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Ring Of Chaos is a web novel completed by JokerXDD. This webnovel is currently ongoing.

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Life is terrifying not the horror that makes you hide behind someone to protect you

Or the horror that makes you shake in fear

It’s the horror that makes you all alone, as n.o.body can stand by you or support you, you will be alone without anyone

You’re the one facing everything and and you’re facing this world alone

And if you shake for one moment, you’ll die

No one should see your weakness

I’ve never been weak, always strong from the out side fragile from the inside I killed everyone that stood in my way.

slaying anyone standing in front of me

I was h.e.l.l on earth

I was not the angel of death, but I was the devil himself, I smiled to death like you smile to a friend

A bitter smile that is full of evil, a d.a.m.n f.u.c.ked up smile

Life is not fair, so don’t be naïve and think that it is.

It has been two months since I met Murad and entered the city of rebels

Now I’m sitting on a big rock on the 10th floor

I got there in about a month. And I’ve been training for a month

Lina is not with me. I left her with Saad to give her some training

It took me a month to get over here

The 9th floor was hard I had to find a small bug in an abandoned and giant city

It was almost impossible

But here I am now sitting on this big rock

What is this noise

Why is the sound of screaming this loud

f.u.c.k I forget

I have 10,000 monsters, including a lot of boss level monsters standing right in front of me.

This last floor is really very dangerous

Looks like they want to kill me and then eat my rotten flesh

They don’t know that I haven’t showered in a month

If they find out, I think they’ll run away from here and they won’t come back ever again

Don’t look at me like that. How I’m gonna take a shower in an abandoned land

Dracula showed up next to me

“master, what are you gonna do? Their numbers are too big”

“How many times do I have to tell you, my friend, we’ll make the sky rain blood, we’ll make the earth tremble, we’ll make all 10 floors hear the screaming, I’ll make this earth fall into the torn and severed sky.”

I said that and I laughed so hard

Killing intent and blood was coming out of my body without stopping

Then I jumped in the middle of the monsters crowd

The monsters were surprised but I was smiling

I haven’t been in a fight this big in months, so my body was shaking from ecstasy

My heart was beating so hard

The world stopped l felt like I’m the only one who was moving

The monsters around me were dying as the sound of their screaming reached the sky

Everything stopped

All creatures

I only saw my sword Cutting limbs

Then I saw the look of fear on the face of monsters

I can now see death standing in front of me

As I kidnap the soul of every monster I touch

And get it down to h.e.l.l

I hear nothing but the screaming of monsters. Also the sound of my sword penetrates their bones and their guts

Dracula was also having fun

She pulled out a musical instrument and started to play in the sky she danced with the air and with the wind

She looked pretty, and her red dress

No one can understand what was going on!

Are we in a fight or on a stage in front of an audience?

No one knew this feeling but me

No one understood how much fun I was having and I don’t want to stop

“mana swords.”

A lot of swords came out and hacked the heads of the monsters

I cut their limbs professionally

My control over my mana swords is better than ever

Now I’m able to guide a large number of swords to hit a Specific point, not randomly anymore

I started the dark army as it appeared out of the ground

Today is a really beautiful day

 Yama is attacking with her fire attack

That destroyed hundreds of monsters

I had The transformation ball in my hand

So I turned it into a big machine gun

And I put my energy inside of it

I started shooting randomly, everyone was dying around me and I was laughing

The monsters arrived next to me and started biting my limbs

The pain was so great

But the fun was greater

I’m gonna kill these monsters without any difficulty

“energy shield.”

The shield threw those weak insects away from my body

Suddenly, came out a giant monster, I remember him, well, because I faced him at the beginning of the floor and he almost killed me

Because my energy were running out

This son of a b.i.t.c.h, I’m gonna kill him even if that’s the last thing I’m gonna do

That son of a b.i.t.c.h no one threatens my life

You think you can stand in my way because you are a giant you think you can stand before me

I’m gonna run over you with my legs, motherf.u.c.ker

“energy monster.”

I said that then I turned into a big monster

I went to him with a sword in my hand

Then I put my sword in the heart of that giant

When I hacked into his chest, he started screaming

His voice was so annoying

f.u.c.k your voice. I put my other hand on his mouth

And whispered in his ear

“Why the screaming, you’ll only relieve me of your stinking smell as you die.”

I turned my sword into a flare of fire until he turned this monster into ash

 Then I returned to my true form

I started laughing and I couldn’t stop

I turned the ball into a cigarette and started smoking I. The middle of the battle

I had the shield on my body

So at the same time, I was listening to the music that Dracula made

A smile of enjoyment never left my face

“shadow steps.”

I disappeared and you showed up behind a monster and cut off his head

As I look around

A monster in human clothes showed up

He had demonic horns

I stood up once and looked at him cutting off some of my followers’s head’s

He was headed towards me

Yama looked at him and said in a quiet voice



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