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Chapter 614: The Bloating Billow

In fact, Tang Xiu had a lot of G.o.ds Nectar in his interspatial ring, but he didn’t want to expose its existence, hence he refrained himself. However, Long Zhengyu furrowed his brows and said, “There’s no need, then. But, I need you to do something for me.”

A disappointed and disgruntled expression flashed in the woman’s eyes, but she still replied, “Please say it.”

“Call your manager, I have a question to ask him,” ordered Long Zhengyu.

The woman in suit was taken aback before pressing the b.u.t.ton on her headset and speaking, “Manager Li, it’s Hu Wenwen. A distinguished guest in the Seacraft Hall wants to see you. He said he has something to ask you.”

“Give me two minutes.” A deep and low voice replied from the headset.

Quickly, the door to the Seacraft Hall was pushed open and Manager Li came in with a smiling face. His vision then landed on Long Zhengyu and Tang Xiu. He faintly felt that Tang Xiu looked familiar but couldn’t remember where he had seen him before.

“h.e.l.lo, two Sirs. I’m Li Chunlei, the Clearlake Club’s restaurant manager. May I know what kind of request you two have for me?”

“A person at your level should be able to contact Huang Xu. I have to trouble you to contact him and tell him that a friend surnamed Long from Star City is here,” said Long Zhengyu.

Lin Chunlei hesitated, yet he still nodded and said, “Please wait, Mr. Long. I’ll contact our Boss immediately.”

After saying that, he directly left the box. A few minutes later, however, he returned to the box with a wry smile on his face as he said, “I’m really sorry, Sir. I can’t contact our Boss’s phone. He was here two hours ago, but after I asked around, he turned out to have left in a hurry.”

“Then forget it since he’s not here,” said Long Zhengyu. “Go tend to your business and tell the master chef to cook faster. I’m starving here.”

“Please take your time and wait a bit, two Sirs!” Li Chunlei said with a smile and took the woman in suit—Hu Wenwen to leave.

Outside the box.

An annoyed look could be seen on Hu Wenwen’s face. As she walked beside Li Chunlei, she said in a low voice, “Manager Li, isn’t that guy surnamed Long kinda arrogant? Since he knows our Boss he even talk to us in that condescending tone. It’s really irritating.”

With a gaze containing a profound meaning inside, Li Chunlei replied to her, “Little Hu, you’re still inexperienced and have not yet seen the world. Can’t you see that that young man surnamed Long has an extraordinary status? A person who has this kind of tone and bearing is obviously someone who often issues orders to others, that’s for sure. More so that his attire is not your common luxury brand. I can see the brand on it. It’s a British, privately-made clothing with a price of more than six figures. As for the other young man…”

Astonishment was plastered on Hu Wenwen’s face after hearing Li Chunlei’s explanation. There was also doubt on it as she inquired more, “What about him?”

Li Chunlei toned his voice down and said, “His status is perhaps extraordinary as well. I feel that he looks a bit familiar, but I can’t remember where I have seen him before. However, that young man surnamed Long glanced at him a few times when he spoke, as if paying a lot of care to that young man’s presence. I also noticed that the young man’s watch. It’s a Ferens brand watch, it looks extremely low-key but it’s actually a very expensive brand watch manufactured in Switzerland. It’s also a limited edition and only produced a total of 99 pieces worldwide with each priced at more than 5 million yuan.”


Hu Wenwen gasped cold air and looked shocked.

A mere watch was priced at over 5 million yuan?!!

“I’m absolutely not mistaken.” Li Chunlei nodded. “I’ve observed him a few times when we were in the Seacraft Hall. So, do not ever think that they are just arrogant. For those who can come here, especially those who can have seats on the fourth floor, are all rich people. In addition, there’s a serious issue you’ve overlooked here, the reason why you are dissatisfied with them.”

Immediately, Hu Wenwen showed a humble expression and said, “What exactly is the issue, Manager Li?”

“It’s the ident.i.ty of the major shareholder of the Clearlake Club, Boss Huang. You too clearly know his status, yet that young man named Long even dared to address him by his name. So, what does this mean?” Asked Li Chunlei.

Hu Wenwen was stunned and immediately understood Li Chunlei’s meaning. For someone to dare address their Boss by his name and even claim to be his friend, it meant that his background was extraordinary. Furthermore, it was obvious that the man said to tell her boss to come here, meaning that he wanted her boss to come over.

“Thank you for instructing me, Manager Li,” said Hu Wenwen with grat.i.tude.

Li Chunlei nodded with satisfaction and patted her shoulder while saying, “Remember, the guests are the G.o.ds. As long as they are willing to spend their money here, try your best to satisfy their needs, whatever they are.”

Hu Wenwen nodded silently. Suddenly, she said, “Manager Li, that gentleman named Long said that he wants G.o.ds Nectar.”

With brows furrowed, Li Chunlei was silent for a moment before replying with all seriousness, “Since he dares to request it, then we dare to satisfy him. G.o.ds Nectar is priced at 18,888 yuan per bottle, whereas we sell it for 30,000 yuan. Ask them how many bottles they need.”

“Alright!” Hu Wenwen nodded quickly.

Inside the Seacraft Hall.

Tang Xiu was smoking as he looked at Long Zhengyu who nested himself on the sofa, and then spoke, “Your att.i.tude before made me feel like you’re a flamboyant Young Master, a silk pants, you know. That man is a small supervisor here, yet you called out to him to serve drinks for you!”

