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Chapter 612: Self-Centered and Egotistic

Despite still having difficulty to fathom it inside, Tang Xiu was dumbfounded by the woman’s terrific reason. The distant water couldn’t quench the present thirst? Wasn’t this a provoking and exciting justification? With sympathy and pity plastered on his face, Tang Xiu looked at Long Zhengyu and smilingly said, “Zhengyu, you know what? Your luck is actually very great.”

My luck is good?

Long Zhengyu stared blankly and looked confused.

Without a change in expression, Tang Xiu affirmed, “That’s right. I said you’re very lucky, and do you know why? Because that woman is obviously a seasoned shenanigan in ‘something’. Reasonably speaking, today’s transportation is very convenient as it takes only a day to travel by plane, therefore it is easy to quench the craving for love since you only need to call and then come back. She seems to not think so, though. I think she wants to become a bride every night and you just can’t satisfy her! Well, I think it’s better for you two to separate now rather than get married and then smack yourself with her crowning your head with countless ‘glossy green hats’, no? Speaking of that, whatever the hat is, it will give you some warmth in this winter season no matter the color.”

“What the f.u.c.k…” Long Zhengyu couldn’t help but laugh by Tang Xiu’s words.

Tang Xiu took out a cigarette and lit it, and then spoke after blowing out a few puffs, “You know, you’re a seven feet real man and there are millions of beautiful women in the world. How can you give up the entire forest just to keep one tree? I remember a good old saying suitable for you. It says that the new won’t come if the old doesn’t go. Also, that little belle who just left is pretty good, too, you know.”

Shooting Tang Xiu a contemptuous look, Long Zhengyu groaned, “Don’t beautify it with words, alright? You seem like a towering colossus by your words, yet a short dwarf by your actions, that’s what I think. I heard that you and the First Beauty of Capital—Mu Wanying have disclosed your love relations.h.i.+p to the public, no? What are you gonna do with Ouyang Lulu, Kang Xia, and the other beautiful women I know of, huh?”


Tang Xiu was stumped for words. Long Zhengyu unexpectedly derailed the subject and turned his words back on him. He recalled what he just said and then thought about his own issues with women. He was immediately struck with a big headache.

Long Zhengyu suddenly burst into laughter after seeing Tang Xiu’s loss vacant expression and loudly said, “Look at you, man! I already told you that you have a tiger built but kitty b.a.l.l.s, didn’t I?”

“Tell me, was it Bai Tao who ran his cheap mouth? Or was it Chu Yi who couldn’t keep it behind the wall? Hmph… tell me, who is it? I’m gonna st.i.tch and sew them, whoever they are!”


Long Zhengyu laughed more cheerfully. After a short while, he then said with a smile, “Anyways, I heard that a full-fledged chef in Manchurian and Chinese dishes has come to the Long’s Dining Hall. Rumor has it that his craftsmans.h.i.+p is very great! There have been quite a lot of people coming here attracted by him, yet he isn’t willing to render his services unless it is someone staying in the presidential suite. So be it then! Your treat… tonight…”

Treat your a.s.s, you egoistic b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Tang Xiu cursed inside but still nodded resentfully.

While they hadn’t eaten yet, the duo gradually changed the subject to business, since Tang Xiu and Long Zhengyu had cooperated in many things such as the Walled Hill Village, where Tang Xiu had some interests, the cooperation in the New City project, as well as the reconstruction project of the Nine Dragons Island.

The schedule for the Walled Hill Village’s construction project was delayed for quite a long time due to the big accident at the construction site, and the progress hadn’t returned to the previous schedule even though the Long Family had added more manpower to the construction team. Coupled with the sudden snowing today, the first phase of the construction that was set a year ago was seemingly unable to be completed as planned.

“We originally estimated that the development of the Walled Hill Village would be completed before June next year. But I’m afraid that we can expect it to be delayed until July or August due to this bad weather. Nevertheless, you can receive your Heavenly Palace Residence once it is completed.”

Tang Xiu nodded. He indeed was very concerned about the construction of Heavenly Palace Residence in Walled Hill Village, but he was much more concerned about the reconstruction of the Nine Dragons Island. However, he didn’t want to look too anxious since the subject being discussed was the Walled Hill Village. He replied, “Well, it is rare for me to return to Star City as I’m currently studying in Shanghai, so I have to leave the responsibility to supervise the work there to you. I’m fine even if it is delayed by a couple of months.”

“Let’s talk about the New City then.” Long Zhengyu nodded with a smile. “The current development and construction of the New City has been in full swing, and those major construction companies we’ve hired are doing the best they can. The supervisory department is also keeping a close eye on the project, either the execution of the blueprint, the quality of the property, or the project’s progress speed. All of them have no issues to address. I myself am not managing this project anymore, but my father and several other family members are in charge of it, so you can rest a.s.sured about that.

“In June next year, the upscale villa complex surrounded by residential quarters, two shopping malls, and commercial street outlets in the A district of the New City will be officially opened for sale. The amount of funds that have been invested there, including each of ours and the loan from the bank is more than 100 billion yuan, all of which are invested in this A district project. Therefore, what we can do now is wait for the opening sale before we put it on the market.

“Kang Xia truly deserves her t.i.tle as a business genius. We’ve decided to build the largest theme park in the country after her proposal. Though it may be a bit inferior to Disneyland Park, it would add a lot of elements to the project in terms of scale, construction, and entertainment. We can expect that when it is done, those attracted will not be solely limited to the real estate investors and home buyers from Star City, but we will also aim at the wealthy from every city in the country.”

