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[Chapter 8]

-The Demonic Flower Princess and The Demonic Spear-man-

We make haste and hurry over to the defensive wall as the commander of the Devil army, Georudo, is bound by the vines of Black Rose, unable to escape. Since the Devils are encircling and attacking the Wood Elf villages wall of trees, and since we are few in numbers, we are able to move swiftly between the Devil’s rank. As we get closer to the wall, Gio send out a message using wind magic to the Wood Elves on top of the wall and they happily provide us covering fire with arrows, and weave magic so the roots and thorns will hold the Devils off.

The Demonic soldiers who noticed our appearance and chased after us, turn around as the Wood Elves provide us with cover. Before, they were chasing us with our back wide open, now that they turn around, the situation is reversed. While we continue running, Gio and Fio are shooting arrows and from the look of it, they are very good at it since almost every arrow found its destination. I too, while running, use the opportunity of the enemy’s movement being cut off, and speak to the wind to form Wind blades, directing them at their necks. I left the defensive role to Christina to cut down any Devils that got too close with her incredible strength. As we are arriving at the wall, several Devils show up in our path, so I shoot a magic arrow through them and clear the path for us.

“Everyone! It will only be a little more until we get there. However, don’t relax your guard just yet. Let’s go!”

Gio turns back and gives the group encouragement, in which everyone replies in full spirits. It is nice to see that even in the midst of all this chaos, their bonds are as strong as ever.

Thorns and tree roots continue to come out of the ground and prevent the Devils from closing in on us. Some of which get in our way but we keep running without reservation. When we nearly make it, the thorns and roots stop attacking and instead, clear a way for us. As we run through, a dozen or so Zeruto follow us, I turn and kick the nearest thorns to slow them down and start my magic chant.

“Oh Forces of Nature! Hear my voice. Form my arrows. Allow me to shoot the enemy before me! Energy Rain!”

Immediately, twenty arrows made of pure energy gather above me, and under the gleam of moonlight, I hold out my left arm, aim for the Zeruto and fire all twenty arrows at them. In the cover of night, the arrows shine a dazzling white flying through the air and leave behind many trajectory lines of the same color. All of the Zeruto jump away in different directions trying to avoid the attack. When the arrows find their marks, the sound of multiple explosions intensely shake the night sky.The arrows made from my magical power explode in the air, creating a scenery like flowers endlessly blooming in the night sky. The sky is full of glory tonight.

We finally arrive next to the wall, upon closer inspection I can not even locate a gap can in it because the trees are growing so tightly next to one another. Yet, when Gio approached the wall, the roots of the trees intertwined with each other come loose, separating and leading upward, changing into a pa.s.sage.

Does this wall function as a stair or ladder for friendlies and at the same time, provide them with protection? If that is the case, then there isn’t a reason for a gate to exist, because the wall already has a function acting like a gate in the first place.

Gio takes the lead and heads up the stairs made of varied tree roots, joining the Wood Elves on top of the wall. Once on top, we get a birds eye view on the flow of the battle and the ma.s.s of demonic soldiers swarming at various locations in the area. Right now, it’s an excellent opportunity for the devils to invade via the stairs, if they start to gather at the entrance it would be very bad. I make my decision, stop and go back down the stairs to make sure that doesn’t happen. If anything, this judgement is the bare minimum one would expect the enemy to make, fortunately, I am not the only one going back down.

Selia is on my right and Christina is on my left, the three of us descend the stairs with the same goal in mind.


Selia lets out a small scream as the interior shakes slightly, both Christina and I come to a halt. I feel an increase in the level of magic and Christina seems to somewhat understand the situation. If a large number of demonic soldiers comes up the stairs against three people, the best we can do is buy time.

“Christina-san, Selia, lets use a slightly bigger magic attack for this one, then we can retreat onto the wall.”

From the pouch I tied on the left of my belt, I take out a round white crystal stone and hand it to Christina.

“Akira Spirit Stone. It’s a stone with very high purity. It’s something rarely seen even in the Academy.”

Christina raise her voice in a surprised manner as I hand over the Akira Spirit Stone to her, which has a unique magical power. For something like magic, it can crystalize naturally over a long period of time and bind with ore veins near the source, I simply use this fact and artificially created a magic stone. In this case, I dug the stone out of the ground at a place where I once concentrated my power and reorganized the leyline when I was still my my mother’s womb. When I use magic, I can draw from the magic reservoir contained in the stone instead of my own, and I can also use that to help others in a time of need.

