed because I found the actual term for them in English. I apologize, and thanks for your understanding!]

The Demonic Dragon Body was a trait that his brother had only drawn out in his head.

Dragons and devils. The two beings that are called Draconic species and demons are known not to be able to mate. And that’s the truth. The way they use magic is different, and they hate each other to the bone and have fought each other for several thousands, even ten thousands of years.

However, there are always exceptions.

Even within the society of the Draconic species, there were those who wanted to become stronger, and there were some black sheep that wanted to grab hands with the demons out of boredom, or to become stronger.

They gave up a part of the traits of being a Draconic species, and in return, became a new being, with traits of a demon.

These were the ‘Demonic Dragons.’

Demonic Dragons were beings that couldn’t belong with the Draconic Species or the demons.

For the Draconic species, it was a humiliation, and the demons were mad that they had dared to copy them. And this was obvious, but upon discovery, they were ma.s.sacred by the two species.

But to catch a Demonic Dragon wasn’t easy at all.

It was a being that had overcome the limits of its species. Of course, they would have powers that surpa.s.sed each species.

So to catch a Demonic Dragon, you couldn’t go alone. A ‘legion’ of at least 5 had to be created.

If Draconic species and demons met while catching a Demonic Dragon, they would put everything aside and focus on annihilating the Demonic Dragon.

The more there were of Demonic Dragons, the more the characteristics of each species decreased, and they would completely disappear. It was the stubbornness of a species.

His brother had focused on this point.

Since the Draconic species were extinct, there wouldn’t be any Demonic Dragons left behind, but if they could be created again, it would be incredible. He would’ve been able to surpa.s.s a part of the limits of being a dragon. He would be able to use his Dragon Body more to his advantage.

But his brother had only theorized about it, and he hadn’t been able to actually start the process.

The reason was simple.

Even up to that point, the ancient dragon Kalatus had been watching him.

And after Kalatus left, he didn’t feel right attempting it.

The biggest reason why the Draconic species went extinct was because of the demons. His brother couldn’t use the power of those who caused the end of Kalatus. More than anything, n.o.body could match Kalutus in his pride for his species.

So when his brother had made a contract with Agares along with Vieira Dune, Kalatus had set boundaries.

To become stronger, his brother would have a part of the Demon’s Blessing, but Agares couldn’t cross the ‘line.’

If he did, the contract would be void.

Until the end, his brother had kept his promise with Kalatus.

He didn’t even think about attempting it; he only set up the theory as a scholar.

And after some time pa.s.sed, something else occurred to him.

The Demonic Dragon was something that already existed from a long time ago, so it wasn’t hard to imagine how to become one. But if you tried, couldn’t you also overcome the limits of a Demonic Dragon?

It wasn’t like the G.o.ds and demons were unparalleled.

G.o.ds always s.h.i.+ned like the sun in the sky, aloof. And there were the Giant species that had once fought a destructive war with them. If he could combine their blessings as well…..

And if you surpa.s.sed a Demonic Dragon…..and if you owned the Giant’s Blessing, and the blessing of those that defeated them…..

How far could you go?

The question that his brother had asked himself was one that no one had been able to answer. And it was a question that no one attempted to answer.

His brother had wanted to find the answer, but he wasn’t able to.

While he had been searching, the war with the Eight Large Clans began, and the members of Arthia started their betrayals. He had been busy fighting by himself, so he didn’t have the chance to research.

However, since the overall plan was recorded in the diary, Yeon-woo was able to use this as the background and succeeded in completing the Demonic Dragon Body. Under normal conditions, he would’ve attempted it safely after more research, but the situation was urgent, so he didn’t have the time.


Since he had awoken a new step in this dangerous situation, the 3rd step, it helped him to control his extreme power.

[Element Contact]

Summary: The ancient dragon Kalatus was able divided his power into 8 steps, so his contractee would be able to get used to it quickly. Of those, this is the 3rd step.

Within the Dragon’s Territory, you can begin to control the elements.

*Owner of Fire

Your control of fire property dramatically increases.

*Owner of Water

Your control of water property dramatically increases.

*Owner of Air

Your control of air property dramatically increases.


[The Dragon’s Territory, ‘Binah’ has been strengthened. You are able to use your power and control of the properties in this territory.]

[Over a certain time, all stats increased by a set amount.]


[‘Property Synchronization’ has been successfully accomplished.]

Of these, the powers that Yeon-woo had used was ‘Owner of Fire’ and ‘Owner of Darkness.’

