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Chapter 1991 Ancestor is Righteous and Mighty

After Xia clan first supreme elder Xia Rui Zhi heard Qi Sea Ancestor’s question, he became shocked.

After a while, he answered vigilantly: “Reporting to ancestor, my Xia clan was indeed creating an artificial human path secluded domain, it is called Human Sea. But this secluded domain does not have any offensive power. The reason why we created it was to deal with the future chaos and have a method to revive our Xia clan Gu Immortals.”

Xia Rui Zhi spoke vaguely but he did not lie. The reason why Xia clan was creating Human Sea was to revive their Gu Immortals.

In the five hundred years of his previous life, Fang Yuan remembered that when Xia clan’s Gu Immortals died outside, they were not truly dead, they could revive from Human Sea. Although their Immortal Gu and immortal aperture’s acc.u.mulations would be lost, they would still retain their cultivation level and immortal aperture itself.

Eastern Sea’s Xia clan gained a huge reputation because of this, for the following period of time, they invaded Southern Border. Southern Border’s Gu Immortals fought against Xia clan, over time, they learned about Xia clan’s background and foundation, eventually, Chai clan mimicked Human Sea and created their own Human Mountain secluded domain.

Qi Sea Ancestor stroked his beard: “It seems that the reason why Wu Shuai led the two heavens’ Gu Immortals to invade your Xia clan was because of this Human Sea secluded domain.”

All of the present Xia clan Gu Immortals looked at each other.

Xia Rui Zhi frowned as he muttered: “Was my Xia clan invaded because information got leaked and the allure of the Human Sea secluded domain caused enemies to attack? But this Human Sea secluded domain has not been completed yet.”

Qi Sea Ancestor had a grim expression: “If Wu Shuai did not have a complete Human Sea secluded domain, does that mean that after he completes it, he will have an actual Human Sea and his human path killer move will be even stronger?”

Xia Rui Zhi smiled: “Ancestor, don’t worry, the creation of Human Sea originated from an ancestor of my clan, it was refined by generations of descendants. Wu Shuai does not know of its profundity, if he tries to complete it, Human Sea will only dwindle and shrink.”

Qi Sea Ancestor shook his head: “Wu Shuai is an old monster of the past, he made use of Fang Yuan’s power to revive successfully, this person is too scheming and crafty, he takes action with certainty. Each time he strikes, he is resolute and will always make great gains. Since he knew about your Xia clan’s Human Sea secluded domain, he might also know a way to complete it.”

Xia Rui Zhi’s smile became more forced: “This possibility… is not likely. Only the top three supreme elders of my clan know about the creation method of Human Sea. Right now, they are all here, don’t tell me we have a traitor among us?”

Qi Sea Ancestor sighed: “It might not be a traitor. Don’t forget that Wu Shuai controls Dragon Palace which has dream path killer moves, he might have targeted you in your dreams.”

“This…” Xia Rui Zhi’s smiling expression froze entirely.

If it were any other path, Xia Rui Zhi would still feel some confidence. But against dream path methods, he could not be certain.

“Lord Xia Rui Zhi, friends from Xia clan.” At this time, a Tang clan Gu Immortal spoke: “Should you still be hiding it? You should tell us the creation method of Human Sea, let us refer to it and find out a weakness of Wu Shuai’s human path method.”

Xia clan’s Gu Immortals were stunned.

The creation method of Human Sea was the deepest foundation of Eastern Sea’s Xia clan, how could they expose it like this?

Tang clan’s Gu Immortal was merely after Human Sea himself.

Tang clan’s member chuckled: “Pardon my words, but friends from Xia clan, what are you still waiting for? Your territory has been lost, you want to create a brand new Human Sea secluded domain from scratch? Do you know what the most important thing is now? When ancestor and Wu Shuai fought, it ended in a draw because of that human path killer move. As long as we can deduce this human path killer move, would we have to fear Wu Shuai and his army? By then, wouldn’t you get back your homeland?”

Xia clan’s Gu Immortals gritted their teeth in anger.

Tang clan was an Eastern Sea super force, they bordered Xia clan and had much conflict in usual times. Thus, they decided to make things difficult for Xia clan at this moment.

However, even though they were causing problems intentionally, their words made sense.

This was something even Xia clan’s Gu Immortals had to admit.

Xia Rui Zhi thought about it before making up his mind: “The method to create Human Sea is our Xia clan’s secret, we will not announce it publicly. I am only willing to contribute this human path essence to ancestor alone!”

Qi Sea Ancestor got injured from fighting Wu Shuai, Xia clan’s hopes were all on Qi Sea Ancestor now. Because the two heavens were led by Wu Shuai, Eastern Sea only had Qi Sea Ancestor able to resist the Evil Dragon and Dragon Palace collectively.

Xia Rui Zhi was trying to gain Qi Sea Ancestor’s favor now, he was making plans for his own clan.

But Qi Sea Ancestor shook his head: “I am only asking this to confirm the situation. Your Xia clan can keep this Human Sea creation method. I have no foundation in human path, even if I get it, I cannot deduce Wu Shuai’s methods.”