“These were discovered somewhere near my village a while ago. A moderate amount were sold and we made a very good good profit off of it. Selia, this is for you.”

“Yes. Ah, could this be the one Dran-san found at the swamp?”

“That’s right. I don’t have a use for them, so don’t be reserved and please use them to their fullest.”

I pa.s.s the Akira Spirit Stone to Christina while Selia on the other hand, receives the Earth Spirit Stone. After the Berserk Earth spirit met its end at the Kobold tribe’s old village grounds, the Spirit stone was retrieved by me. They are something I happened to bring along, and unexpectedly found a good use for them. Selia receives the Spirit stone with both hands and starts to infuse her own magic and the magical power within the stone together. Christina, with her silver hair reflecting the moonlight, grasps the Akira stone from my left hand and uses it as a catalyst to supply the magic going into her long sword, the result is her weapon’s effectiveness increasing greatly.

“Oh, Wind Force of Nature! With my mortal life, I ask thou, the forever free wind breeze, to turn innumerable blades of the wind into the Raging Tornado!”

Wood elves on top of the trees notice that we are going to use strong magic, because of the utterance of a strong magical chant. Pulling back the roots and trees in the pa.s.sage, the Wood Elves create an obstacle made up of roots coming out of the ground, blocking the view of the Devil soldiers completely. At a loss, the Devil soldiers put all their might into holding up their shields, trying to protect themselves from the Wind magic whirlpool which Christina pushes forward. The advanced Wind level magic that the Christina exercised generates a tornado like the name suggest, and shreds any Devils who unfortunate enough to stand in its path. The powerful tornado carries the dirt up, high into the heaven with its long body resembling that of a Ryou, stirring the air violently. (T.L. Ryou = Eastern Dragon.)

“Oh spirit in the Earth! Change thou body into a sharp spear. For mine enemy, has become thine.”

The magic Christina and I use is a type of magic which intervenes with the laws of nature, causing phenomenons which normally happen in the spiritual world to occur in the physical world, but there is also magic which doesn’t involve specific intonation, and the way to use spirit magic is to exchange your will with the spirits which reside in a different world. There are also high ranking Spirits which are called Spirit King. They hold enormous authority over the elements. If I were to call upon their help, I would need to prepare a ceremony of a sorts. In fact, the spirits Selia is calling upon isn’t so highly ranked.

However, because Selia is a Lamia, for her to call upon the Earth spirit is applaudable, granted with the power of the Earth Spirit Stone, it reduces the burden on her greatly.

The Raging Tornado swallows innumerable devil soldiers, and tears them to bits. The heavy rumbling sound of the earth rising and forming into the shape of a spear with the length approximately three arm spans of an adult. The spear fires off and penetrates Zeruto, Ganafu, Zarutsu and anything in its path without discrimination, scattering their remains in multiple directions. Using the power of the Earth Spirit stone, Selia creates a defensive wall to slow down the incoming devils.

“The two of them are doing flashy things, but I won’t lose either. Obey me, Forces of Nature! Gather.. Gather.. Gather..! Compress and Burst! Explosion!!!”

I aim for the place where the devils escaped Christina and Selia’s attack, and let the explosion magic run loose. I extracted an enormous amount of energy from my dragon soul that dwarfs Human standards, compress it into my left hand and slowly form its shape into a photosphere shining with a radiant white color. The photosphere emits intense light, like a miniature sun in my hand, I aim it dead center of the ma.s.s of Demonic soldiers, and launch it.

The miniature sun hit the ground causing an explosion phenomenon like the name stated, and blew away the whole area around the middle of the enemy’s force. A roaring sound stirs the air and blew away the trees moments after the impact. The surrounding wind cries so loud that I can’t even hear any more, and briefly after, our whole body receives the shock wave transmitting through the air. It would be hard to imagine any Devils, who were swallowed up by the light, surviving that attack because the shear heat wave alone would incinerate them into ashes instantly. Besides, they are mere puppets dancing in the palm of their master, this would serve as a scissor, quickly freeing them from the strings binding them.

After the shock wave pa.s.ses and the light fades, there isn’t a single trace of the enemy left. a.s.serting the area, a few trees has been blown off but all in all, the landscape remains mostly the same.