Having said that, Long Zhengyu’s eyes lit up with excitement and antic.i.p.ation.

Seeing that he was done, Tang Xiu slowly said, “What if the sales are not up to expectation?”

“The sales not going according to expectation? Are you joking?” Long Zhengyu couldn’t help laughing. “Just after the New City’s construction commenced, we got calls from many wealthy people from all over the country and even some financial companies. They just wanted a guarantee that the New City we are developing can be built according to the blueprint. As long as we achieve that, they will purchase the properties without hesitation. Many large enterprises, including many representatives and people-in-charge from world brands of luxury jewelry in China have contacted us, hoping that they can get a good and strategic location to set up their stores. Now, listen to me. They don’t want to rent, they want to buy the property!”

Tang Xiu indeed had confidence in the blueprint he designed. He had antic.i.p.ated that once this New City was established, it would definitely become the only time immemorial landmark in the world. When that time came, the economic development of Star City would probably speed up like a launching rocket.

“I don’t care about the operational management, construction, nor sales. What I need to see is the profits and benefits from it. I believe that Kang Xia can do a good job in this aspect. Anyways, let’s discuss about the Nine Dragons Island now,” said Tang Xiu with a serious expression.

“The reconstruction project in Nine Dragons Island is progressing much faster than expected,” said Long Zhengyu. “Since we employed a two-p.r.o.nged approach with air and marine transport, in addition to the day and night work s.h.i.+ft rotation of the construction team, the reconstruction is continuing nonstop. You will see that the Nine Dragons Island has greatly changed now. I originally thought that having the project finished by September next year was improbable, but now it seems that we can completely finish it by August. To be honest with you, I really don’t get why you are so anxious to rebuild Nine Dragons Island. This degree of reconstruction is nothing but burning money.”

Tang Xiu still didn’t want to disclose the truth to Long Zhengyu. After all, Nine Dragons Island was too important, and he didn’t want any slight mishaps occurring before the reconstruction completely finished. With that thought in mind, he made up a reason and slowly elaborated, “You should know that I’m a member of the Tang Family. Back when the Tangs and the Yaos were struggling in the back, we were at the point of losing all decorum with blades on each other’s throats. Nine Dragons Island is exactly the place I personally chose as a way out for the Tang Family in cas that we lost to the Yaos, so that we would still have a place to survive.

“But I didn’t expect that the Yao Family would launch their strike so early, thus making my Tang Family use a few schemes before we obtained that unexpected victory. However, since the project in Nine Dragons Island has commenced and a colossal amount of funds has been invested already, we might as well finish it. Besides, it can still be used as a route of retreat for the Tang Family.”

Realization dawned on Long Zhengyu as he sighed, “The patriarch of the Tang Family is really great. To think that he actually thought of this matter… Nine Dragons Island is indeed a great place. Setting it up as an escape route can’t be a more correct and suitable choice.”

“Anyways, the funds have been handed over to you, therefore I’m asking on their behalf,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “I will be relying on you to build my Tang Family’s future domain.”

Family Domain?

“Didn’t the Tang Family already won?” Asked Long Zhengyu with a puzzled expression. “Why do you still need to set up a domain for your family there?”

“A storm may arise from a clear sky and something unexpected may happen at any time, while calamities and blessings can come to a man either in the morning or evening,” said Tang Xiu lightly. “Who can clearly predict what kind of situation will occur in the country, to begin with? Furthermore, there is no one who can claim constant victory in this world. One can win once and for a while, but it’s impossible to be always on the winning side. In the case that the Tang Family encounters a crisis in the future, Nine Dragons Islands will become the family domain. If the Tangs ever fail, there’s no reason that it’s not necessary.”

“Senior Tang truly deserves my admiration,” praised Long Zhengyu while raising his thumb.

Tang Xiu couldn’t help but be stumped inwardly. It was all excuses he made up. Nine Dragons Island would become his basecamp, a stronghold which was what he always planned to have, and Tang Guosheng had no relations.h.i.+p to it whatsoever. However, since Long Zhengyu misunderstood it, he might as well let him swallow it.

Ding dong…

The door’s bell sounded.

Tang Xiu and Long Zhengyu exchanged looks and the former immediately asked, “Did you invite someone else tonight?”

“Nope.” Long Zhengyu shook his head.

Tang Xiu nodded before getting up and walking to the door. After opening it, he saw a well-dressed middle-aged man and remembered that the man seemed to be a Vice Manager of the Long’s Dining Hall.

“h.e.l.lo, Mr. Tang. I’m a General Manager of the Long’s Dining Hall, Chang Hao. I’m afraid that something came up, so I need to delay your meeting for a while,” said the middle-aged man with a smile.

Tang Xiu nodded slightly and gestured him to enter the room before asking, “What happened?”

“Umm, I have to tell you something. I don’t know why, but the news that you came to dine at our Long’s Dining Hall has spread out, so now there are a lot of reporters and journalists outside the restaurant. They mentioned your name and requested to have an interview with you. As for how you look at this matter…”

“They want to interview me?” Asked Tang Xiu, confused. “What exactly do they want to interview me for?”

“Uh?” Chang Hao was astounded. “Did you forget that you just partic.i.p.ated in a live broadcast today? It seems that not only it sent off a huge wave on the Internet community, it has also caused a huge sensation in all aspects of society.”


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