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Chapter 2175: Giant Sun Takes Action

In Thieving Heaven’s true inheritance s.p.a.ce, the battle between two Immortal Gu Houses had been ongoing for some time.

It was very intense.

“Come fight!” Zhan Bu Du shouted as he descended like a ferocious dragon, charging towards the two Heavenly Court pseudo venerables, Yu Xiu and Ming Hao.

Yu Xiu and Ming Hao split up at once, retreating at the same time as they created a long distance.

Zhan Bu Du missed his target again, he snorted coldly with some anger internally.

He was one of Fang Yuan’s clones, he cultivated transformation path and rose to rank eight, he had his own totem killer moves. But his own battle strength was still far from the peak of rank eight, he was not the match of experts like Qin Ding Ling or Wu Yong.

But once he used the killer move incomplete freedom transformation, he would instantly reach pseudo venerable battle strength!

Incomplete freedom transformation was not simple at all, it was extraordinary.

This transformation was made up of three moves: internal breathing green fish transformation, devouring blue leopard transformation, and thunder rush yellow bird transformation.

After Zhan Bu Du used incomplete freedom transformation, he gained the advantages of all three killer moves without any of their drawbacks.

He could move like lightning, shoot out lightning bolts, possess immense recovery and regeneration, and also the ability to devour all attacks.

Even though he was human, each action held divine strength that could intimidate demons or deities! He could directly suppress all immemorial desolate beasts or plants, he was basically a moving calamity that could fight heaven and earth, dominating all that were in his way!

Even Ming Hao and Yu Xiu did not dare to fight Zhan Bu Du head on, they engaged with him from a distance.

However, when their various killer moves got close to Zhan Bu Du, they would either be devoured or endured forcefully, before his regeneration took place and healed his body completely.

After a few rounds of combat, Ming Hao and Yu Xiu lost their enthusiasm to fight against Zhan Bu Du.

The enemy was too resilient but also very fast, thankfully, he lacked in the wisdom path aspect, while Yu Xiu and Ming Hao were experts in this.

Thus, they started to use wisdom path killer moves to weaken Zhan Bu Du, while deducing and preempting many of his attacks to dodge them.

It was very wise that Fang Yuan gave incomplete freedom transformation to Zhan Bu Du.

He was a pseudo venerable in the first place, using incomplete freedom transformation was quite wasteful, giving it to Zhan Bu Du would produce another pseudo venerable instantly.

Once Zhan Bu Du took action, the situation changed.

Fang Yuan and Zhan Bu Du worked together to deal with Ming Hao and Yu Xiu, they regained their footing as Heavenly Court lost the initiative, they went into a deadlock again.

Zhan Bu Du frowned deeply: “These two are extremely slippery and utilize their advantages well, I am unable to use my expertise against them. And their cooperation is simply too fluid, even though the main body and I have the closest of relations.h.i.+ps, we are still not as well coordinated as them. It is likely because they are both wisdom path great experts!”


While moving around, both sides launched killer moves again, causing a beautiful display of fireworks to occur, the firepower was getting more intense.

Fang Yuan’s main body was still showing a cold expression.

Ming Hao and Yu Xiu were also secretly scheming.

“From the start, Fang Yuan has not been using his full strength, he is making deductions while fighting! He wants to deduce the location of Thieving Heaven’s true inheritance.” Fairy Yu Xiu was very clear of her enemy’s actions.

Fairy Ming Hao gritted her teeth: “He also has the Qi Sea clone, that is another pseudo venerable battle strength, if he is let out, this will get more troublesome. If we work together, we can resist the three of them for now, but this crafty Fang Yuan will definitely use the numbers to his advantage, he will ignore us and focus on Divine Emperor City!”

Heavenly Court actually knew about Qi Sea Ancestor’s true ident.i.ty.

As it turned out, Qin Ding Ling knew this secret some time ago but she did not expose him at that time.

During the pursuit battle against Fang Yuan, Heavenly Court did not know. But afterwards, Qin Ding Ling learned about the truth from Heavenly Court grotto-heaven.

After all, the Qi Sea clone was created in Heavenly Court, Heavenly Court’s qi harvest fruit was used in the process!

Heavenly Court had existed for millions of years, it naturally had ways to find out.

Precisely because of that, when the Qi Sea clone used the name of the Righteous Qi Alliance and invited Heavenly Court to send Gu Immortals against Fang Yuan, Qin Ding Ling did not give an affirmative response.

Fairy Yu Xiu transmitted: “Qin Ding Ling is a pa.s.sable leader of Heavenly Court, when Heavenly Court lacked a pseudo venerable battle strength, she controlled herself and caused Fang Yuan to be misled into thinking that the Qi Sea clone was not be exposed, thus not using him now. Right now, we are benefiting from that.”

Fairy Ming Hao nodded secretly: “We can’t kill Fang Yuan here, but we cannot let him obtain the Thieving Heaven true inheritance here, we need to try and destroy this true inheritance s.p.a.ce from the inside!”

The battle intensified but the strange thing was that neither side truly treated the opponent as their opponent.

Fang Yuan was doing his best to make deductions, he was not using his full strength in battle.

Zhan Bu Du was sent out to restrain the two Heavenly Court pseudo venerables as well. After all, he could cooperate better with his clone compared to Lu Wei Yin.

Meanwhile, Heavenly Court focused on destroying Thieving Heaven’s true inheritance.

As for Longevity Heaven.

Calamity Luck Altar had been finding trouble with Divine Emperor City, all sorts of killer moves were unleashed without restraint, not caring about this true inheritance s.p.a.ce.