There was no one near Yeon-woo’s level of fire property control, and when this was amplified, even demons could be burnt.


The monster that had been pierced right in the middle of its body shook. Its roar made the entire stage tremble. It was like the sky was going to fall.

The explosions happened consecutively several times after that. The fire poured out endlessly, sending out heat waves. As light and heat combined, the monster was pushed back.

The stage that had been filled with light and darkness turned into the color of red fire with all kinds of powers, skill effects, and the holy power from Athena’s blessing.

Even Hermes’s back turned cold at this power, and Agares experienced an intense pain after being hit straight on with it.

The fire that Yeon-woo used was infused with Holy Fire, and it was basically poison to a demon. The hole inside the monster didn’t heal; rather, it ate at the monster’s body. The option ‘Boiling Spark’ of Wave of Fire fanned at the fire.

As sparks flew in other places, there were minor explosions, and big explosions were caused from lightning and other explosions.

The red light covered the entire monster.

[You dare! You dareeeeeee!]

Agares revealed his vestige of fury to Yeon-woo, who had made him this way. Not only had he stabbed him in the back, but he humiliated him like this!


The attack didn’t end there.

[Uehahahat! Amusing. This is amusing as h.e.l.l!]

[I’m using my power for the first time in a while.]

[G.o.d. Please give me your blessing!]

After Yeon-woo received the blessing of Athena and the Owner of Darkness, Shanon, Hanryeong, and Rebecca, who had come into a power that exceeded their limits for a little while, didn’t miss their chance.

The fire from Yeon-woo wasn’t enough to drive Agares crazy, but it was enough to hurt him since he was already injured.

From behind, Boo activated his rune magic and supported them.

Chwak, chwak!


The two Death Knights and spirit stabbed their swords above the monster.

And Hermes wasn’t one to miss his opportunity either.

The boas ran at Agares again. The amount of boa snakes had increased to the tens, and they bit at the monster’s body, poisoning the monster with their venomous teeth.


Agares’s body helplessly fell to the ground. It was like watching a mountain fall. The boa snakes had started to enter inside of it and eat everything in their sight.

The being that had been completely black all over began to turn into an ashy color. It meant that the being was dying as the poison from the boas spread all over it.

From its hole, demonic energy continued to pour out. It was like a pot without a bottom. If it lost a bit more, it would be enough to create a few demons on its own.

[Kaaaa! Kaa!]

To completely cut off Agares’s life, Hermes pushed the boas in even deeper.

Yeon-woo didn’t miss anything.

‘It can be caught…..!

Yeon-woo began to hope that Agares might really be caught.

He wouldn’t have even dared to attempt it without Hermes and Athena, but this wasn’t something that was ‘completely impossible’ anymore.

‘If I can shoot my fire just one more time.’

So he was going to step up again, but—

He could taste iron in his mouth, and his world spun. His body planted forward.

[Hey, Master? Master!]

Shanon quickly came to support Yeon-woo.

[Master, you okay? Say something!]

Yeon-woo wanted to say that he was okay. But because of the blood that continued to flow out, he couldn’t. The strength left his body. It was hard for him to stand on his own.

[It seems like he used everything. Just with the change of the trait, it would’ve taken a toll on him, but he even used that much holy power…..it wasn’t just overtaxing himself.]

Hanryeong sighed after checking Yeon-woo’s condition.

Yeon-woo had definitely overtaxed himself.

Even if he had received Athena’s Blessing, it was amazing in itself that he was able to maintain his form while a G.o.d and demon were fighting. And since he had gotten a trait and awakened another step, using an immense power, there wasn’t even the tiniest bit of magic power left in his Magic Circuit. It was amazing that his body wasn’t crumbling right now.

“N, o.”

But Yeon-woo wanted to stand up however he could. Just a little more. He just had to struggle for a little more. Then catching Agares and sealing him wouldn’t be a problem.

‘I have to help Sesha.’

He clenched his teeth. He had a huge debt to Sesha.

He couldn’t excuse himself with the fact that he didn’t know he had a niece. Just by the fact that his niece had been struggling until now, he had committed an unrepentable crime. He couldn’t futilely lose her like his little brother. He had to save Sesha, at the very least.

Even if his body was destroyed.

[You stubborn fool!]

Shanon let out his annoyance after reading Yeon-woo’s thoughts. Usually, Yeon-woo was such a cold person that he wondered if there was actually blood flowing in him. But seeing these kinds of regrets occasionally were extremely frustrating.

But regardless of what he said, Yeon-woo didn’t seem to want to listen.