Us three magicians look at the field from left to right surveying the remains further trying to locate any Devils that may remain, but it is safe to say that our objective succeeded, to buy time that is. We look at each other and then we head back up the stairwell, to spot Gio with an amazed face looking at us and what we have done. Now that it is brought to my attention, this is the first time Gio has seen us fight, no? Sure we had to use the Akira Spirit stone but looking at the scale which we had demonstrated our fighting power, Gio must have approved of our being helpful, no doubt.

“From what you have done, I feel we will need to depend on you in this matter.”

“I simply wanted to show that we are reliable.”

Gio accepted my answer as so, but he seems to be suffering from a headache and is swaying left and right. I’m not feeling the headache Gio is feeling so there isn’t anything I can say. The cause might be due to the magic Christina and Selia used, it was more powerful than I thought.

We then see three Wood Elves climb up the stairwell to join Gio and ask about our appearance. The explanation is simple, since we are Humans, a Lamia and definitely not Devils, identification is simple, but what might be a problem is providing proof of us holding no hostile intentions.

“Gio, who exactly are they? From the look of it, they seem to be outsiders…”

“They said they came into the forest to check the situation. They are also our benefactor who helped Marl. And they said they are on our side. Their power, it is as you have witnessed.”

“Gio-ni everything is fine here but Diadora’s situation can turn dangerous very quickly. -ni”

“Onii-san, Dran-san, lets hurry over to the Northern area. If it’s one-on-one, I have no doubt Diadora will prevail, but if more opponents of Geo’s level show up, I don’t think it will be good.”

Marl and Fio are right. From what I’ve seen, the Devils cannot fully utilize their power to its full extent and the power of the so call Black Rose, Diadora, isn’t something to joke about either. However, if three or more Georudo like beings show up at the north side. That isn’t a very favorable situation for us and it will turn the flow of the battle to the Devils’ side quickly. Gio tightens his expression, soaking in the words of his little sister, and then speaks out firmly.

“The forest requires protection right now. We will proceed to the northern side as it is. Dran, Christina, Selia, I’m sorry but we will be depending on you.”

I nod at Gio’s firm yet still hesitant words, backed up with great confidence. This young man doesn’t seem to be taking this debt too lightly into account.

“Ahh. Please rely on us.”

Christina, Selia, and I too give Gio a clear answer and nodding at him.

♦ ♦ ♦

When Dran and the others arrived at the wall, I look down from the top at the queen of the night, Black Rose, who is looking down upon Georudo being bound to the earth under the moonlight, moving her red lips vividly. One would expect them to be black, like the colour of the flower, instead of red. However, from those fascinating lips, words that are cold enough to send chills down one’s spine are spoken.

“Your crimes are counted… the case in which the flowers were offended, trees were injured, bugs were crushed, animals were killed, the cases in which you took the people’s lives in the forest and the case in which the forest was smeared… They are endless.”

In response to those cold words from Diadora, Georudo laughs its off as if he were hearing his achievements. Even when his whole body is tied down by Diadora’s thorns, he doesn’t seem to worry about his life in the slightest.

“Fuahahahaha, crimes? Are those crimes to you? They are rather weak crimes if you aske me. Bah! If one doesn’t want to be killed, it is sufficient to kill the threat before it. Because they were weak and couldn’t even put up a fight, they were killed by us. Shouldn’t you say that being weak in itself, is a crime? The people of this world are such a laughingstock if they don’t even understand this much. Fuahahahaha!!”

Suddenly, from Diadora’s black pupils, a tinge of joy can be seen, to think such warmth could exist within those cold eyes.

The thorns become tighter making gishri sounds as the thorns sc.r.a.pe against the Devil’s lower body further, increasing the amount of blood on the ground. Georudo clenches his teeth and endures the pain but no scream of agony was heard.

“For everyone coming from h.e.l.l, you included. I will also announce one more crime for all of you. It’s ‘They were weak, so they were destroyed by me.’ ”

The words which were spoken by Georudo were taken and used directly against him. Diadora states that as she points her right hand up into the sky, like a piece of artwork. As her arm is pointing up at the sky, a huge shadow moves from the wall toward Diadora from behind. The shadow was cast by numerous roots and thorns intertwining with each other and formed a figure that looks like a serpent or a Ryou under the shining moonlight.

Diadora, using her power as the Spirit of the Black Rose, created a thorn covered Ryou look-alike with black roses blooming all over its body. Diadora focuses her energy at the tip of the serpentine ma.s.s of thorns, which becomes wrapped in a menacing dark aura. The feeling of anger and rage, which can’t be describe words alone are reflected off of Diadora’s powerful negative emotions through the beautiful black rose.

