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Chapter 1538: Qi Ziyue, I Will Come Again

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Anyway, since Tang Bingsen still had a lot of money now, she decided to do her best to get as much money as possible from him. Otherwise, she would get nothing if he went bankrupt one day.

Tang Bingsen wasn’t in the mood to continue having s.e.x right now, so they stopped.

There was no one else at home now, so Tang Bingsen decided to sleep in Tian Feifei’s house.

Gu Ning left her home late that night, and spent a lot of time in Tang Yaxin’s ward, so it was already 12:30 am when she arrived at the hospital where Qi Ziyue stayed.

Even though it was late, many people still walked in and out to visit their friends or family. Therefore, no one paid special attention to Gu Ning when she showed up. Normally, n.o.body would cause trouble in a hospital, but tonight was different.

Qi Ziyue didn’t have bodyguards to protect him, because he didn’t want to attract any attention. Chen Yunlin had also gone back to the Chen family’s house tonight, so Qi Ziyue was alone in the hospital at this time.

It would be super easy for Gu Ning to do what she wanted to do tonight.

After recovering for a few days, Qi Ziyue felt much better now, and was able to move on his own. He also carried drugs with him in case he had a sudden relapse of his drug addiction. He believed that he would be fine even though he was alone tonight. If he needed any help, he could press the bell and his doctor and nurse would come.

For the doctor and nurse’s convenience, Qi Ziyue’s ward wasn’t closed, so Gu Ning easily got inside.

At this moment, Qi Ziyue was asleep and Gu Ning didn’t wake him up right away. She then let the flood dragon out to wrap itself around him so that he couldn’t move. Gu Ning also sealed his mouth with tape so that he couldn’t make any sounds either.

It was dark in the ward, and Qi Ziyue was lying on the bed, so he didn’t know what was wrapping around his body. He could only see “Tang Aining” in front of him.

The moment he recognized the face of “Tang Aining”, he rounded his eyes in shock and fear. Unfortunately, he couldn’t move, or shout at all. He was terrified that “Tang Aining” would hurt him again.

It was the hospital, but she still showed up out of blue.

“Are you surprised?” Gu Ning looked at Qi Ziyue with a fake smile on her face.

Qi Ziyue was indeed surprised, but he was more frightened.

“Well, if I kill you right now, will you die with regret?” Gu Ning said and reached her hand out to grab Qi Ziyue’s throat.

Qi Ziyue’s face turned pale, and he couldn’t breathe. As Gu Ning’s hand became tight around his neck, Qi Ziyue was gradually suffocating.

At this moment, Qi Ziyue really felt that he was about to die, but he was reluctant to die right now.

Gu Ning actually had no intention to kill him right away, she simply wanted to torture him.

“Is it painful? It must be very painful, right? Because Tang Aining suffered the same pain when she was forced to jump into the sea. No, she suffered greater pain than you do now. At least you can still breathe a little, but she couldn’t. She died because she suffocated,” Gu Ning said and clenched her teeth in anger.

Qi Ziyue’s chest rapidly moved up and down as he struggled to get some air.

Gu Ning felt quite satisfied seeing Qi Ziyue being tortured. She enjoyed every second of Qi Ziyue being in pain.

When Qi Ziyue was about to die because he couldn’t breathe for a long while, Gu Ning let him go. She didn’t bother to kill him at this moment because she thought that it was still too early to do that. Besides, it would have a bad effect on her fate if she killed someone.

Qi Ziyue would probably commit suicide himself if he couldn’t stand the torture anymore. It would have nothing to do with her if he killed himself.

Even though Gu Ning moved her hand away from his neck, Qi Ziyue still found it hard to breathe smoothly. What was worse, Gu Ning was still by his bed, so he was terrified.

Gu Ning then put the flood dragon into her telepathic eye s.p.a.ce, but Qi Ziyue was too scared to move. She didn’t continue to torture him, because it was enough for tonight.

“Qi Ziyue, I will come again. No matter where you go, I can always find you,” Gu Ning said before she left.

Qi Ziyue understood that she wasn’t bragging and really meant it. He almost had a breakdown at this moment. Shortly after Gu Ning left, he had an attack of his drug addiction, but he was out of strength now. He did everything he could to get back to his feet and take the drugs with shaking hands.

Gu Ning took a taxi back to Century City afterwards. However, an accident happened on her way.


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