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Chapter 753: An Accompanying Crisis

With Tang Xiu and Gui Jianchou finding a method to temporarily suppress the Darkening Virus, the authorities finally earned themselves a voice to speak. Yang Chuxiong, who was the highest-ranked officer on Mist Source Island, excitedly ordered a celebration feast after several days of infection and the suppression of the Darkening Virus.

At night, following the end of the celebration banquet, Tang Xiu decided to go out and have a stroll around, while also planning to see his female cousin, Tang Han, in pa.s.sing. When he told Yang Chuxiong about his intention to leave the military encampment, however, Yang Chuxiong strongly opposed his idea.

“The current situation in Mist Source Island is in a mess and very chaotic, Divine Doctor Tang. Leaving aside the panic caused by the Darkening Virus which has caused many pessimists to make troubles, just those foreigners alone who are now running rampant are harboring sinister and evil intentions, and I’m afraid you’ll meet troubles if you run into them.”

“The order I receive is to solve the problem on Mist Source Island, and not just to study this disease outbreak. Division Commander Yang, if I keep staying here because of fear and danger, tell me, what is the significance of the highest leader sending me here for?”

“The highest leader?” Yang Chuxiong was taken aback and his pupils suddenly contracted. There was also a horrified look in his eyes. Although he was ordered to a.s.sist Tang Xiu solve the problems and crisis on Mist Source Island, he did not know specifically which top bra.s.s issued the order. But at this moment, the very person Tang Xiu said… it was simply a shock too big for him to accept.

“It’s really the number one?” Yang Chuxiong was silent for a while before he asked with hesitation.

“Yes,” Tang Xiu nodded.

With a complicated gaze, Yang Chuxiong looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Then I won’t stop you since this is the case. But, I must accompany you around. If you happen to run into danger…”

“No. You need to stay here to maintain order, Division Commander Yang,” Tang Xiu waved his to interrupt him. “You can promptly dispatch troops in time in case there are troublemakers attacking the army. As for my safety, do you think that I… have no skills whatsoever despite being valued by the highest leader?”

Tang Xiu’s answer made Yang Chuxiong dumbfounded. He observed Tang Xiu for a long time before he smiled bitterly and said, “I’m just afraid that if anything happens to you, even if it’s under the order of the ‘one’… there’s still Senior Tang! I can’t afford to take the fury of Senior Tang!”

“It was my Grandfather who sent me over here, while I myself am prepared to encounter any troublesome issues. Hence, he won’t be troubling you,” said Tang Xiu.

Finally, Yang Chuxiong compromised, “I can’t follow you, but let me send some men to accompany you. So be it, then!”

“Are still there soldiers in the army who can be a.s.signed to follow me?” Asked Tang Xiu.

Yang Chuxiong’s breath lagged and he smiled bitterly, “You’re right. All the troops are also infected by the virus now. Let alone acting as guardians, just not catching a fever is already good enough. Ah, that’s right. Didn’t the members of the Phantom Special Combat Squad come with you? I’ll just a.s.sign them to protect you.”


“Tang Xiu, it’s my decision. Else I will not feel relieved.”


Tang Xiu could only feel helpless inside. He could never bluntly tell him that he was an immortal cultivator, and neither could he say that those eleven men he brought with him were all cultivators. After he learned of the threat of the various forces here, especially the Stygian Club, he had realized that the adversaries he would soon face were not ordinary people. If he were to encounter the Stygian Club’s a.s.sa.s.sination agents again, adding ten more Phantom special forces still wouldn’t be able to protect him! They… would just become burdens instead.

Regardless, he could tell Yang Chuxion’s determination from his firm expression and could only nod, feeling a headache coming.

Half an hour later, after four black off-road cars temporarily picked up by Yang Chuxiong arrived, Tang Xiu boarded it directly along with Mo Awu and the rest, while pretending to not notice the Phantom special forces that followed them behind.

“Any specific place you want to go, Boss?” Mo Awu was in charge of driving, so he asked after they left the military compound.

“Haven’t you clearly investigated the island? Where’s the most central site of Mist Source Island?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“It was Zidan and Feng Yang who went there in person and fully investigated it,” said Mo Awu. “It’s just over 100 kilometers north of Mixed Summit City. Despite the road connection between the four cities, we’ll need to take a detour to avoid the mountain range. Also, it will take around four to five hours to get there by car.”

“We don’t have to hurry with those Phantom special forces’ members behind us,” said Tang Xiu. “But now… let’s go there and have a look first! Anyways, which car Zidan and Feng Yang are in?”

“They are in the car right behind us,” answered Mo Awu.

“Stop to the side now,” said Tang Xiu. “Xue Sha, you will exchange cars with Zidan. I have something to discuss with him.”

“Understood!” Xue Sha, who sat next to Tang Xiu, nodded.

Soon after, the lean Zidan rushed to sit next to Tang Xiu and then spoke after closing the door, “Do you have something to ask me, Boss?”

“Yes. You and Feng Yang went to the mountain in the center of Mist Source Island in person. Did you see the palace on its summit? What is the situation there?” asked Tang Xiu.