“That’s the difference between my frame of mind and yours.” Long Zhengyu lightly smiled. “I just felt a bit annoyed that she thought we have no money at all.”

“If you think about it in another way, that attendant perhaps didn’t doubt us for being penniless but helped us save our money. And to be honest with you, I feel that it’s simply a crime to waste just on eating, though.”

The reply made Long Zhengyu at a loss whether he had to laugh or cry as he said, “I really can’t accept your underwhelming idea, to be honest. What do people live for? And for what sake do people make money in the first place? People need food, housing, and transportation to live, and making money is to provide services for these basic necessities in life. I think either being stingy and grazing for a life or having a comfortable life is also a life in and of itself. So why not let me to live to my heart’s content a bit more? To eat and drink what I deserve with the more wealth I have. We bring nothing with us when we’re born and take nothing with us when we die, so we might as well enjoy life to the fullest!”

Different goals to pursue!

Tang Xiu secretly sighed inwardly, yet he did not refute his words. A hundred people had a hundred lifestyles, and ones who had the same idea as Long Zhengyu were a few.

At the lobby.

Du Yunjie’s complexion was gloomy and a cold light glinted in his eyes, and the several young men around him were taciturn and had their heads lowered. There was red five fingers mark on the face of one of them, and obviously, he had just gotten slapped.

“h.e.l.lo, Young Master Du!”

A waiter respectfully greeted him.

Du Yunjie threw the cigarette b.u.t.t to the floor. After stomping on it, he then said in a heavy voice, “As usual, it’s No. 7 Seacraft Hall. Also, call Chen He and tell him to serve the usual, and I also want some bottles of G.o.ds Nectar. That’s right, I’ve deposited Cuban cigars here. Send them to me as well.”

The waiter was taken back before quickly replying, “But, Young Master Du, the No. 7 Seacraft Hall is currently being used by a guest. When you left before we thought that you were checking out, so the staff has already cleaned up the leftovers inside the No. 7 Seacraft Hall.”

Du Yunjie turned around in a flash as he yelled furiously, “Who the f.u.c.k said that I checked out? This father just went out to do something. And now that I’m done with it you tell me that I can’t continue to eat here when I come back? How the h.e.l.l do you do your job?”

The waiter hurriedly lowered his head and said, “I’m really sorry, Young Master Du. H-How about… taking the No. 12 Azalea Hall? I’ll also immediately get the G.o.ds Nectar and the Cuban cigars you want right away!”

With eyes turned bloodshot, a raging vibe broke up from Du Yunjie’s body. He recalled the shame he experienced today, as he clenched his fist tightly and bellowed, “This father is dead set in picking the No. 7 Seacraft Hall today! Drag them out from the inside, and I give you 10 minutes to clean it up. Else don’t blame me if I f.u.c.k you up!”

Hearing his words, the waiter quickly conveyed Du Yunjie’s demand and threat through his wireless headset to his immediate superior. A few minutes later, Li Chunlei greeted him with an obsequious smile, “Young Master Du, I thought you had left, but little did I think you would come back. I just heard from my subordinate. The No. 7 Seacraft Hall has indeed been booked by another guest, could you choose to another one?”

With a face full of anger, Du Yunjie’s voice came out from the slit of his teeth word by word, “Don’t give me this bulls.h.i.+t! I pick the Seacraft Hall, thus it must be mine tonight! I don’t give a f.u.c.k about what you have to do to drag those people out of there! Or else you can expect your Clearlake Club to gain a filthy reputation tomorrow.”

For a moment, Li Chunlei fell into silence. He wanted to take his mobile out to call his Big Boss, Huang Xu. But he then recalled that the Big Boss’s phone was shut down and could only call his second Boss, Chen Shen.

“Tell the two guests in the No. 7 Seacraft Hall to change boxes. Du Yunjie is kind of agitated tonight. We had better not provoke him.”


After getting the instruction, Li Chunlei hastily told Du Yunjie and the others to wait a bit and then rushed to the fourth floor. After knocking the No. 7 Seacraft Hall’s door, he walked inside and looked at Long Zhengyu and Tang Xiu, as he forcing out a smile and said, “Two gentlemen, I’m really sorry. Our staff neglected something and gave you this booked room. I ask you two to forgive us, but could you dine in the No. 12 Azalea Hall? Our Boss said we’ll give 50% discount for the two Sir’s expenses today.”

Changing boxes?

Tang Xiu and Long Zhengyu exchanged looks, as the latter then immediately got up from the sofa and said, “What the h.e.l.l do you mean? Your staff made a mistake and you want us to bear the consequences? And you’ll give 50% discount… Really imposing, eh? Do you really think we’re don’t have money to spend on your place?”

“No no no, how dare we have that kind of idea?” Li Chunlei hurriedly replied. “It’s just compensation for you, Sirs; an apology from us. Two great Sirs, would you please help and not make things more difficult for me?”

Looking at him appearance, Tang Xiu could only sigh inwardly. He got up and patted Long Zhengyu’s shoulder, saying, “Just forget it. Since he has already expressed their att.i.tude, let’s not push him harder to do things beyond his power. Having a meal in whatever room here is just the same. Let’s go out and change boxes.”


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