Xia Rui Zhi became anxious and wanted to speak but Qi Sea Ancestor waved his hand to interrupt: “Xia clan does not have to worry. Wu Shuai is a dragonman, the two heavens alliance is also made up of mostly variant humans, they are public enemies of the five regions! If they invaded the other four regions, so be it, but they chose Eastern Sea after all, so as a human, I will resist these variant humans with all my effort.”

“Ancestor is righteous and mighty!” The Gu Immortals present called out in unison.

Qi Sea Ancestor added: “But now, I have injuries from the battle, I need to recuperate in closed cultivation. As for Wu Shuai, his injuries are more severe, he will not take action during this period of time, there is no need to worry.”

Qi Sea Ancestor paused before continuing: “When I recover, I will need you all to cooperate and gather an army to fight against the two heavens alliance.”

“We will listen to ancestor.”

“With ancestor leading us, Eastern Sea has nothing to worry!”

“Without ancestor, Eastern Sea would have suffered great losses already. It is truly Eastern Sea’s blessing to have ancestor defending it, this is the blessing of the people.”

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortals continued to flatter him without stopping.

But Xia Rui Zhi had a worried expression, he and Xia clan’s members were currently homeless. During this period, they could not reclaim Xia clan’s territory, where were they going to go now?

Qi Sea Ancestor smiled lightly: “Before we attack, friends from Xia clan, you may stay in qi sea as guests.”

Xia clan’s Gu Immortals instantly became overjoyed.

Xia Rui Zhi cupped his fists and thanked: “Xia clan will remember ancestor’s warm hospitality, we will definitely repay you in the future.”

The other clans’ Gu Immortals looked at Xia clan’s Gu Immortals with different expressions now. Other than disdain and sympathy, they also felt envious and jealous.

Was this Xia clan’s fortune after a disaster? They were able to stay closely with Qi Sea Ancestor, as time pa.s.ses, their relations.h.i.+p would deepen, they would be able to gain the backing of a great expert!

If they knew the truth, who knew what expression they would show.

After finis.h.i.+ng their discussion, Qi Sea Ancestor went to recuperate in closed cultivation, the other Eastern Sea Gu Immortals also went back to their bases to make preparations for the upcoming battle.

Mermaid Lian Ke Xin was feeling nervous at the moment. The Merman Imperial Court had already joined the two heavens alliance, but Wu Shuai did not expose their ident.i.ty, they were currently spies sent to gather information.

Feeling the cold breeze in the sky, Lian Ke Xin calmed down slowly as sorrow emerged in her heart: “Now it seems that Eastern Sea will be peaceful for this period of time without any fighting. But this is the calm before the storm, sigh, during the battle in the future, I wonder what action my Merman Imperial Court should take?”

Lian Ke Xin was one of the three immortals in charge of the Merman Imperial Court, she had high status and authority, but now she felt helpless and fearful.

The five regional walls vanished, everyone knew that the five regions were going to become chaotic and turbulent.

But the chaos had just started, Lian Ke Xin already felt like she was in treacherous waters, her future was bleak and dark, she could not see the light or hope of survival. If she was careless, then the entire Merman Imperial Court would even get completely devoured!

After hearing the report, Shen Cong Sheng learned of Qi Sea Ancestor’s decision.

“It seems that Eastern Sea is currently led by Qi Sea Ancestor after all.” Shen Cong Sheng sighed: “If Ancestor Shen Shang returned, it would be different. Letting a secluded cultivator lead the entire righteous path…”

Shen Cong Sheng shook his head.

He had ambition, he wanted Shen clan to be the overlord of Eastern Sea, as the number one force.

Different from the other righteous path clans, Shen clan had Shen Shang, he was someone who could compete with Qi Sea Ancestor.

But Shen Shang’s whereabouts were unknown.

Shen clan had searched for him with full effort but they made no discoveries.

Shen Cong Sheng felt a huge headache regarding this: “Oh ancestor, where in the world are you?”

At the same time.

Divine Emperor City, painting path world.

Hong Yi and Ye Fan walked side by side on the bustling street.

At the corner of an alley, a group of muscular men surrounded a person as they kicked and punched.

“Stop!” Hong Yi could not watch anymore, he quickly stopped them.

After seeing the situation, Ye Fan was also furious: “Are you guys really hitting him? So many of you are bullying one beggar?”

The group of muscular men turned around: “Stupid kids, don’t meddle in others’ affairs! This lunatic is courting death, he scared my young master’s precious horse to death, my clan’s young master also fell to the ground. We will not rest until we beat him to death.”

Hong Yi sighed: “You went overboard.”

Boom boom boom.

Hong Yi and Ye Fan made their move, the group of muscular men were sent scrambling and escaping.

The beggar was curled up on the ground, he was covered in bruises, his body s.h.i.+vered as he muttered nonsensical phrases.

“He really is insane.” Hong Yi sighed.

“Sigh, even if he is crazy, he is still human. He did not mean to scare the horse, right?” Ye Fan also felt some pity: “Come, let’s help him, we can’t leave him here like this.”

The two brought the beggar into a secluded alley as they got him a few buns, placing it beside him.

After that, they left.

What they did not know was, after they left, the beggar regained his sanity.

“Where am I?”

“d.a.m.n it, the black fire wreaked havoc, I went mad again!”

This beggar was the person that Shen clan had been desperately trying to find, Shen Shang.


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