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Chapter 2145: Being a Bystander

Meng Qiu Zhen shook his head, saying in an impatient tone: “Brother Mi is a good person…”

The bald youngster interrupted him, shouting hurriedly: “As expected, the scheming mushroomman threatened Lady Fang. Let’s go and report to the elders. Move!”

Under everyone’s gaze, Meng Qiu Zhen went with the flow and entered Tu clan village with the bald youngster, Huang Xiao Mi, and the rest.

On the way, the bald youngster reminded Meng Qiu Zhen softly: “Sister Fang, you need to report properly, otherwise you might be implicated as well. Variant humans like this mushroomman are vicious things, he is already sure to die!”

Meng Qiu Zhen did not respond.

The tied Huang Xiao Mi shouted: “That’s right, I deceived Fang Tu and threatened her. You are creating a huge trouble for your Tu clan by capturing me! Someone will definitely come to save me.”

Huang Xiao Mi was saved by Fang Tu, he clearly did not want to implicate his benefactor, thus saying this intentionally.

The bald youngster led Huang Xiao Mi to Tu clan village’s prison, and received praises from Tu clan village’s elders.

After everyone left, the bald youngster invited Meng Qiu Zhen to his home: “It is already late, Sister Fang, come to my home to have dinner and stay for the night. Back when we were neighbors, we used to play together. My mother will also be very happy if she sees you!”

“So this ‘Green Beast’ had this kind of relations.h.i.+p with Fang Tu?” Meng Qiu Zhen nodded and let the plot develop.

Soon, Meng Qiu Zhen followed the bald youngster to his home.

This was an ordinary two-storied bamboo building.

Only the bald youngster and his mother lived here.

The bald youngster opened the door to the kitchen and said loudly: “Mother, look who I brought?”

“Ahh, Little Fang. I haven’t seen you for many days. Are your parents okay?” The bald youngster’s mother was very enthusiastic.

“They are both fine, thank you, auntie.” Meng Qiu Zhen said half-heartedly.

The bald youngster’s mother nodded, smiling: “Little Fang is here as a guest, take a seat, I will prepare some dishes.”

The bald youngster said impatiently: “Mother, you should prepare more delicious food. This meal will be your son’s celebration feast as well.”

“You brat, what have you done this time?” The bald youngster’s mother frowned.

The bald youngster patted his chest: “Mother, your son made a huge contribution this time! I arrested a mushroomman and locked him in prison.”

“What?” The bald youngster’s mother paused.

The bald youngster quickly narrated the event.

The bald youngster’s mother frowned as she looked at Meng Qiu Zhen: “Little Fang, this brat likes to talk nonsense, is what he said true?”

“Yes.” Meng Qiu Zhen nodded before adding: “But big brother Huang Xiao Mi is a good person. I…”

Before he finished speaking, he was once again interrupted by the bald youngster: “Alright, Sister Fang, I have warned you several times. You can say this at home, but don’t talk about it outside.”

“Okay, okay.” The bald youngster’s mother waved her hand, “Brat, there is no more soy sauce left. Go to the nearby shop and get some soy sauce.”


“Hurry up and go, how can I make food without soy sauce?”

“Oh, alright, alright.”

After the bald youngster left, his mother walked towards Meng Qiu Zhen: “Come, Little Fang, tell auntie what is going on?”

The dream realm’s third stage pa.s.sed like this.

Fourth stage.

Deep in the night, underground prison.

“My ident.i.ty changed again?” When Meng Qiu Zhen came to his senses, he immediately realized this.

He had left the mortal Fang Tu’s ident.i.ty and become a Gu Master again; moreover, his cultivation was rank four!

“I am actually the bald youngster’s mother now?” Meng Qiu Zhen shortly discovered that the bald youngster’s mother was actually a mushroomman.

Meng Qiu Zhen immediately had a guess: “My current ident.i.ty is probably that Huang Wan.”

This dream realm originated from Paradise Earth, what was special about it was the ident.i.ties in the different stages of the dream realm were not fixed.

“I might even play the role of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable in the next dream realm.” Meng Qiu Zhen smiled.

Till now, he had not seen even the shadow of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable.

In the first stage of the dream realm, Meng Qiu Zhen learned that Huang Xiao Mi’s mushroomman tribe had a former witch – Huang Wan. She had great strength and was the only doctor that might be able to cure the plague.

However, he knew from the old granny that this former witch Huang Wan was expelled from the tribe for some reason.

“This mushroomman Huang Wan concealed her ident.i.ty and lived in Tu clan village, a human territory. She even adopted a human child to perfectly conceal her ident.i.ty. If that bald youngster knew his ‘mother’ was actually a mushroomman, I wonder what expression he would show?”

Meng Qiu Zhen laughed.

He used a very short period of time to get familiar with the Gu worms on him.

The Gu worms were comprehensive, covering attack, defense, movement, healing, and other aspects. Meng Qiu Zhen intuitively sensed some of these Gu worms could combine to form a mortal killer move.

Unfortunately, the situation now did not allow Meng Qiu Zhen to test the killer move or its possible combination.

