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Chapter 1206: Setting Up Genesis Auction House

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Tang Xiu himself had nothing to do and naturally bit the bullet directly after receiving Jin Xingkui’s call, causing the latter to feel at a loss with his carefree att.i.tude. After picking a good place to meet, Tang Xiu drove his car quickly and arrived at a bar near Nanjing Road a short while after.

It was still in the afternoon and the bar hadn’t yet opened for business. n.o.body even greeted him when he arrived, so he glanced inside and saw Jin Xingkui sitting in the corner.

“Well, something happened that makes you look rather leisurely and refined today, Brother Jin?”

Tang Xiu walked over smilingly and asked after taking a seat across the man.

“Well, the first stage of our project has been finalized and now we’re entering the second stage.” Jin Xingkui replied with a smile, “Additionally, the opening sales will be held 2 weeks later and I hope you can attend it to spice the grand opening. That is, of course, if you got spare time.”

“What’s the fixed date, though?” asked Tang Xiu calmly.

“December 1st,” answered Jin Xingkui.

Tang Xiu frowned and asked, “Are the properties we’re planning to build not selling?”

“Nah, it’s the opposite.” Jin Xingkui waved and said, “Since the architectural design plan plus the residential design and other amenities have been exposed, it has won praises and favor of many people. So far, at least hundreds of people wanting to buy our real estate have contacted me in advance, hoping that I can save them a good house with good floor and location…”

“If that’s the case, then my partic.i.p.ation to spice things up isn’t needed, I think.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Besides, I must attend the auction on December 1st, so I won’t have time to attend the opening sales event.”

Jin Xingkui looked curious and asked, “I heard this ‘Genesis Auction of the Century’ was jointly held by the Grand Fortune Jewelry and Magnificent Tang Corporation. Is this true?”

“Yes.” Tang Xiu nodded.

Jin Xingkui looked excited and grinningly said, “Brother Tang, I have received the formal reply that I’m qualified to attend this ‘Genesis Auction of the Century’, but my position must be very far, though it’s a given since I’m not even in the list of the world’s richest people, to begin with. Anyhow, can you open a back door for me and give me a good position?”

Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing and said, “I’ve already reserved ten places in advance, you see. You can expect to not be the only one by then since Brother Gu Changmin and Zhang Yueming will also get good places later. No worries!”

Jin Xingkui raised a thumbs up and praised. “Thoughtful and magnanimous. A toast for you, Brother Tang.”

Tang Xiu slightly smiled in response. Just as he downed his wine cup, his cell phone rang. He took it out and, after seeing the caller on the screen, immediately answered it and smilingly said, “h.e.l.lo, Elder Li. It’s kinda a rare occasion for you to take the initiative to call me. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Tang Xiu, is your Magnificent Tang Corporation involved in this Genesis Auction?” Li Juren’s voice came from the mobile phone.

“That’s correct. We’re the ones setting it up.” Tang Xiu smilingly replied.

Li Juren’s happy voice then replied aloud, “Can I ask you in advance about the good articles auctioned in the auction? Is there anything… useful for me?”

The moment Tang Xiu heard this question, he immediately knew what Li Juren had in mind. He was probably thinking about some pills—or rather, elixirs. After contemplating for a moment, Tang Xiu said, “There is. But the quant.i.ty is few and they are quite expensive.”

Li Juren’s ecstatic voice conveyed again, “Can you reserve a place for me, Tang Xiu? I’ll definitely attend the auction on December 1st!”

“You can directly contact Hao Lei, Elder Li. Just order someone to transfer 1 million yuan to the Genesis Auction House for the admission fee. I’ll tell her to reserve a place for you,” said Tang Xiu.

Li Juren didn’t seem to care a bit when he heard that the admission fee was 1 million yuan and happily replied, “I’ll a.s.sign someone to do it immediately. Alright, see you later on December 1st, Tang Xiu.”


Tang Xiu then hung up and then dialed Hao Lei’s number in front of Jin Xingkui. After Hao Lei picked up his call, he spoke in a deep voice, “Immediately announce the public account of Genesis Auction House saying that the guests who want to attend the auction on December 1st must transfer 1 million yuan for the admission fee. We’ve set the threshold, so we must set up this event to the highest level possible. Send the notification to all channels immediately to announce the news.”

“Understood!” Hao Lei replied curtly.

“One last thing. I’ll arrange the final articles of the auction myself,” said Tang Xiu again. “I’ll go to the Genesis Auction House in the evening and tell you about the goods by then.”

After that, he directly hung up and looked at Jin Xingkui, saying, “Your wine is worth a million yuan for the admission fee! But don’t spread it out. I want to get some more pocket money from the tickets, got it?”

After hearing this, Jin Xingkui immediately felt that felt proud for obtaining the honor. He raised his gla.s.s again and said, “No worries about that. Jin Xingkui’s mouth will be shut tightly on that one, Brother Tang. Anyhow, who’s this Elder Li who just called you? You even reserved him a place with just a phone call.?”

“He’s Li Juren from Hong Kong,” answered Tang Xiu.

Jin Xingkui’s expression slightly changed and admiration was visible in his eyes. The first time he met Tang Xiu, it never crossed his mind that Tang Xiu would become this powerful. Not only did he have a very high status, but he also possessed outstanding abilities now. His extensive network even made him feel ashamed.

