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Chapter 2616 Potential Skyrockets, World Creation!

“You …”

Crimson Star’s and Wildfighter’s eyes went wide as they watched s.h.i.+ Feng give the Fruit of Life to his Personal Guard with no hesitation.

What a waste!

The Fruit of Life was an incredibly rare and valuable item, far more valuable than a Tier 4 Fine-Gold Guard. That fruit could permanently increase a player’s Life Rating or upgrade a Fine-Gold Guard to Dark-Gold rank, drastically increasing the Personal Guard’s chance of reaching Tier 5.

Versailles was only a Tier 4 Secret-Silver Guard. Even if the Fruit of Life upgraded him to Fine-Gold rank, and his combat power drastically increased, he wouldn’t become much more valuable. Fine-Gold Guards had almost no chance of reaching Tier 5. Meanwhile, players could challenge their Tier 4 Promotion Quest once they reached Level 120, which would significantly decrease a Tier 4 Personal Guard’s value.

Using the Fruit of Life to help a player or Personal Guard reach Tier 5 would be far more beneficial than using it to boost a Tier 4 NPC’s combat power. Not many in G.o.d’s Domain would reach Tier 5. That much was clear after seeing how few players completed their Tier 3 Promotion Quests.

While Crimson Star and Wildfighter mourned the fact that s.h.i.+ Feng had wasted the fruit, a visible layer of life energy formed around Versailles.

Initially, the Tier 4 Great Wizard had been old and decrepit. His aura had been frightening, but it hadn’t been able to hide his fading life aura.

Now, however, Versailles regained his youthful vigor at a visible rate. Not only was his life aura growing stronger, but he also began to appear younger. After five seconds, Versailles had gone from looking like someone in his seventies to someone in his fifties.

As soon as the process ended, the Mana density in the room skyrocketed. s.p.a.ce started to isolate the room from the outside world, with Versailles as its commander.

“World Creation!? How is this possible?!” Crimson Star’s jaw dropped.

Instructor Torre could only stare at the Tier 4 Personal Guard, dumbfounded.

Once G.o.d’s Domain’s NPCs reached Tier 4, they almost always gained a personal Domain. These Domains were the reason that Tier 4 NPCs were so powerful. The Domains NPCs gained weren’t a result of a Skill or Spell, but naturally formed. They also weren’t limited like Domain Skills. Not only could Tier 4 NPCs easily suppress their enemies with their Natural Domains, but they could also elevate their own combat power.

These Domains were also the reason that Tier 4 NPCs could effortlessly take on a large group of Tier 3 NPCs of the same level. If players tried to challenge a Tier 4 NPC without a Tier 4 combatant, it wouldn’t matter how many Tier 3 players they had; they’d all die.

This was also why Tier 4 NPCs qualified to serve as Magistrates in major NPC cities, while Tier 3 NPCs did not. If players tried to attack a major NPC city without strong enough fighters, they’d accomplish nothing, regardless of how many combatants they had.

NPCs weren’t like monsters. Tier 4 monsters were only powerful due to their Basic Attributes, while players relied on Skills, Spells, and numbers to make up the Attribute differences. Even Tier 2 players could defeat Tier 4 monsters with a large enough team. NPCs, however, had an overwhelming advantage with their Mana control. A Tier 4 NPC could use their Mana to suppress every enemy within range. If players couldn’t break free from the Mana’s bindings, they wouldn’t even be able to put up a fight.

However, Versailles had gone past obtaining a Natural Domain, now able to use World Creation.

Versailles had mastered his Mana control before, but now, he ruled over it. With his will alone, he could manipulate Mana, bending it to his rules as if creating a new world around himself.

Normally, however, only Tier 5 NPCs could command World Creation.

Even s.h.i.+ Feng was astonished. He had never realized how amazing Versailles was.

While the Fruit of Life could increase an NPCs Growth Potential, it wouldn’t immediately alter the NPCs Basic Attributes or combat standards unless the NPC had some lingering injuries that weakened them.

Any Tier 4 NPC with World Creation was a true bigshot, only one step away from reaching Tier 5. They were far stronger than ordinary Tier 4 NPCs. The difference between a Tier 4 NPC with World Creation and one without was like the difference between a Tier 3 player with a fully unlocked Mana Body and a player that had yet to accomplish the feat. There was at least half a tier between the two.

Elated, s.h.i.+ Feng immediately inspected Versailles’s statistics.

[Versailles] (Ye Feng’s Personal Guard) Gender: Male Age: 76 Loyalty: 93

Growth Potential: 90 Level 120

Cla.s.s: Tier 4 Great Wizard

c.r.a.p! His Growth Potential is just one point away from the Dark-Gold rank?! When s.h.i.+ Feng saw Versailles’ Growth Potential, realization dawned on him.

Now, s.h.i.+ Feng was absolutely certain that Versailles’s original Growth Potential hadn’t been Secret-Silver rank, but Fine-Gold rank. Moreover, he should’ve been a Tier 4 bigshot on the cusp of reaching Tier 5. The Fruit of Life simply wasn’t capable of providing such a huge Growth Potential increase.

They were talking about a whopping 16 points!

Even the Fruit of Life, known as the Holy Fruit, couldn’t boost an NPC’s Growth Potential so ma.s.sively. The only explanation was that Versailles hadn’t fully recovered after drinking the Water of Life and had failed to recover to his full Growth Potential.

s.h.i.+ Feng didn’t know what had left Versailles in such a state, but he was overjoyed and ecstatic. He was even happier than when he had obtained a Fragmented Legendary item.

He had already known that Versailles was an amazing Tier 4 NPC, but now, he learned that this Personal Guard even had World Creation. With this, he could accomplish more than ever, including visiting many of the locations he couldn’t reach during his previous life.

After players reached Tier 3 and fully unlocked their Mana Bodies, no land in G.o.d’s Domain was beyond their reach. While they could even visit the most dangerous maps, however, returning would be another matter altogether.

After all, Level 100-plus maps made up the majority of the vast continent of G.o.d’s Domain. The human kingdoms and empires only occupied land suitable for their residents, which only included a small fraction of the main continent. There were far more maps that were too dangerous for humans.

Tier 3 players were still limited to relatively safe locations. They’d only be attempting suicide if they tried to explore the truly dangerous areas on the continent. They might even have an encounter that would force them to restart their account.

Now that s.h.i.+ Feng had a Tier 4 World Creation NPC by his side, however, he could visit the game’s truly lethal maps.

These dangerous locations generally served as the venues for Tier 4 Promotion Quests and contained many ancient inheritances. When the various superpowers’ experts had reached Tier 4 and beyond in the past, they had spent much of their time in these areas, rarely returning. They could only continue to grow stronger by exploring these maps.

Realizing how much time he had spent gazing at his Personal Guard’s stats, s.h.i.+ Feng quickly suppressed his excitement and returned his attention to Torre and his two companions.

“May I know if Zero Wing now qualifies to negotiate a partners.h.i.+p with your Guild?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked Torre.


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