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Chapter 84: Unfilial Daughter

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Not long after Zi Yi woke up the next day, she noticed several of Lu Jingye’s bodyguards outside her gates.

When she opened the door, one of them greeted her and said, “h.e.l.lo Miss Zi, we are the bodyguards sent by Second Young Master last night to protect you.”

“Last night?”

“Yes. We were standing guard near your house last night. As we were worried we would disturb you, we did not come close.”

She thought that those killers would return to deal with her last night and it was no wonder why they had not appeared in the end. As it turned out, these bodyguards were nearby.

She then said, “I don’t need bodyguards.”

She had many alterations to complete these few days and she did not intend for outsiders to know about them.

“Miss Zi, there’s no need to worry. We only came to greet you today and we will be at least ten meters away on usual days. We will not disturb you.”

Zi Yi frowned, took out her phone, and called Lu Jingye.

He seemed to have antic.i.p.ated what she would say and spoke first. “I accidentally led the killers to your place last night. They might possibly return to deal with you later.”

Zi Yi’s tone was firm. “I don’t need bodyguards.”

Lu Jingye was silent for a few seconds. In the end, he seemed to compromise. “Alright then, I’ll have them return. Pay attention to your safety.”


After she hung up the call, those bodyguards were indeed called back by Lu Jingye.

The following few days were especially calm, until one morning, Zi Yi suddenly received a call from He Fei.

She picked up the call, and the howling of the wind could be heard from the other end. After a while, the wind stopped and was soon followed by He Fei’s urgent inquiry. “Yiyi, why didn’t you come to look for me since you hadn’t returned to S City?”

Zi Yi answered with a question, “Why should I be looking for you? To have a fight?”

“…” He Fei was evidently speechless. “I didn’t mean it like that, I… sigh! Aren’t you making me worry? I thought you returned, but your father came to my house today!

Zi Yi automatically filtered out his concern and frowned in displeasure. “Why did he come to your house?”

“He thought I was hiding you. You’re too much, you should have at least given me a heads-up if you were intending to leave home. In order to win against you, I begged Second Brother with great difficulty, to allow me to go to his bodyguard training base. If I knew you hadn’t gone back home, I would not have gone there.”

Zi Yi did not wish to continue the conversation with him.

He Fei laughed. “I know you must also be having a great time alone in the capital. Wait for me. I will definitely make you my girlfriend in three months.”

Zi Yi kindly advised. “Then I think you should forget about training.”

“Really? Are you agreeing to become my girlfriend?”

“Haha, I only wanted to say that you can’t possibly win against me even if you trained for three hundred years.”

“Just you wait.”

After that, He Fei ended the call.

Following this, Zi Yi gave Zi Xu a call.

Just as Zi Xu wanted to educate her upon receiving her call, Zi Yi said in a cold tone, “If you’re looking for me just to educate me, I’ll be hanging up.”

“Zi Yi, don’t you dare!” Zi Xu gasped with anger over the phone. You unfilial daughter of mine…”

“Ha!” Zi Yi interrupted him. “Could you have forgotten what you said that day? Since you said you would leave me alone to fend for myself, you should do as you said.”


“If you intend to go back on your words, then I can only look for my grandfather. Even though he’s extremely disappointed with me, I’m still his granddaughter. Say, if I told him that everything I did for the past few years was taught to me by you and Li Peirong, how would he react?”

Over the phone, only sounds of angry gasping could be heard.


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