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Chapter 86: The Tides of Shocks

Shao Mingzhen looked up and glanced at Tang Xiu. He hesitated for a moment before he eventually spoke to Miao Wentang about his deal with Tang Xiu. After that, he finally concluded, “I’ve promised him that if his prescription is good, I’d give him 2 million.”

Miao Wentang ridiculed, “Are you joking me? If there was such a wound healing panacea in this world, let alone 2 million for the prescription, even if you sell it for 20 million, I’d buy it.”

Tang Xiu lightly said, “You can try it if you want. But if you find the effect is just like I told you, don’t go back on your words and pay me 20 million.”

“Hmph, what a cheap mouthed youngster!”

Miao Wentang said coldly.

Tang Xiu coldly glanced at him. Then, he turned around and walked toward the Thousand Revolution Array.

Miao Wentang loudly said, “Hey, Tang Xiu? I advise you to give up. Although I don’t know how strong you are, but judging from your age, it’s far too much for you to challenge the Thousand Revolution Array. Don’t shame yourself!”

“Brother Miao!”

Shao Mingzhen quickly pulled Miao Wentang’s arm as he called out in a low voice. Although he didn’t like Tang Xiu because he thought that Tang Xiu was too arrogant. But they were men with status and it was quite improper for them to bicker with a youngster.

Gu Xiaoxue’s mouth slanted upwards as she faintly smiled, watching Tang Xiu from the back with a slightly helpless feeling. She felt that even though Tang Xiu’s aura was very strong, but with her cultivation, she could sense Tang Xiu’s strength. So she could tell that Tang Xiu’s strength was far inferior when compared to Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang. The both of them barely broke into the third layer, but for Tang Xiu, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to enter the second layer.

Amongst the onlookers…

Jia Ruidao with his three apprentices had long seen Tang Xiu. However, he had never thought that Tang Xiu actually would challenge the Thousand Revolution Array. So he and his 3 apprentices didn’t greet him. As an experienced person himself, Jia Ruidao also wanted to see Tang Xiu’s bottom.

However, when he saw Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang’s appearance and condition when they got out from the Array, he was worried. Because, tomorrow Tang Xiu would gamble, and it was quite a taboo for gamblers to be exhausted both physically and mentally before the game. If Tang Xiu were to be injured, how would he be able to gamble tomorrow?

“I must stop him!”

Jia Ruidao squeezed out of the crowd and rushed toward Tang Xiu as he exclaimed, “Brother Tang, please wait. I have to talk with you.”

Tang Xiu suddenly stopped. With a puzzled expression in his eyes, he looked at the rus.h.i.+ng Jia Ruidao and then asked, “What’s up?”

Jia Ruidao revealed a forced smile, “Brother Tang, we’ll have the game with Chen Kai tomorrow. If you were to face some difficulties in this Thousand Revolution Array, then tomorrow…”

“You don’t believe me?”

A cold beam flashed in Tang Xiu’s face as he spoke with a cold tone.

Jia Ruidao smiled and said, “It’s not that I don’t believe you. But it’s quite a taboo for a professional gambler to get exhausted physically and mentally. Only in a 100% condition would you be able to win the game.”

Tang Xiu indifferently said, “You have always been resting well everyday, but I haven’t seen you win, have I? Hmph… I’ve my own way. I need not other’s words for it.”

With that said, he turned around and strode into the Thousand Revolution Array.

Miao Wentang at the side burst into laughter, “Brother Shao, can you see that? Even his companions don’t believe him. Do you think he has the ability to break the Thousand Revolution Array? Just wait and see! We’ll have some funny jokes to look forward to.”

Shao Mingzhen smiled and secretly sighed. Apparently, he also agreed with Miao Wentang’s opinion.

Inside the Thousand Revolution Array…

The second Tang Xiu entered, he didn’t have the slightest surprise in seeing the changes in the world’s surrounding scene. He looked around before his vision locked on a high ancient tree. He flicked his toes and bolted forward as though arrow being released from the bow. In a breath’s time, he already sprinted toward his destination.


A sharp Mitsubis.h.i.+ army knife shot forward toward the ancient tree trunk as the dark yellow snake’s weak spot was pierced.


The world scene changed as the scorching hot summer emerged. Flowers bloomed with hundreds of birds chirping happily. Tang Xiu looked around at the surrounding and saw a track at the distant. A stele was placed half buried in the middle of the track. Without the slightest hesitation, he sprinted fast toward it.

It was time! His cultivation was still low. Before he had a formidable strength and was able to act freely, he could only grab the opportunity within the given time. With a burst of effort, he sprinted toward the stele as he exerted all of his strength into his fist and punched the stele.


The stele was broken as the lions and tigers in the surroundings instantly vanished. The environment changed again.

Outside the Thousand Revolution Array…

Everyone’s eyes were fixated on Tang Xiu. Strange looks, as well as disbelieving expressions were cast on their faces as they looked at Tang Xiu. They also clearly remembered that it took half an hour for Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang to step more than 20 steps toward the center of the plaza.

“How could this be?”

Miao Wentang exclaimed out loud. A disbelieving expression hung on his face, even his eyeb.a.l.l.s were almost popping out. He even did exaggerated things as he rubbed his eyes only to affirm that he was not seeing an illusion, and then looked at Tang Xiu in the plaza again.