“The third stage already gave obvious clues. Although this mushroomman Huang Wan was expelled from the tribe, her heart is with the tribe. She immediately moved during the night to save Huang Xiao Mi.”

“I must move quickly!”

Meng Qiu Zhen immediately went deeper into the underground prison.

The structure of the underground prison was simple and clear.

Very soon, he saw Huang Xiao Mi, who was tied to the wall in the deepest part of the prison.

Meng Qiu Zhen used his Gu worms, silently melting the lock on the prison door.

“Huang Xiao Mi, wake up.” Meng Qiu Zhen walked towards Huang Xiao Mi and was about to inspect his condition.

Suddenly, ‘Huang Xiao Mi’ detonated, turning into ash that covered Meng Qiu Zhen.

Shortly after, alarm bells rang and guards started shouting.

The whole prison started emitting dark-yellow light. The concealed Gu formation was activated.

“Oh no, it is a trap!” Meng Qiu Zhen helplessly discovered that ‘Huang Xiao Mi’ had completely disappeared.

He hurriedly retreated, using poison Gu to corrode the Gu formation but it showed little effect.

“Such guts! Breaking into my Tu clan’s jail!”

“It is indeed like that captive said, someone came to save him. Hmph! Surrender quietly and we might spare your life!”

Two elders with similar faces like they were twins were transported by the Gu formation and arrived in front of Meng Qiu Zhen.

Meng Qiu Zhen sneered as he started the fight.

The battle lasted for sixty rounds before he was defeated and captured by the two elders.

The dream realm dissipated.

“I failed.” Meng Qiu Zhen’s soul returned to his body as he sighed.

Paradise Earth’s dream realm was not easy to explore, but Meng Qiu Zhen had plenty of experience, he reached the fourth stage before failing.

His soul was quite injured, Meng Qiu Zhen began to think about the events while healing his soul.

“Those two elders are really strong! They both have rank four cultivation, and they have extremely good teamwork when fighting, like they are one person.”

“Not only do I have to fight those two elders, I also have to deal with the Gu formation. It is quite straining.”

“Naturally, there is another important reason, I am not familiar with poison path Gu worms. I should use this time to deduce the hidden poison path killer moves.”

“Hmm, there is another reason as well…”

Meng Qiu Zhen reflected on himself and realized he had been fretful in the dream realm.

Although that fake Huang Xiao Mi deceived his initial detection methods, if he was in his normal mental state, he would not have rashly entered the prison, and would have used Gu worms to inspect the situation once again.

“At that time, Huang Wan’s mood was extremely anxious and I was unknowingly affected by it, clouding my judgment.”

There were emotional disturbances in the previous three stages as well, but they were all suppressed by Meng Qiu Zhen.

At the fourth stage, the dream realm’s emotions would naturally be deeper than the third stage.

This was also one of the difficulties of exploring dream realms.

Using this time, Meng Qiu Zhen deduced five poison path killer moves which were mostly based on bee poison Gu.

Entering the dream realm again, Meng Qiu Zhen inspected patiently this time.

He made an astonis.h.i.+ng discovery: Not only was Huang Xiao Mi fake, the whole underground prison was also fake.

“This is a fake prison, the real prison is still below. The Gu formation’s main body is also below!”

Meng Qiu Zhen carefully entered the real underground prison.

Tu clan village’s real underground prison was unexpectedly complicated and extensive!

The underground prison was like an ant nest, it was filled with thousands of paths intersecting each other, Meng Qiu Zhen felt like he had entered a maze.

“The whole mountain seems to have been dug and made into a prison.”

“This Tu clan village is clearly an ordinary force, but it was actually able to do this?”

“No, there is a trace of Earth Tunnel here!”

Meng Qiu Zhen was probing carefully and soon discovered traces of one of the ten earths, Earth Tunnel.

“This mountain must be of famous mountain level, it contains a natural Earth Tunnel. Tu clan village just slightly developed the Earth Tunnel and was able to gain a large amount of resources. No wonder they were able to nurture two rank four elders.”

Meng Qiu Zhen was moving everywhere in the prison.

The underground prison was mostly empty, and there were more beasts than mortals locked up in it.

Meng Qiu Zhen was still unable to find any clues even after some time. The dream realm had exhausted a large amount of his soul foundation by now.

“Those two Gu Masters!” Meng Qiu Zhen suddenly heard the sounds of Gu cultivators traveling through the Earth Tunnel from ahead.

He quickly moved aside and hid.

Swish, swish.

The two Gu Masters slipped out from the Earth Tunnel.

“The two rank four elders.” Meng Qiu Zhen was observing secretly, and immediately recognized them.

They were all along in the underground prison, so they were able to reach the fake prison immediately in the previous situation.

The two elders talked while moving.

“This mushroomman is quite tight-lipped, he actually endured such cruel torture!”

“Even if he does not say it, we are already aware that a mushroomman tribe has been hiding in the surroundings of Tu clan village. It is just that we don’t know the specific location.”

“Right, we must obtain the specific location of the mushroomman tribe from this captive and eliminate them!”

“In a few days, we will be able to remove the defensive methods on his soul. At that time, we will know everything by searching his soul.”

[0] The t.i.tle is literally translated as buying soy sauce.


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