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Chapter 24: The Good Luck That Makes People Jealous

The someone that suddenly appeared at Tang Xiu’s side was Su Xiangfei.

In order to pressure the third year students to study more, the Star City First High School purposefully increased the difficulties for the last Monthly Tests’ questions, so the average results for the Star City First High School’s students in this Monthly Test were far from ideal.

Su Xiangfei’s results were also only average. When the last Monthly Test’s results came out, it almost made him cry without tears. Only until he found that the cla.s.s’s average results were also low did he feel relieved.

But, despite this fact, after having seen his own marks, Su Xiangfei’s mood plummeted into an unprecedented abyss. He endured to stay and study with great difficulty until the end of the first studying session, and then he immediately pulled the other 2 students to come to the Health and Prosper Club to vent his feelings.

But Su Xiangfei had never thought that he would encounter a familiar face in this Game Hall, much less that this familiar person was the most improbable person that was likely to appear in this place.

Tang Xiu only glanced once at Su Xiangfei before he retracted his sight again, because the person that lined up in front of Tang Xiu had spent all of his money and it was his turn to play this slot machine. Tang Xiu didn’t want to delay his money-making project only because of Su Xiangfei.

All slot machines’ programs had been pre-set beforehand and only produced random prizes, so it was difficult to find a way to win steadily. However, through careful observations and calculations, Tang Xiu found that there were still some ways to increase the odds of winning, or at least to win a certain prize.

In most cases, when the slot machine had been used for a certain amount of time, it would be out of a symbol pattern, and there was a great chance to twist around the prize symbols from the symbol pool.

For Tang Xiu’s financial state, he naturally couldn’t have many game coins to play. However, this didn’t prevent him from winning the prize.

One thing that must be known was that many people in the Game Hall were lining up only to have fun with the slot machine, not to mention that those people obviously only played to vent their feelings or came here to test their luck. They neither read the symbol table nor studied the symbol’s occurrence odds and rate of return.

Tang Xiu had spent a full hour to observe the symbol table, while also thoroughly a.n.a.lyzing the game coins’ acc.u.mulative rate from hundreds of slot machines in the Game Hall inside his mind. After he silently observed and calculated the number of queues in front of the slot machine, as well as the numbers of game coins they had, Tang Xiu decisively chose to line up in front of this slot machine.

When the person in the line in front of him had spent his game coins, Tang Xiu subconsciously felt relieved.

Even though there was a little deviation in Tang Xiu’s calculation, and this slot machine’s symbols’ prizes in the pool were twisted, but it would be unrelated to him. Because he only needed to insert 5 game coins to play and win the prize from this slot machine.

For fear that someone would cut the line, the moment the person in front of him had just left, Tang Xiu didn’t hesitate to insert his game coins in the slot machine, and then immediately pressed the spin b.u.t.ton.

Because of Tang Xiu’s action, the three patterns in the slot machine’s gla.s.s frame quickly spun, and if specific patterns (such as three identical patterns) would appear, then the prize money that it gave would be higher.

After a few seconds, the pattern stopped spinning, but the slot machine didn’t ring anything.

“Hahaha, you country b.u.mpkin, why did you move that fast? You have never played a slot machine it seems. Playing with slot machines is not dependent on the movement, but on luck!” Seeing Tang Xiu carelessly throwing his game coins and failing, Su Xiangfei couldn’t help but burst into a loud laughter.

Tang Xiu was too lazy to look at Su Xiangfei as he inserted the game coins and then pressed the spin b.u.t.ton again.

After a few seconds, the pattern stopped spinning again, but the slot machine still didn’t ring.

“Hey Buddy, this machine seems to have gone bad, it only swallows money but won’t spit any. I have been seeing it for half an hour and not even once have I seen it give out any game coins. I say, you don’t need to waste your game coins on this slot machine.” Having seen that Tang Xiu had inserted the game coins for two consecutive times without any response from the machine, someone from the crowd loudly reminded him.

Tang Xiu glanced at that youth gratefully and then continued to dig the game coins from his trousers.

“Tang Xiu, bah, your mind indeed has a problem. He said that this machine has a problem, but you still throw your money on this machine. You don’t have any other place for you to spend, do you?” Clearly looking at Tang Xiu’s reaction from his eyes, Su Xiangfei couldn’t help but mutter.

Tang Xiu ignored Su Xiangfei, and continued inserting the coins on the coin’s slot.

This time, Tang Xiu didn’t immediately press the “spin” b.u.t.ton, but pressed the “raise”, and then inserted another coin into the machine again.

Having repeated this action twice, Tang Xiu’s fingers then grabbed the “spin” b.u.t.ton above.

The most exciting feat from the slot machine was the prize acc.u.mulation (jackpot). Not every slot machine had a jackpot. Generally, if you play the English version of the casino game machine, you could see “progressive slot” that was a c.u.mulative prize pool. But if you wanted to win the pot, it would need 3 chips for each bet.

Once it hit the marked symbol on the prize pool, then all game coins in the slot machine would be spat out.

The reason why Tang Xiu inserted 2 game coins in front was exactly due to it being the most appropriate time to get the biggest bet.

“You brain indeed has a problem, and not light it seems. Let’s go play there, looking at this idiot only gives me a heart attack.” Upon seeing Tang Xiu repeatedly ignore him, he was unable to vent his anger, so Su Xiangfei turned around and left after muttering to himself.

In the next moment, Su Xiangfei’s body was felt like it was struck by paralyzing technique, as he stood motionless.