“d.a.m.n, I’m not hallucinating! H-h-he… how did he do it?”

Shao Mingzhen’s heart also thumped and jolted at the moment. A similar shock was also cast on his complexion, even his lips were squirming and twitching a few times. He then spoke in bitterness, “10 seconds! He only used 10 seconds to break through the second layer and rush into the third. This… is he still a human? But, with what way did he do it?”

Yes! How did he do it?

Gu Xiaoxue at the side was also gaping and tongue-tied as she looked dumbfoundedly at Tang Xiu. Her heart was struck with a storm. She clearly remembered that her Master had once said, that apart from one person, n.o.body would easily break through the barrier, even a group of the most powerful superb experts in the other worlds wouldn’t be able to do it.

“… even if it was Master, she could only barely reach this level, wouldn’t she? But who is he? How come he could see through the secrets of the Thousand Revolution Array? He was even able to find the layer’s core in such a short time?”

Gu Xiaoxue’s eyes were struggling to move from Tang Xiu’s figure to s.h.i.+ft around to look at the shocked expression everyone had. Only then did she realize that she was not in a dream, someone had truly broken the first 2 layers in less than 10 seconds. He even had rushed to the third layer of the Thousand Revolution Array, the Autumn Carnage.

Tang Xiu didn’t know that people outside were being struck with shocks at the moment. The scene of lush trees heavily laden with fruits of the Autumn Carnage was currently emerging in front of his eyes. it was an orchard full of fruit trees, with bright yellow fruits and bright scarlet fruits as a faint fragrant could be smelt, sparking people’s appet.i.te to eat them. A group of wild geese flew over the orchards, leaving a burst of their cries.

“This simplified version really lacks it’s true might.”

Tang Xiu didn’t rush to act this time. But he stood still, staring at a certain spot and quietly waited.

“Anyone who trespa.s.ses this array must die.”

A roar came from inside the orchard. A ferocious-looking big man, winded with chains all over his body bolted from the inside of the orchard. His hand waved a sharp-spike mace as it glowed faintly, giving off a kind of cold and menacing feeling.

Tang Xiu squatted his body. He casually picked up a pebble on the ground and faintly smiled, “The first time I had just created this Formation Array, I really exerted my strength for it. But, I have left behind a secret gate for each layer. Do you believe me that I can beat you with this pebble?”


The ferocious big guy was as though having a spiritual wisdom. He waved his spiky mace and crushed down Tang Xiu’s head.


Tang Xi fingers flicked as the pebble instantly hit the ferocious big guy’s throat. Almost at the same moment, the ferocious big guy stood motionless as his mace hung a feet above Tang Xiu’s head. Along with the burst of autumn breeze, the unwilling ferocious big guy turned into ashes being turned by the pa.s.sing breeze.

“Buzz …”

The world scene changed once again. The cool autumn breeze turned into the freezing winter solstice wind. The place was no longer the orchard heavily laden with fruit trees, but turned into the world of ice and snow.

The vast sea of whiteness of the endless snow, as far as eyes can see.

“Winter Carnage?”

Tang Xiu sat cross-legged as he stabbed his sharp army knife straight into the snow on his left side.


The billowing sounds of the howling wolves came from the distant horizon. A few seconds after, countless Snow Wolfs, as though flying in the sky of snow, rushed forward and howled.

Outside of the Thousand Revolution Array…

Miao Wentang’s body greatly shook a few times. With his chaotic blood and qi circulation, coupled with the shocks that struck his heart, it suddenly made him sit down on the ground. But due to his distress and embarra.s.sment, he wasn’t even aware of it. He looked again at the Tang Xiu, who walked 6 or 7 steps, with the feeling as though a thunderclap had blasted inside his heart.

The fourth layer! It was absolutely the fourth layer!

Miao Wentang suddenly recalled the mocking and cynical remarks he had said to Tang Xiu before he entered the Thousand Revolution Array. He thought that Tang Xiu wouldn’t be able to break through the first layer. But never once he had ever dreamed that Tang Xiu not only would cross through the first layer, but he also rushed through the second, third, and now directly bursting into the fourth layer.

At this very moment, he really wished that a pit would appear in front of him, so he could immediately throw himself into it and wouldn’t come out again out of disgrace.

Shao Mingzhen’s mouth twitched severely. He even found it hard to turn his head as he looked at Gu Xiaoxue at the side.

However, Gu Xiaoxue was also struck with shocks at this moment. She looked at Tang Xiu with a foolish expression. She even almost raised her hand to slap her own face. She clearly knew Tang Xiu’s cultivation level. But, she had never dreamt that Tang Xiu would actually be able to break through the fourth layer. The Thousand Revolution Array was not an ordinary Formation Array. Even if the cultivators’ strength might be more powerful than her’s, they were not necessarily able to burst through into the fourth layer.

However, how was Tang Xiu able to do it?

How was it possible to break through into the fourth layer?

Gu Xiaoxue clearly remembered what she had said to Tang Xiu before. Tides of regrets were billowing inside her heart. Had she known that Tang Xiu had the ability to break through the fourth layer, how would she dare to disgrace herself?

She was just like a frog living in the depths of the well!

It was this saying that thundering inside Gu Xiaoxue’s mind. Reminding her that this saying was truly what she was like at this moment.

“Miss Gu, Tang Xiu, h-he…”


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