A large magic circle flamed up from under Agares, who was being chewed by the boas and burning from Holy Fire, and a wide-open iron door appeared.

He was a being that was tied to the 98th floor. To escape the floor, he needed a significant sacrifice, and even that had its time limits. It seemed like the time that was allowed to Agares had come to its end.

“I guess there’s nothing I can do.”

Hermes clicked his tongue as he looked at Agares. He had been planning on completely ending Agares’s life, but it seemed like he would be chased away to the 98th floor.

Since his strength had already been used like this, even if he returned to his territory, it was clear that he wouldn’t live for long anyway.

The demons around him that scrambled to climb to the top wouldn’t leave him alone. He would be chewed up and spit out. Else, he would be eaten by the leader of Le Infernal, Baal.

Whatever it was, it was a chance for Hermes to take care of Agares, who had been a pain in his a.s.s. He ordered his boas to stop eating and chase him outside of the iron door.

[Let go! I said to let go!]

But Agares firmly resisted, holding onto the door frame, like he would never be pushed out. His large eyes were s.h.i.+ning with madness.

Agares opened his mouth and roared.

He couldn’t be pushed back to the 98th floor like this. This was a rare opportunity that had come to him. He didn’t know when he would get this chance again. The next time, the guy might be dead because he lived out his life…..!

[That’s mine. Mine! That…..!]

However, no matter how hard Agares resisted, the iron door that was tied with the principle of casuality quickly sucked him in. The boas were trying to push him inside as well.

[I won’t lose it this time!]

Suddenly, a part of the monster stretched out towards Yeon-woo. Hermes quickly sent a boa in that direction, but the darkness had already grabbed Yeon-woo.

Shanon and Hanryeong quickly stepped in front of him, but they had easily been flicked back into the shadow.

[This time. Come. With. Me.]

The darkness that was in the form of Agares’s puppet like when he first arrived was tightly holding onto Yeon-woo’s neck.

All his relaxed composure was gone, and only anxiousness and madness was in his eyes.

A face that looked like Cha Jeong-woo. The face that he had wanted so desperately, but wasn’t able to have.

It wasn’t him, but it was someone who reminded him of him. He had to have it. This time. At the very least, he wouldn’t lose it this time.

[With me. With…..!]

Yeon-woo trembled at his mad obsession. His breathing was blocked. If this kept up, he would probably be pulled inside with him. Athena’s blessing became even stronger, but he didn’t have any strength left, so it was hard to push him away.

Then, Yeon-woo’s left hand spread out. Clatter. Clatter. Bathory’s Vampiric Sword planted its teeth in his arm.

[‘Bathory’s Vampiric Sword’ is activated. You have absorbed life and energy.]

[Strength increases by 11.]

[Dexterity increases by 16.]

[You have gained the Demon’s Blessing.]

[You have gained the Demon’s Blessing.]


[Warning! The amount of Demon’s Blessing exceeds the current limit. The balance with the Dragon’s Blessing is being messed up. Your Demonic Dragon Body is in danger of overheating.]

Although Agares was only absorbed for a little while, too much demonic energy and vestige came out from his body. It was incomparable to the Ceratopsian Dinosaur. The demonic energy didn’t just intrude on the Magic Circuit, but even reached Yeon-woo’s soul.

His blackish blue scales turned pitch black. His skin turned a dead black as well. Devil Poison was rapidly spreading throughout his body. If this kept up, his Demonic Dragon Body could be destroyed.

But Yeon-woo had to grab onto Agares like this, and Agares didn’t let go of Yeon-woo either.

The moment when Yeon-woo was about to die—

“Ohyohyohyo. This, this. I wanted to leave it alone. But at this rate, the stage might be ruined, and nothing will be left.”

A strange but familiar laughter came from the sky, and an invisible blade cut through Agares’s wrist, which was holding tightly onto Yeon-woo.

[No! I said no! That guy is mine! Mine!]

“Goodness, your obsession. Don’t you know that an obsessive man isn’t attractive? Ohyohyo. You won’t be able to go far, so have a safe trip.”

Agares was quickly sucked into the iron door without Yeon-woo in his grip.


The iron door closed, and settled under the magic circle. The darkness on the stage disappeared as well.

And where he had been, 6 people quietly appeared through an open portal.

They all looked strange, wearing tuxedos.

Of them, one of them stood out to Yeon-woo.

“Seriously. There’s a big incident every time I see ###.”

Yvlke adjusted his monocle and smiled amicably.

It was the appearance of the Guardians.


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