Li Juren was once the richest business tyc.o.o.n in China and definitely a living legend in the minds of many Chinese people. Yet Tang Xiu was able to make such extraordinary friends.h.i.+p with him. It made Jin Xingkui feel like he had lived like a dog for decades.

Tang Xiu and Jin Xingkui had another round of wine-savoring again until the evening. Jin Xingkui himself wanted Tang Xiu to stay for a while more, but the occasion was purely for pa.s.sing the time for Tang Xiu.

As dusk came, Tang Xiu rejected Jin Xingkui’s other plans and drove to the Genesis Auction House. Due to Tang Xiu’s order to set up the newly established auction house as cla.s.sy, upscale and large enough, Hao Lei spent quite the amount of funds to buy a four-story building covering an area of nearly 10,000 square meters, which she deducted from the several billions of yuan she received from Tang Xiu.

The majestic characters that gave off the vibe of flying dragons and dancing phoenixes style on the 10-meter long and 4-meter wide dazzling golden plaque were written by Tang Xiu himself. It was then sent to Mu Wanying’s employee who was best at making plaques. Just the price to manufacture this plaque alone cost hundreds of thousands of yuan.

“h.e.l.lo, we have not yet opened for business here. May I ask the purpose of your visit, Sir?”

Just as Tang Xiu arrived at the entrance of the Genesis Auction House, he was stopped by four security guards in black suits. Their mannerism was very polite on the surface, but their eyes were full of vigilance, seemingly ready to strike Tang Xiu at any time if there was any sign that he would commit something bad.

“I’m looking for Hao Lei.”

This wasn’t the first occasion Tang Xiu was stopped by security guards outside his company’s door, so he was used to it and replied to the guards with a smile.

The leader of these security guards asked, “Do you have an appointment with Chief Hao in advance, Sir? If you don’t, we’ll also help you convey your message to her. She’ll naturally meet you if she has time.”

“I’m Tang Xiu,” said Tang Xiu smilingly.

Tang Xiu?

The four security guards frowned at the same time. But after some four-plus seconds, the security guard leader’s expression suddenly changed. He quickly grabbed his cell phone to access the internet and found some information regarding Tang Xu. After he did some contrasting, his expression turned reverential and fearful as he bowed and spoke, “We didn’t know it was you, Boss. I’m really sorry for our att.i.tude just now.”

“That was a very responsible att.i.tude, you know.” Tang Xiu patted his shoulder and chuckled. “Your performance is much to my satisfaction, so I’ll tell Hao Lei to raise your salary by 30%. Alright, keep tending to your duties. I’m going upstairs first.”

“Yes, yes. Thank you, Boss!” The security guard leader was excited.

After watching Tang Xiu leave, he powerfully raised his fist upward, vigorously punched the air in high spirit and excitedly exclaimed, “d.a.m.n! I finally get to see the real one! It’s the Big Boss and we have been praised by him as well! That was really… quite an honor.”

The other three security guards also excitedly responded to one another. They then pa.s.sed the message through the intercom about Tang Xiu’s arrival as well as conveying Tang Xiu’s promise to their comrades.

Suddenly, about two-thirds of the people, all of whom were security guards, cheered inside the Genesis Auction House.

On the third floor of the Genesis Auction House, Hao Lei quickly read the doc.u.ments she was holding, while the three subordinates in front of her held some other doc.u.ments, waiting for her to sign them.

The situation was so hectic and busy that Hao Lei had never been as busy as she was right now. Even the situation when she was acting as the General Manager of Grand Fortune Jewelry paled in comparison. She didn’t even have enough time to have a bite save for drinking some gla.s.ses of water and some cups of coffee since morning.

Knock, knock…

A knocking sound came from the door and Tang Xiu waltzed in from the outside. He watched the few people inside with a smile and said, “Are you busy?”

Hao Lei got up from the Boss chair and gave two orders to the three subordinates. After they grabbed the doc.u.ments and left, she then spoke with a teary face, “Can you find someone to come and help me here, Boss? You really got me too occupied here! I’m so busy that I can’t even feel my feet touching the floor. And I’m so starving now that my stomach went flat, you know.”

“Ehh?” Tang Xiu was surprised. “You haven’t had dinner yet?”

“What dinner? I didn’t even have breakfast and lunch!” Hao Lei forced a bitter smile.

Tang Xiu took out his mobile phone and dialed the manager of Shanghai’s Everlasting Feast Hall to order a table worth of sumptuous dishes and sent them to the Genesis Auction House. Afterward, he turned to Hao Lei and asked, “Anyways, anyone you prefer to help you here?”

“Chi Nan,” said Hao Lei smilingly.

Tang Xiu couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “You really can pick up quite the person, huh. No problem. I’ll call her later to help you here.”

“Ah, but don’t tell her it was my idea, Sect Master!” said Hao Lei hurriedly.

“Hehe, I understand. No worries about that.” Tang Xiu chuckled.

“Anyhow, we’ve received calls from thousands of rich people, from domestic and overseas, after the publicity, Sect Master.” Hao Lei then said, “They expressed their intentions to attend the auction, but many of them are asking if we can announce some of the auctioned items in advance. I also think the same. After all, it will be quite difficult to achieve the best results without attracting them with the auctioned items although we’ve gone all out in marketing this event.”


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