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Chapter 1455: Remove the Trees

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a moment, and moved her eyes away at once, because the direction Zhou Shengquan was looking in was exactly where she stood.

Although there was a house between them and Zhou Shengquan couldn’t see her, he could feel her gaze.

Zhou Shengquan didn’t know who was staring at him, because only Zhao Yecheng and he were in the house. Therefore, he thought that it could be a ghost who just looked at him. However, he couldn’t see it, so he gave up.

Gu Ning understood that it was impossible for Zhou Shengquan to see her, so she used her Jade Eyes to look at Zhou Shengquan again.

She didn’t focus on him this time, but followed him in her periphery, in case he felt her gaze again.

Zhou Shengquan searched around in the house, but found nothing wrong. When he walked into the back yard, he put on a serious face the second he saw the willow trees and locust trees. He immediately figured out why this house was haunted.

“Mr. Zhao, did you decide to plant these trees yourself, or did other people suggest you do it?” Zhou Shengquan asked Zhao Yecheng.

“Well, my uncle told me to plant several willow trees and locust trees in the yard, so that we can feel cooler in summer.” Zhao Yecheng was very honest.

He didn’t understand why Zhou Shengquan suddenly asked him that question about the trees.

“Cooler? I think you will probably lose your life because of them, so you won’t feel hot anymore,” Zhou Shengquan said.

The backyard was indeed much cooler than other places, but it was full of Yin. If people stayed there for a long time, the Yin would badly affect their health.

Zhao Yecheng’s family members got sick one after another because of the bad effect of Yin. If they didn’t move out of this house, they could have lost their lives.

Zhou Shengquan had a feeling that Zhao Yecheng’s uncle purposely gave him that suggestion to hurt his family. His uncle was very evil. However, it was their family affair, so he didn’t know how to talk about it.

Gu Ning couldn’t hear their conversation, but from his actions she could tell that he already found the cause.

“What does it mean?” Zhao Yecheng was scared. Actually, he thought that it was ridiculous that these trees caused his family’s bad luck, but he didn’t say it aloud, because he didn’t want to annoy Zhou Shengquan. Zhou Shengquan was a feng shui master after all, so he shouldn’t question his ability.

Zhou Shengquan had a weird character. Zhao Yecheng was able to invite him to visit his house thanks to their mutual friend, Xia Haijun.

“We can talk about it inside,” Zhou Shengquan said, then walked into the living room, followed by Zhao Yecheng.

“Willow trees and locust trees are the best place of residence for ghosts from the aspect of feng shui. Yin comes with ghosts, which is very harmful for mortals. Your family members got sick precisely because of Yin, and you don’t feel well recently due to the bad effect of the Yin on you as well,” Zhou Shengquan said.

“What?” Zhao Yecheng was shocked. “A-Are there ghosts in those trees?” He was terrified, and couldn’t believe it.

“I don’t know whether there are ghosts in them right now, but they attract Yin here, so you must remove them as soon as possible,” Zhou Shengquan said. He didn’t see any ghost right now, because he was just a mortal.

“Well, can my family recover after I remove those trees?” Zhao Yecheng asked. He worried about his family’s health most.

“Right, but your family should stay in the hospital for a while longer after those trees are removed.” Zhou Shengquan nodded.

“Oh, you can’t remove them on a random day. I’ll choose a good day for you,” he added.

“Sure, thank you so much!” Zhao Yecheng repeatedly thanked Zhou Shengquan.

At the same time, he thought of his uncle and felt hurt. He realized that his uncle had the intention to hurt his family by suggesting that he plant those trees. In fact, his family had a good relations.h.i.+p with his uncle’s family, at least they didn’t have any grudge.

He had even helped his uncle’s family a lot before, because his family was much richer than his uncle’s family. However, from now on, he would consider carefully whether he should give his uncle’s family a helping hand again. He couldn’t trust his uncle now.

Luckily, his family all survived this time.


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