“We did observe it with a telescope since we were far away at that time,” said Zidan. “We were indeed able to see the palace. It’s not that magnificent and splendid, yet still gives off a majestic impression. Only, we were blocked by the heavy fog when we were just 600 meters away from the mountain. We then tried to advance forward for about 100 meters, but after we entered, we weren’t even able to see our own fingers. Furthermore, there was also a particular kind of pressure blocking us, rendering us unable from continuing to move deeper.”

“So to say, you couldn’t even get inside?” asked Tang Xiu with a smile.

Zidan forced a smile and said, “Yeah, we couldn’t get in. Though I know nothing about arrays, I’ve been following you for quite a long time, Boss, hence I can judge that it was caused by some kind of array. For us to be able to venture 100 meters deep into that thick fog can be considered as a good result already. If it was an ordinary person who went inside, I’m afraid that they would be forced out by the pressure after they walked several meters inside.”

“What’s your take on this point of the situation?” asked Tang Xiu with a thoughtful expression.

“There’s nothing but only one aspect, Boss,” Zidan immediately shook his head. “We circled the mountain and found a nearby village on the southern side of the mountain, which houses around 1000-2000 inhabitants. We also sneaked into the village to observe and found foreign experts staying in the three directions of the village; east, west, and south, to be exact. They have unknowingly occupied several courtyards, which are tightly guarded. Also, there are some people stationed at the northern side of the mountain, about 100 people in total. Judging from their attire, they are highly liked employed mercenaries and led by a lame, old caucasian man.”

“Have you investigated their ident.i.ty?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“Other than the more than 20 people stationed in the eastern side of the village, I screened through the network and finally determined that they are from the Mexican Mafia syndicate, the Reston, and the leader is the Reston’s second in command, a ruthless person called Zhenlei Duomu. We have yet to investigate the other three forces since there are too few sources of information available here.”

“People from the mafia syndicate?” Tang Xiu frowned. “What are they doing on this island?”

Zidan did not reply. It was an issue he was unable to figure it out either.

Early morning before dawn. Together with the two cars of the Phantom Special Combat Squad members, they arrived at Wolfpack City. If it was in the past, both sides of the road in Wolfpack City would have its street lights brightly lit and illuminating the buildings in the surroundings well. But it was different at this time. Both sides of the road were pitch-black, and even though there was moonlight, they still appeared very dark. Only when they pa.s.sed through the intersection did they finally see the functional traffic light that slightly illuminated the road.

Regardless, normally at this time a household may have turned off the lights to sleep, but now, every household had the lights on, and they could occasionally see the residents inside who had yet to rest from the windows.

“We’re being watched, Boss.” While driving and watching the road ahead, a cold glint flashed in Mo Awu’s eyes as he reported with a vigilant look.

Tang Xiu instantly released his spiritual sense to cover the range of 300-400 meters. There was a car that did not turn on its lights about more than 300 meters behind the six cars, while two people in black leather coats were watching them with a telescope on the roadside by the trees. Other than them, there was also a young man who was roller skating and moving forward at a very fast speed from the next street ahead. Tang Xiu could instantly tell that this man was definitely not ordinary. Even if he was an elite soldier of a special force, there was no way he could do roller skate at such a speed.

“Keep driving down the road and find a hotel,” said Tang Xiu indifferently while continuing the surveillance with his spiritual sense.

“The hotels in the entire Mist Source Island have been closed down according to our information, Boss. They only have a few staff now, but there is practically n.o.body staying there,” said Mo Awu.

“It’s a given considering the current situation. I can understand that. But there will be empty rooms even if they can’t provide services. We are going to spend the night here and hit the road again tomorrow morning,” said Tang Xiu lightly.

“Got it!”

Grand Hyatt Hotel.

It was the tallest building in Wolfpack City with five floors in total. Except for a small number of rooms with lights on, the other rooms were all dark. The gla.s.s front door of the hotel had been shut with a chain at this time and locked with a lock. There was not even a trace of humans in the hotel’s lobby on the first floor.

After the six cars stopped, Mo Awu easily opened the lock on the hotel’s main door. After pus.h.i.+ng the door open, Tang Xiu and the others then set their feet inside under the weak light inside the hall.

“I’m going to find someone to open the rooms for us,” said Mo Awu after inspecting around.

Tang Xiu raised his hand to stop him and lightly said, “No rush. Everyone, get ready for combat. There’s no need for us to shout. Some people will come down to greet us.”

In a flash, other than Mo Awu who stood vigilantly next to Tang Xiu, the other ten masters of the Everlasting Feast Hall instantly dashed to both sides to take cover. They wielded their sharp daggers while vigilantly watching the hotel’s front doors and the corridors on both sides.

Get ready for combat?

The members of the Phantom Special Combat Squad looked baffled and puzzled. They did not notice anything in particular, why would they need to get ready for the battle?

Yu Shuqing was puzzled, but still, he quickly made a few hand motions as they loaded the bullets into their guns and scattered around.


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