“It is unpleasant for you to even exist in this world. It is a crime for you to come to this world in the first place.”

Diadora mercilessly swing her arm down, serving as a signal for execution and the spear flew down at a great speed aiming straight for the Devil’s head. If a Demon Lord or Evil G.o.d were to take that attack, most likely they wouldn’t walk away unscathed and would be quite unhappy. Georudo’s chest now has a big hole going through it, where the thorns pierced, black roses bloom. There is already no longer a means for Georudo to resist, however, in the evening atmosphere, there’s a presence of somebody else watching the fight and the air turns cold rapidly.

A mocking voice rang out in a condescending manner.

“Ara~ Ara~”

A silhouette dances in the night sky, like a petal fluttering in the wind. The girl’s shadow is like a flower that just bloomed from a bud, she has the appearance of a small teenage girl. The figure landed on top of Diadora’s spear, cutting it off from the rest while the part she touched rapidly lost power the moment the girl landed on it. Not only is its power decreasing, it is also crumbling away. The great spear Diadora once created, now looks like it died a thousand years ago. The thorns crack and crumble, followed by Diadora’s cool-headed att.i.tude.

“Yo, Geo. You’re too careless.”

The small figure kicks off the black spear, dances in the air, and then finally lands on the Georudo’s left shoulder.

Even an expert performer, who receives praise from all over the world for their feats, would have their hearts ignite with flames of jealousy at what this elegant girl is capable of. Standing on Georudo’s shoulder, the figure’s face is finally revealed. The soft outline of her lips look like a small petal, the arrangement of her eyes and nose are lovely, imagine the prettiest girl people can think up, she seems to have become reality.

However, with the dark red dress delicately wrapped around her body, while being surrounded by a menacing red aura, the mood doesn’t last long and soon turns frigid. Her eyes look as beautiful as topaz, but corrupted.

You are openly mocking her, one can easily see how enraged Diodora is. Doesn’t she know it is driving her mad? When toying with darkness, one should already be aware of the answer.

Then, a smile is shown on her pretty lips, a smile that would catch anybody off guard.

It is the smile of someone who enjoys watching others being trampled upon in pain. It is the smile of someone who looks down on others and takes in their cries of hatred unfazed. It is the smile of someone who wants to hear the screams of those who are in despair, and to have them scream even more. It may have the appearance of a cute little girl but inside, the evil personality of a Devil exists.

“Fun~ I, Rafflesia, went out of my way to help you.”

Rafflesia, that seems to be the name of this devilish girl.

Rafflesia tilted her head at Georudo, telling him those words, showing her long bright red hair reaching her thighs, it is divided into four sections, each being tied up by a black ribbon at the nape of her neck. Her posture looks adorable, with her hair and dress having the same color, calmy breathing, a smile floats across her lips.

“Araa, looks at his bluffing. However, because you’re the vanguard, you charged into the battle, experienced pain and was even made fun of. With this, you have accomplished your role well enough.”

When Rafflesia brings her fingertips to touch the thorns holding Georudo in place, the same phenomenon occurs and turns the plant into dust. When Georudo is finally freed, he stands up shuddering slightly and then stomps on the black rose thorns.

Without the help of Rafflesia, Georudo would have been unlikely to escape Diadora’s thorns, and now, he’s glaring at Diadora full of humiliation because he was forced to accept help from his comrade. If it were someone who couldn’t utilize defensive magic well, they would faint in front of that Devil’s gaze.

“My duty is to kill and trample upon whoever and whatever stands in my path in this war. Don’t go and judge my actions as you like.”

“Is that the only thing you are thinking of? Waaa? Georg.. and even Geren thought the same thing too~

Fufu. The Black Rose Onee-sama is giving us a scary look. Do you have anything you want to say to us?”

Diadora’s gaze shifted focus from Georudo to Rafflesia, it is obvious now that the beautiful Black Rose is recognizing her as a formidable opponent. Georudo no longer reflects in her eyes, instead, what is there right now, in Diadora’s eyes, is the figure of the Devil girl showing a mocking gesture.

“You. The evil existence whom not only like to take away life, but to endlessly inflict pain…”

Giri, the sound of Diadora’s gritting her white teeth together, enraged. Compared to the hatred she felt against Georudo, her feelings now are on a completely different level. The sound her teeth is are making, reflects how much anger she’s feeling towards the Devils.

