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Chapter 1576: Chase the Snow Lotus

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The flood dragon came back because it smelt the snow lotus. A snow lotus wasn’t only helpful for cultivators, it was also useful for monsters and ghosts. The flood dragon was quite excited, but unfortunately it lost the snow lotus.

The flood dragon lost the hint of the snow lotus, not because he moved slower than it, but because the snow lotus was tiny in its eyes. The flood dragon was too large so it was very easy for the snow lotus to hide from the flood dragon.

The snow lotus quickly ran into a gap between rocks, and the flood dragon couldn’t do anything about it. Besides, the flood dragon didn’t want to make loud noises in case Leng Shaoting was interrupted.

Luckily, as long as the distance between them was shorter than 10 meters, the flood dragon could still smell the snow lotus and followed it up here.

“I just found it too, but it ran away. You can stay here and guard Shaoting. I’ll chase it,” Gu Ning said. If she could catch the snow lotus, she wouldn’t forget to share it with the flood dragon.

Leng Shaoting couldn’t absorb the energy of the whole snow lotus, because he was still at a low level. It might hurt his body if he took the whole flower. In addition, the flood dragon had helped her a lot by now, and she should offer it something helpful for it to become a dragon.

She was the flood dragon’s master, and it would do her good too if the flood dragon still had loyalty to her after it became a dragon.

Gu Ning wasn’t afraid of any mortals, but there were many creatures other than mortals in this world. She wasn’t sure whether she could protect herself well if she encountered strong ghosts or monsters. Even the flood dragon was stronger than her and she was able to tame it only because she had the telepathic eye s.p.a.ce.

Anyway, the flood dragon was her greatest helper now.

“No problem.” The flood dragon agreed.

It stayed to guard Leng Shaoting, and Gu Ning chased the snow lotus at once. She wasn’t actually slow, but she was much slower than the snow lotus.

Because the snow lotus could move along dangerous cliffs and tall mountains while Gu Ning could only be quick on flat ground, she had no advantage in the chase. In fact, she was even worse than the flood dragon because the flood dragon could jump and fly for a short distance, but she couldn’t. However, she was reluctant to give up.

Gu Ning hoped that she could have good luck today and catch the snow lotus as soon as possible. Sometimes it relied on one’s luck and wits to achieve something.

Although Gu Ning was much slower than the snow lotus, the snow lotus didn’t run far away. Because it didn’t see anyone following it, it went to have a rest in a gap on the steep side of the hill.

Gu Ning chased it for a while, then found it with her Jade Eyes.

However, the snow lotus hid itself on the steep side of the hill, and it was five meters away from Gu Ning. There was a cliff at the front so Gu Ning couldn’t take the risk.

It was snowy and she could die if she slipped by accident. Therefore, if the snow lotus was unwilling to leave the dangerous place, she could only stand there and watch it from the side.

Gu Ning was reluctant to waste time here.

Luckily, even though the snow lotus already became a being, it wasn’t very smart and didn’t know that it would be safe as long as it stayed in the gap. It panicked once it smelt a stranger coming and ran away again.

Gu Ning noticed its reaction, so she kept scaring it by hitting the rocks with a rope.

When the rope heavily hit the rocks and made scary sounds, the snow lotus was frightened. It was too terrified to stay in the gap. A few seconds later, it suddenly jumped out in fear.

It didn’t jump down the cliff, but continued to run ahead. Gu Ning saw that the road wasn’t rugged, so she chased it. Nevertheless, the snow lotus was far ahead of her.

It wasn’t easy for Gu Ning to catch it up, but she didn’t give up.

Because the snow lotus was glowing, Gu Ning could easily see it without the help of her Jade Eyes. It consumed her magical power whenever Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes. So since the snow lotus didn’t leave her sight, there was no need for her to use her Jade Eyes.

Jade Eyes could make things bigger in Gu Ning’s eyes when they were far away, so she could see them clearly. However, if there was something which was 10 meters thick in her way, she wouldn’t be able to see what was behind it. Therefore, as long as there was nothing standing between her and the snow lotus, it wasn’t difficult for Gu Ning to chase the snow lotus.

The snow lotus couldn’t smell Gu Ning when Gu Ning was 10 meters behind it, so it stopped after a while.

However, Gu Ning soon appeared again, and the snow lotus started to run once more. It stopped once Gu Ning was far behind it and kept on running the second Gu Ning caught up. It seemed that the snow lotus was playing with Gu Ning, and Gu Ning could never catch it.


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