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Chapter 2119 Li Xiao Bai“s Immortal Ascension

Soon, Fang Yuan placed the matter of his wisdom path attainment level aside as he continued his comprehension.

“Be they Reckless Savage Demon Venerable or Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, they have a deep understanding of food path. In this aspect, Reckless Savage Demon Venerable is inferior to Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, he only made use of the gluttonous demon frog. But the way he used the food path environment to create the totem killer move archetype is truly too amazing.” Even Fang Yuan could not stint on the praise towards such a move.

If one truly cultivated totem killer moves purely, they would need to undergo continuous deductions.

But in Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven, Gu cultivators only had to devour food ingredients and use the food path environment to naturally select the most suitable nutrition by their bodies themselves, those dao marks would develop into all sorts of totems on their own.

This was like using food path to make up for any deficiency in wisdom path, allowing countless totem killer moves to be born.

As for the Gu materials that the Gu cultivators devoured, where did those come from?

They were naturally produced by Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven itself.

Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven had bountiful transformation path dao marks, there were many mutated beasts and plants here, they had mutated and developed forms that far surpa.s.sed the five regions in diversity.

The wild beasts or plants living in Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven were all unique existences in the grotto-heaven, they could not be found elsewhere.

When Gu cultivators devour the mutated Gu materials, their totems would also continue to change and elevate. From this perspective, the Gu cultivator was making use of Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven’s natural development to allow the totem killer moves to develop as well. Eventually, they would produce stunning results.

Just what Zhan Bu Du heard when he lurked in there was that there were over nine thousand basic totems in Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven.

Dark capital strength tiger, rain eagle totem, thunder fish totem, and golden bell totem were just part of them. Not to mention that aside from these basic totems, there were also unique totems that belonged to certain individuals.

“These totem killer moves are not very helpful to me, but there is high reference value in all the recipes that exist here!”

Fang Yuan originally had a food path true inheritance, it came from Shadow Sect and was the original food path inheritance in the world. Not long ago, Fang Yuan also obtained Southern Border’s Paradise Earth true inheritance, obtaining all sorts of food path killer moves, there were tea recipes that could increase the number of dao marks on a Gu cultivator’s body. And now, Fang Yuan obtained all sorts of recipes to create totem killer moves.

Combining all of his acc.u.mulations, food path had developed to a certain degree, Fang Yuan was starting to see its true profundity and depth.

“All along, I thought that food path most excelled in feeding Gu and reducing the burden on the Gu cultivator. But the truth is, this is only one advantage of food path, the true power of food path is to help the Gu cultivator gain extra dao marks and raise their foundation!”

The advantage of food path was to sustain the livelihood of the Gu cultivator and Gu worms, while also using specific methods to make the target even stronger than before.

Fang Yuan had wisdom path great grandmaster attainment level, his wisdom path deductions were elevated to a new level. Thus, Fang Yuan could deduce all sorts of food path killer moves from just these recipes alone.

Food path had a huge difference compared to other paths, most food path killer moves were used on the user themselves.

Fang Yuan had a lot of immortal materials, if he expended them to form food path killer moves that were used on the sovereign immortal body, he would gain a vast number of dao marks!

Fang Yuan estimated: “If I compare the benefits, annexing grotto-heavens gives me the most dao marks, each time, I will gain millions of them. But now that the sovereign immortal aperture is reaching its peak capacity, the balance of the habitat is already close to toppling, if I continue with that, I will start to experience unfavorable losses instead.”

“Using these food path killer moves to increase my dao marks might have small gains each time but with enough attempts, I can also acc.u.mulate a huge amount of dao marks.”

“Additionally, to prepare for Crazed Demon Cave, I need to create some defensive food path methods against Spectral Soul Demon Venerable.”

Spectral Soul’s killer moves, bitter taste and swallow loss, left a huge impression on Fang Yuan.

He could not ignore them!

At the same time, because food path was not popularized, ordinary Gu Immortals could not effectively defend against it. Thus, if Fang Yuan developed some food path offensive methods, there might be great results too.

Fang Yuan held expectations towards food path, but the extent was not big.

Because his enemies in Crazed Demon Cave were either Star Constellation Immortal Venerable or Spectral Soul Demon Venerable. The latter’s proficiency at food path was definitely higher than Fang Yuan, while the former had wisdom path quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment, the former leader of Heavenly Court, how could she falter so easily against food path?

“The enemies are too strong, food path is only a minor method, it cannot be used on that stage. But development is still necessary, I need to have defense against it at least. When I fight against Spectral Soul again, I will not be disadvantaged in food path anymore.”

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan gave his time path clone new missions to refine another batch of Immortal Gu.

During this period of time, the time path clone had been using Four Elements Square Regret Blood Refinement Pool to refine rank eight Immortal Gu without pausing.

A large number of Immortal Gu that Fang Yuan possessed had already been elevated to rank eight!

Four Elements Square Regret Blood Refinement Pool had a terrifying success rate for refining rank eight Immortal Gu. Together with his huge stock of immortal materials and rank eight Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus’ immortal essence, there was nothing that could stop Fang Yuan from refining rank eight Gu in bulk.

Most of his Immortal Gu were rank eight already.

The time path clone started to have free time, he refined some rank six or seven Immortal Gu as well.

Fang Yuan had a vast number of Immortal Gu recipes. These Immortal Gu recipes mostly came from Lang Ya Sect, while a portion came from his various inheritances. Even without Immortal Gu recipe, with Fang Yuan’s increasingly powerful wisdom path methods and quasi-supreme grandmaster refinement path attainment level, he could also create his own with some casual deductions.