“What is this? Does that hold any significance? I do recall many of my actions, but then again I’ve done a lot of things. Oh… Are you perhaps talking about the withering Water Lily spirit’s screams? When her energy was slowly being drained away and when near death, she muttered ‘Help.’ Maybe? Come to think about it, she was chopped to bits by a hundred Zeruto afterward, no?”

With every sentence Rafflesia utters, Diadora’s flaming hatred intensifies and her black aura changes into a deeper shade of darkness

Rafflesia is speaking in a small voice, trying to remember what had happen, while holding her hands together ot her chest. Bliss seems to be written all over her face as she recalls the slaughter.

“Ohhh! I understand now…Diadora. The Spirit of the Red Rose was crying, seeking help from you as I absorbed her to death, wasn’t she? Your energy is similar to that Rose, are you by chance sisters, Diadora?”

“Hmm. I am indeed Diadora. Everyone was a friend and the person whom you killed was my family. How dare you.. How dare you!!!”

Seeing the flames of hatred that would incinerate anything, burning even more intensely in Diadora’s eyes, Rafflesia decides to even further provoke her and lets out a smile. What a cruel smile it is.

“Hahaha, Ha~ Ha~~. To be getting worked up over something so stupid. Isn’t its a given that you can prosper more than before, now that the other flowers have been eliminated? You should be glad that your compet.i.tion has decreased. It would be nice if I could get some words of grat.i.tude.”

That was the limit of Diadora’s anger. Diadora’s urge to kill explodes, and the atmosphere instantly filled with incredible malice coming from Diadora. Without wasting a single second, Diadora rushes straight for Rafflesia.

“You!! I won’t allow you to live any longer!!”

Zawa(*rustle*). The sound of countless black thorns growing out of the ground. Diadora’s black hair flies in the the wind like waves in an ocean of black, along with her thorns. Every single thorn coming out possesses an immense amount of magical power and combined with Diadora’s malice, they turn into whips of steel. If a human were to be pierced by them, their meat would be shredded in an instant and their bones would shatter into a million pieces.

Even if I covered my body with thick iron plated armor, I wouldn’t be about to fend off those whips. I don’t think the Devil with the appearance of a little girl, Rafflesia, can defend against those thorns. But when the thorns are about to reach her, Rafflesia holds out her left hand and blue light starts to wrap around it. At that moment, the fog extend out the touch the th.o.r.n.y whips approaching Rafflesia, absorbing their vitality in the process and turning them into a cloud of dust.

“Didn’t you learn it by now? I, too, am a Flower Spirit. But unlike you, who blooms on the common ground, I am a Flower Spirit that has bloomed in my paradise.

A Spirit Flower from h.e.l.l needs neither blood nor life to bloom, I am Rafflesia. All life is mere food for me to bloom beautifully, anything can be an offering. Hmm, how about the wind?”

“Tsk, this is?!”

When the fog from Rafflesia’s hand touch the breeze it suck up the energy the wind possesses. The wind then ceased drifting, and slowly disappears, losing all activities it once had. The Devil continues the act of absorbing all life energy. The fog then approaches Diadora and absorbs the life force from the wall of trees and everything in its path.

Wherever the fog touches, the place loses its freshness and withers away in an instant. The trees around the place where Georudo created a hole were also deprived of life by Rafflesia. When the fog gets to where Diadora is standing, she kicks off the ground and lands on top of the wall. As she is in the air, the slit on her black dress flutters in the air and it seems like Black Rose flourishes, even when off the ground. Diadora then attacks the pretty Rafflesia using her th.o.r.n.y whips in every direction as she’s landing.

“You really don’t learn do you? No matter how many time you try, it will never work.”

Fufu. On Rafflesia’s small lips, a smile appears.

In spite of Diadora’s effort, only disappointment comes out of it. Rafflesia once again uses her fog and reduces all the thorns to dust.

“Hahaha, Thanks for the meal!~”

After Diadora lands, she continues to challenge Rafflesia, and keeps sending thorns at her as soon as one dies. The thorns continue to reproduce endlessly, but even for Diadora who is very strong, using power on this scale is like pouring water into a bottomless pit. Rafflesia on the other hand continues her idle act of letting the fog soak in the thorns’ energy. While Diadora continues to waste power, Rafflesia, absorbing the magic, is growing even more powerful and hasn’t used even a little effort.

