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Chapter 27: Outright extortion

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow

The young teens were instantly shocked and angry.

“What, I didn’t hear wrongly, did I?”

“Fang Yuan, your head must have overheated and gone confused. You would actually stand at the gates of the academy and blackmail us?!”

“Have you gone mad? Who gave you the guts to put your ideas on us?”

“Scram, you’re just a petty C grade, how dare you block my way. If you don’t scram, I will send you flying with my…Urghh!”

Fang Yuan suddenly lashed out.

His right palm furiously cut forward. His movement was quick and precise, his slice of his palm hitting the left side of someone’s neck.

This unlucky teenager was totally not expecting Fang Yuan to suddenly attack him. While he was still cursing at Fang Yuan, he suddenly suffered a heavy blow. His two eyes instantly rolled up and he fainted on the spot.

“f.u.c.k! You actually dared to strike?!” The crowd jumped, and the young teens subconsciously retreated backwards.

“Gu Yue Bei Ju fainted, what do we do?” Some of them were terrified and scared, shouting around in horror.

“What else can be done?! There’s so many of us, and Fang Yuan is alone. We should all rush at him together and beat him up.” Some people were shouting, their rage erupting.

“That’s right, he sure doesn’t know his place! How he dares to provoke us by himself. He’s definitely digging his own grave with his over-ambitiousness! Everyone get on him together!!”

Yet before they could do anything, Fang Yuan had already struck. He strode a few steps forward, rus.h.i.+ng into the group of teenagers.

He slashed his palm and the edge of his hand cut onto a youth’s neck. The young man rolled his eyes upward and fell.

“Ahh —!” Another teen yelled loudly, swinging his fist at Fang Yuan, sweeping through the air. Fang Yuan lowered his body and dodged, then he lifted his leg and kicked the boy’s crotch area.

AHH OWWwwww—!

The youngster’s loud roar was originally sonorous and indignant, but after he took the blow his voice instantly rose higher and became sharp and shrill, filled with a kind of misery and pain.


He covered his crotch with his two hands, his knees giving way as he dropped to the ground. He rolled around on the floor screaming loudly, the pain so great his entire body was covered in cold sweat.

Fang Yuan swung his two fists around like a tiger that had entered a flock of sheep!

He had five hundred years of battle experience, and these youngsters were just a bunch of soft green kids; they had only just started cultivating not long ago, how could they possibly be his opponents?

In the blink of an eye, Fang Yuan put down the entire group of young students. If they had not fainted, then they would be lying on the ground, the pain making them drained and their bodies hurting all over.

“What’s going on here?!” Gu Yue Mo Bei arrived and exclaimed. He saw that Fang Yuan stood at the entrance of the academy gates, and there were five to six students on the floor around him.

“This Fang Yuan, h-he wants to extort our primeval stones!” One of them lying on the floor shouted angrily while clutching his belly.

“Wow, still full of energy huh.” Fang Yuan’s expression was flat as he kicked fiercely at the abdomen of the boy who just yelled.


The youngster immediately cried out in pain, his body curling up like a shrimp. Fear emerged from his face, his tears streaming down as he dared not to speak again.

As they saw this scene, the students that came over all felt Fang Yuan’s fierce savageness and cruelty, their hearts throbbing.

“Alright, all of you be good and hand out a piece of primeval stone. Then I’ll let you go, or else, these people on the ground here will be your fate.” Fang Yuan made a big step forward, his tone callous.

“In your mother’s face! You petty little C grade would even dare to win me, a B grade?” Gu Yue Mo Bei flew into a rage, swinging his fists as he rushed toward Fang Yuan before they knew it.

With a slight turn of his ankle, Fang Yuan swerved gently sideways and let Mo Bei’s fist fly past. Then he stretched out his left hand, lifting the index and middle finger toward the center of Mo Bei’s clavicle, accurately jabbing at the area below the throat.

Mo Bei immediately blacked out, falling onto the ground with a thump, fainting on the spot.


As they saw what just happened, the young students that planned to rush forward quickly stopped, each of them releasing a mouthful of cold air.

In the eyes of these youngsters, Fang Yuan’s attacks were suddenly too profound to be understood. They did not pay attention to basic martial arts, but in reality it was vaguely mentioned during cla.s.s. The human body had many vulnerable parts, and several parts that Fang Yuan had struck were one of those vulnerable places. When these parts were struck, it would easily make a person faint on the spot, and a heavy blow would induce a life-threatening crisis.

However Fang Yuan had proper restraint when he attacked.

Those that he had tackled down were either knocked out or suffering in immense pain, losing the ability for combat in a short amount of time. There was no one who was really seriously injured.

This was the terror of five hundred years’ worth of combat experience!

“Are you going to give me your stones or not?” Fang Yuan did a step forward, forcing the other youths. They looked at each other for a moment, then half of them gritted their teeth while the other half roared angrily, all of them swarming towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan dodged about while striking at the same time. His cultivation base was lowly, but his realm was still there; his heart was cool as ice, his movements quick and precise.

Thump, thump…

After a few breaths, bodies fell down onto the ground again.

“It’s too vicious! Too terrible!”

“They’re not going to die, are they?”

There were still a few young girls left behind; they did not rush forward. Their eyes were open wide, and after seeing what had happened so far their bodies trembled more and more.

Fang Yuan swept his gaze to them, and their faces turned pale as they quickly waved their hands and retreated. “No, don’t come over. We’ll surrender, we’ll surrender the stones!”

After Fang Yuan received a few pieces of primeval stones, he let them go. They stumbled out of the academy gateway, while in succession several students came over.

To leave the academy, this gateway was the only route. With Fang Yuan blocking this path, he would be able to block out all the students.

“d.a.m.n, what’s going on?!” The new wave of students stared in amazement.

“Isn’t that Gu Yue Mo Bei?” Gu Yue Chi Cheng stared at the unconscious Mo Bei on the floor, his eyes wide and his mouth agape.

When Fang Yuan opened his mouth and spoke, the youngsters were instantly angered and they attacked him, then they fell.

“Sir elder, we’re just going to keep watching all of this and not stop them? What if someone loses their life, how are we going to salvage the matter?” The guards were worried.

Some of the guards were indignant, saying, “This Fang Yuan has too much guts. He would actually dare to extort his cla.s.smates at the academy school gates under our eyelids. This is acting with utter disregard of the law and discipline! As long as sir gives the command, we subordinates will take away this kid.”

The violent matter of Fang Yuan blocking the gateway and openly extorting his cla.s.smates had long attracted attention since the beginning. But mortal guards had no right to punish the students, so they could only go first to the academy elder and report.

When the academy elder heard the news, he did not immediately command for them to stop it. Instead he went up the pavilion and observed from afar.

“Looks like this child has fighting talent.” The longer the academy elder watched the more interested he felt.

Fang Yuan’s use of the moonblade today had already caused some uncertainty in the elder. Right now he watched as Fang Yuan with his strength alone, making an enemy out of the entire batch of students, bearing a sort of unstoppable fighting style of graceful demeanor. With this the doubts in his heart were cleared.

In this world, there were those who were particularly keen and sharp towards battles; these were hidden gifts. They were good at fighting, and they loved battles. In the battles they were often inspired, and always created surprising and even unbelievable accomplishments.

“Ah, he’s a natural battle Gu Master. Pity, his talent is only C grade; in the end he just lacks one step of a grade.” The academy elder heaved a sigh.

“Sir, are you not going to stop this farce? Letting him go on with this nonsense, I’m afraid the consequences wouldn’t be too good.” The guards beside him had worried expressions on their faces.


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