Earlier, the time path clone had already refined a batch of theft path Immortal Gu.

Most of these Immortal Gu were rank six, a few were elevated to rank seven.

Four Elements Square Regret Blood Refinement Pool could refine rank eight Immortal Gu in bulk, those rank six and seven Immortal Gu were simply too easy in comparison.

The only thing stopping Fang Yuan was the fact that Immortal Gu were unique.

In this world, Gu Immortals had to make immense preparations until they reached their limit to refine Immortal Gu, after all that hards.h.i.+p and difficulty, they might not even succeed. The success rate was just too low! If anyone found out that Fang Yuan was refining Gu like this,they would be in disbelief and shock.

The truth was, Four Elements Square Regret Blood Refinement Pool was something that surpa.s.sed the limits of any Gu Immortal’s imagination!

As for the theft path Immortal Gu that he refined, Fang Yuan used them to reconstruct Thieves Den.

The previous Thieves Den Immortal Gu House had been used too many times, it was the original version made by Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, it was no longer suited for Fang Yuan. Thus, Fang Yuan used it as the foundation to modify and make adjustments.

Even so, he was mainly focusing on repairing and replenis.h.i.+ng lacking Gu worms, he made few modifications, after all, this Immortal Gu House came from Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, be it structure or killer moves, it was close to being perfect. Fang Yuan could modify it because the eras had changed, new Gu worms were developed that suited Thieves Den even more.

Cooking Luck Pot, Thieves Den, and Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress, these were the three main Immortal Gu Houses that Fang Yuan focused on.

With Fang Yuan’s current refinement ability, he could definitely reconstruct Dragon Palace and Myriad Year Flying Wars.h.i.+p.

But thinking about it, Fang Yuan wisely chose to give up on them.

These two Immortal Gu Houses had been used too many times, everyone knew about their information, they were also peak creations that had little room for modification.

If Fang Yuan rebuilt them and used them in battle, they would definitely be countered.

Ordinary enemies were still fine, but Crazed Demon Cave had Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, there could even be Limitless Demon Venerable!

If Di Zang Sheng were still enslaved under Fang Yuan, there was still a bit of value in Dragon Palace. Unfortunately, Di Zang Sheng was sealed by Heavenly Court, if Fang Yuan attacked Heavenly Court for it, he would waste a lot of effort and time, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable would have more opportunities to make her moves.

“Rather than rebuilding Immortal Gu Houses, I should design new ones. And the new Immortal Gu Houses that I conceptualize should revolve around my combat system as well.”

Qi Sea Ancestor had already been preparing his own combat system, Fang Yuan was also facing the same difficult question.

“Against venerables, I need to have an outstanding combat system. It is a pity that Duke Long is dead while Demon Immortal Qi Jue is sealed, without them as my grindstones, I will have a lack of experience in creating my combat system.”

Fang Yuan had always been considering his own combat systems.

He actually wanted some people with equivalent battle strength to show up so that he could have the inspiration to make a mature combat system.

Currently, Fang Yuan’s most mature combat systems were sword path and time path, he used them during the fate war. Now that he gained rank eight fort.i.tude Gu and ability Gu, he might be able to create a combat system around strength path as well.

Bzzz bzzz bzzz….

Cooking Luck Pot started to vibrate.

“Oh?” Fang Yuan raised his head and observed his own luck as well as those of his clones.

Soon, his expression became quite peculiar.

On the surface of his silver-white pillar of light, many small grey clouds formed.

Fang Yuan observed them carefully, he soon found that these external clouds came from Li Xiao Bai.

The luck of other clones was tranquil, but Li Xiao Bai’s luck was changing intensely.

Fang Yuan deduced internally: “So Li Xiao Bai is undergoing immortal ascension. Looking at how his luck is changing, he is going to have a small problem. But why does this problem involve my main body? And looking at this, it has a huge relations.h.i.+p with me!”

Profound Literature grotto-heaven.

Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed, the sky was covered in dark tribulation clouds.

Li Xiao Bai was dressed in white and he floated in the air, a thick coc.o.o.n of triple qi layers covered his entire body.

Li Xiao Bai was at the crucial moment of his immortal ascension!

“Xiao Bai, you must persevere.” Su Qi Han was very worried, she stared at him with a fixed gaze, at the person whom she loved dearly.


A pale green lightning ball shot down from the dark clouds with a trail behind it, approaching Li Xiao Bai.

Su Qi Han shouted in shock, at the crucial moment, Li Xiao Bai used his killer move and created a poem wall that blocked the lightning ball.

“This Li Xiao Bai is actually able to balance the three qi while blocking the tribulation with relative ease!” Far away, a young-looking man stared with eerie eyes, gritting his teeth.

“If you really become an immortal, then I, Du Zhi Xiao, will never be able to make it big. Oh Li Xiao Bai, blame yourself for being too outstanding. Being born in the same era as you is truly the misfortune of everyone who is forced to be a side character.”

The young man Du Zhi Xiao said while shooting out a wave of grey smoke.

The grey smoke floated up and entered the tribulation cloud, causing it to become turbulent as the clouds rumbled intensely, shooting out three pale green lightning b.a.l.l.s in response.

“What is happening? Someone made a move!” Su Qi Han watched as her eyes turned red: “Xiao Bai is in danger!!”


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