“I could have probably taken a nap by now. The time I’ll spend waiting for your power to run out is completely worthless and tiresome. I think I’ll take your life directly from your body. That beautiful black hair, fair skin, and red lips will all dry up. Fufu, wouldn’t it be a shame?”

Rafflesia says such a thing to Diadora and steps toward her. The pretty princess of Demonic Flower has such a wicked personality at heart, declaring that she will take the Queen of the Black Rose without mercy. Diadora in her last resort, bundled her thorns around Georudo’s spear and threw it, with all her might, trying to skewer Rafflesia.

“Tsk. So uninteresting.”

Time and time again, the thorns die due to Rafflesia’s power, however, Georudo’s spear is different. The thorns approaching Rafflesia all wither away one after another but just when they were on the verge of disappearing completely, at the center, a vivid white object flies forward. When it strikes, Rafflesia’s whole body shook, blood flowing out as her hand holds onto the spear and her eyes watch Diadora smirk.

“B-blood. M…my blood. For me to be wounded….”

Rafflesia tremble as she see her hands dye with blood and Diadora floats another smile across her lips.

“Beautiful roses are th.o.r.n.y. Learn it ok? Even if it only for a short amount of time, learn the pain it can inflict.”

To successfully fighting against Rafflesia, thorns alone were insufficient, a blow with a hidden weapon, which doesn’t have life energy in it, was sufficient in dealing with such an opponent. Pierce Rafflesia using a weapon, such was Diadora’s plan. Hearing Diadora’s words, Rafflesia expanded the blue fog around her body and her bloodthirst also increased. After a brief moment, Rafflesia’s body seems to be covered in a pillar of blazing blue flame.

“This is unforgivable, absolutely unforgivable! You’ve done the one thing which can’t be forgiven. For the Black Rose which bloom on the lowly ground to damage me. I’ll absorb you painfully, and kill you!!”

The atmosphere is now filled with murderous intent coming from Rafflesia. Diadora’s body shook slightly as she is. .h.i.t with the intense feeling. However, Rafflesia isn’t the only one feeling anger and hatred. The black magic seems to agree with Diadora and overflows from Diadora’s whole body, like pure darkness, as if there is no consumption of the magic at all, new magic and energy surround her body.

“It may be rough but that’s how it is. Feel as much anger as you like. The moment you decided to take the lives of my friend, everything was already decided. Bark about it as much as you like because once you’ve been turn into a corpse, you can no longer do it.”

Under the moonlit sky, black and blue auras opposed one another, however the Demonic Flower Spirit seems to be losing in beauty. Maybe that’s a touchy topic.

As the two face off with each other, the clouds hide the moon behind it, the wind blows and fear can be sensed within the wind spirits. Having the chance, Georudo is now joins the fierce battle between the two.

“You are sluggish Rafflesia! I’ll kill her with my spear!”

“Stay out of this Geo. Don’t spoil my fun.”

Georudo became impatient and runs into the battle from the left of Diadora on four legs dyed with dried blood. In his right hand, he holds his spear, pointing it at Diadora’s chest.

“I’ll clear up this mess.”

Though Diadora doesn’t turn down the challenge from Georudo, I have a feeling that it will be extremely difficult for her to attain victory against these two. Rafflesia then kicks off the ground, she’s wearing red shoes, demonstrating an amazing speed despite having an appearance of a little girl advancing faster than Georudo and heading straight for Diadora.


“It’s my kill!”

Zawa(*rustle*). Diadora once again creates a sea of countless th.o.r.n.y whips to counter the enemies. However just before the charging Rafflesia and Georudo collide with the thorns, a powerful shockwave mercilessly strike between them.


“Not again! Is it another Devil? Kyaaa…~~”

As for Georudo, his spear was blocked by the shockwave and he came to a complete stop. Rafflesia on the other hand sustained no injury but suffered a slight shock from the energy blast, her blue fog absorbed the power of the impact. The blue fog was big, but Rafflesia was not able to prevent the energy bolt which was carefully aimed at her vitals, and avoid Diadora’s thorns at the same time.

I notice the Wood Elves a fair distance behind Diadora using magic to bind Georudo. Diadora then turns towards us, in her eyes reflect Dran’s appearance. Dran and I understood how dire the situation was with Diadora and rushed here from the southwest area using large scale magic in succession. A brief moment later, Diadora’s gaze meets Dran’s.

[To be continued]


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