Su Xiangfei had almost turned his body when, in a split second after, crisp and clear tinkling sounds pa.s.sed into his ears.

Having often come to the Game Hall to play, Su Xiangfei clearly knew that this was the sound of winning the prize money, and also the heavy winning one.

Subconsciously, Tang Xiu’s action of filling coins for 2 consecutive times flashed through Su Xiangfei’s mind.

“The jackpot, he actually hit the jackpot!” An absurd thought boiled from Su Xiangfei’s mind, making him subconsciously yell out loudly.

When the slot machine issued sharp and crisp tinkling sounds, not only was Su Xiangfei stunned, but the crowd who was standing around the slot machine to watch was also shocked.

Because the sounds exuding from this slot machine was a bit too long.

The sounds coming from this slot machine really caused a big stir. Not only did it attract the people who played games nearby, but also attracted the Game Hall’s boss.

“What happened, what happened, who broke my machine?” A short and plump, full of fat middle-aged man, shouted and squeezed in front of the slot machine.

His mouth was slightly twitching when he saw a lot of game coins everywhere on the floor, and then immediately laughed loudly, “Ah, congratulations to you, little brother, this machine hasn’t given a prize money for a month yet. But you actually have run into good luck, it is estimated that it hit up to tens of thousands, yes?”

Facing the boss’s cordial smile, Tang Xiu was quite unable to give any respond first, since the boss didn’t reveal any painful expression at this time. Or maybe he was simply pus.h.i.+ng the excuse that the slot machine was having a problem, and then denied him of winning a lot of game coins?

Tang Xiu immediately understood the reason in the next moment.

The boss was all smiling after Tang Xiu had said something, after which he immediately turned around to everyone in the Game Hall, “Everyone, you all can see that our slot machines in the Health and Prosper Club are 100% okay, small investment and huge returns. It’s simply investing a dime to earn a million. Except for robbery, never will you find any job that could make money like this compared to this one!”

Upon hearing the Game Hall’s boss’s words, Tang Xiu sneered in his heart endlessly.

According to Tang Xiu’s observation, the Game Hall’s slot machines were obviously tapped and machinated by the boss, not only did it have low winning odds, but the prize money was also much lower.

The reason why the slot machine being used by Tang Xiu gave this abnormal result was because too many people had played this slot machine today, which was already beyond the boss’s control.

Under the boss’s misleading enticement, the Game Hall instantly boiled.

People who originally intended to watch the fun also ran to the counter to buy game coins, while people who previously only intended to buy a few game coins to test the water were now also increasing their purchase amount without hesitation. As for the veteran-addicted hardcore players, they waved stacks of paper money and ran to the counter.

For a moment, a smile blossomed on the Game Hall’s boss’s face.

“It’s only 18,000 game coins, d.a.m.n, this Game Hall’s boss is really stingy.” After Tang Xiu clearly estimated the game coins in his hands, he couldn’t help but pout his mouth, and then went to the counter to convert those coins into money.

However, Tang Xiu didn’t completely convert all game coins into money, but left 100 pieces of game coins and continued to play in the Game Hall.

“Yo Buddy, you don’t have any game coins, then I’ll give you some, and anyways, thanks for your kind reminder before.” When he accidentally pa.s.sed a slot machine, Tang Xiu saw someone who was sighing in a vexed tone and was about to leave the slot machine. And since Tang Xiu was in a buoyant mood he threw 20 game coins to him.

The reason why Tang Xiu still vividly remembered this man was because this youth was bald-shaved, and second, because this bald youth was the only one that kindly reminded him amongst so many onlookers at that time.

“Ha… Ah, it’s you, thank you buddy. If I win then you can have half of the money.” This bald youth obviously had never expected that he would get such a surprising joy. When he saw Tang Xiu clearly, he just brazenly took the game coins and turned around to play again with full spirit.

This bald youth obviously had been drowned in a deep addiction, because he almost put the biggest bet for each gambling stake.

Saving only 6 coins, he fully threw all of his game coins given by Tang Xiu into the slot machine.

The bald youth was thinking that this time, he was really in vain and only wasted all of his money to the Game Hall’s boss, when suddenly, clear and loud clinking sounds exuded from the slot machine as game coins spit out from it at the next moment.

“This… This… Hahaha, I made it!” Looking at the game coins on the floor, the bald youth loudly cheered and then rushed up.

Although the game coins won by this bald youth at this time were not as many as Tang Xiu’s, it was around 4,000 game coins. Not only was he able to win back all the money he had lost, but he also had a slight surplus, of which naturally made him excited.

Of course, the thing that made this bald youth most happy was that he finally won a game from the Game Hall, rather than usually making him lose and become a bottomless pit. The anger and vexed feeling in his heart finally got vented.

“Buddy, these game coins are yours, we’ll play again later.” The bald youth casually grabbed some of the game coins, and then put the rest of the game coins into Tang Xiu’s hands.

Tang Xiu wanted to refuse, but found that the bald youth had already gone in a flash. He couldn’t even find his shadow. He reluctantly received and took the rest of the game coins, then went to the counter to convert a large numbers of game coins to paper money.

Su Xiangfei was behind Tang Xiu with a foolish expression in his eyes.

Su Xiangfei usually refrained from drowning himself in the Health and Prosper Club. But almost all of his pocket money was spent in the Game Hall, and although Su Xiangfei sometimes won some game coins, he soon lost it once more.

But in just a few minutes, Su Xiangfei had been watching Tang Xiu’s track, as he not only won nearly 20,000 game coins, but also received gifts of several thousands of game coins, which made Su Xiangfei jealous.


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