Evidently, regardless of what Immortal Zombie Giant Sun was after, he still had the intention to destroy this s.p.a.ce so Fang Yuan could not gain anything!

Even though Longevity Heaven was allied with Fang Yuan, they were only doing so out of pressure from Heavenly Court.

They did not want to see Fang Yuan get any more help.

Especially when this help came from Thieving Heaven!

Divine Emperor City’s green light continued to s.h.i.+ne densely, defending it from any attacks no matter how fierce or intense they were.

Divine Emperor City was not only defending itself, it also had offenses!

Immortal killer move — Divine Bean Soldier!

Yellow bean soldiers charged ahead, green bean soldiers shot out arrows like rain, red bean soldiers self-detonated, black bean soldiers defended at the center. There were also blue and white bean soldiers mixed among them, having their own tasks.

Each time Lu Wei Yin attacked Divine Emperor City, he would face the encirclement of these divine bean soldiers.

Lu Wei Yin used his offensive killer moves and caused great losses to these divine bean soldiers, less than ten percent of them survived.

This result shocked Lu Wei Yin, despite him being specialized in defense, his offensive methods were also at the peak of rank eight, to think that he could not completely eliminate these divine bean soldiers.

The reason was because of Divine Emperor City’s other move — Graft Wood.

This move could allow the divine bean soldiers to be connected together and share the damage they suffered. The bulk of the damage went to Divine Emperor City, while the divine bean soldiers bore the rest of the burden. Thus, these divine bean soldiers were very hard to kill in battle!

After Lu Wei Yin spent a long time to break out of the encirclement, when he approached Divine Emperor City, countless lightning bolts shot towards him.

It was immortal killer move — Myriad Life Spring Lightning!

Countless sparks that resembled dragons or snakes, as well as jade green lightning b.a.l.l.s that exploded.

After they exploded, the remaining wood path dao marks would remain in the area and modify this battlefield gradually.

Thankfully, this was Thieving Heaven’s true inheritance s.p.a.ce and not the five regions, thus this move’s power could not be fully displayed.

After Lu Wei Yin endured the lightning bolts and got closer, the jade lights around Divine Emperor City started to turn into spirals as they shot out painting path killer moves.

These painting figures had countless forms, like flowers, birds, fishes, or insects, they were extremely varied and gave Lu Wei Yin a huge problem.

“Painting path is very unique, my attacks cannot get rid of them, I can’t conceal myself with my defensive methods either, this is a problem.”

Painting path was kept as a secret by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable, this was Lu Wei Yin’s first encounter with it, there was no helping it, he felt he was without options.

Lu Wei Yin was unable to break Divine Emperor City’s defense, Calamity Luck Altar was similar.

Calamity Luck Altar was a rank eight luck path Immortal Gu House, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable created it personally, it displayed great might during the fate war, but right now, it could not do anything to Divine Emperor City.

The reason was that Divine Emperor City shot out rays of white light from time to time, Calamity Luck Altar had to dodge them each time without being careless.

This was human path killer move — Broken Homes and Dead Family!

This move countered Immortal Gu Houses, during the fate war, Immortal Gu House Chicken Dog Coop was only grazed by it and the entire Immortal Gu House broke apart without a single Gu Immortal inside surviving.

This was the human path offensive killer move that Star Constellation Immortal Venerable created, Calamity Luck Altar was restrained by it.

At once, Calamity Luck Altar could only guard the surroundings. This structure with three floors of round altars and multiple pillars holding it up, having white jade railings and s.h.i.+ning aurora, was acting like an irritating fly that was moving around a person.

However, it was also not strange.

Calamity Luck Altar displayed great might earlier when fighting against Gu Immortals. The truth was, its most valuable method was the killer move calamity luck revolution. This move could turn all sorts of calamities and tribulations into becoming harmless to the immortal aperture, instead nouris.h.i.+ng it accordingly. Longevity Heaven relied on Calamity Luck Altar to survive countless tribulations and grow over time.

That was the use of Calamity Luck Altar, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable left it in Longevity Heaven before dying for this reason as well.

Divine Emperor City, painting world.

Fang Di Chang and Shen Shang worked together to comprehend the mysteries within.

“There is a huge disturbance in the outside world, it is likely a huge battle! Divine Emperor City possesses the methods of Divine Bean Palace and Emperor City, now that these methods are used so frequently, it shows that the ones attacking Divine Emperor City are not weaklings.” Shen Shang said.

This was a good thing for them.

The more these methods were used, the more they could observe and comprehend the wood path, painting path and human path profundities within.

“Is it my main body attacking Divine Emperor City now?” Fang Di Chang guessed: “Or maybe someone is trying to save the existences within growling beast painting world and qi howling painting world?”

Right at this time, Shen Shang’s and Fang Di Chang’s expressions changed, they stood up in shock as their gazes pierced through the room, towards the painting world’s sky.

In the sky, golden aurora gathered into two giant hands.

These two hands shrouded heaven and earth, they were unimaginably big, the left hand grabbed qi howling painting world while the right hand grabbed growling beast painting world.

Genesis Lotus’ will growled loudly, the power of painting path burst out to suppress the two giant hands.

Within Thieving Heaven’s true inheritance s.p.a.ce.

The battle was at the final critical moment, the entirety of Thieving Heaven’s s.p.a.ce was covered in black lines, at the brink of destruction.

Zhan Bu Du gritted his teeth, he felt anxious internally: “The main body has not deduced the true location yet, he might not make it in time!”

“The time is now!” Within Calamity Luck Altar, Immortal Zombie Giant Sun took a look at Fang Yuan before taking a step out.

At the next moment, he appeared on the battlefield.


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