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Chapter 54: Drink

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Everyone stared at He Fei.

He hastily shook his head in response. “You guys better not push me into the pit of h.e.l.l.”

“Ah He, out of all of us, you are the closest to Second Brother. If not you, then who else? Ever since he took over the Lu Group, we could only listen to the rumors about him. He worked hard last night and perhaps he might be resting today.”

Everyone had a small plan of their own. Lu Jingye had another nickname in the circle – the G.o.d of Wealth. As long as he gave a pointer or two, they could benefit from his advice. Therefore, everyone wanted to meet him.

He Fei had no way out and in the end, he gave Lu Jingye a call.

The instant he made the call, the few men sitting by his side quietened down.

He Fei came up with several excuses and chatted with Lu Jingye for a while before he hung up.

“What did he say?”

Everyone was inexplicably nervous.

He Fei grinned. “Coincidentally, he’s in the vicinity and he has agreed to come over.”

The few men revealed happy and excited expressions at the same time.

Zi Yi, who was standing to one side, walked over.

He Fei looked at her, raised his eyebrows, and said in a mysterious tone, “Yiyi, an acquaintance will be coming later. You’ll definitely be surprised.”

Zi Yi sat down and said, “You mean the Second Young Master of the Lu Group.”

“How did you know?”

“I heard you talking.”

Everyone looked at the speechless He Fei and burst out laughing.

Shortly after, Zi Lian had also come back. She sat by Zi Yi’s side in a reserved manner and remained silent.

Zi Yi glanced at her.

At the same time, from the corner of her eye, she looked at Xiang Wei who was chatting with several women not far away.

Just then, a staff member came over with a tray.

Zi Yi keenly discovered that there was a slight change in Zi Lian’s micro expressions.

She looked towards the gla.s.ses on the tray.

After the staff member had walked over, he pa.s.sed the first gla.s.s to He Fei, then Zi Yi, and lastly, Zi Lian.

Zi Lian especially spoke in a gentle tone. “Thank you.”

Zi Yi discovered that the staff member had turned red.

She then looked at the alcohol in the gla.s.s and guessed that it might have been spiked.

The staff then pa.s.sed out the remaining gla.s.ses to the present young men.

Ouyang Ming raised his gla.s.s towards Zi Yi. When he thought about the earlier experience of racing with her, he said, “I hadn’t expected your racing skills to be that great. I was blind. Let’s compete in the future when there’s a chance. I wasn’t in my best condition today.”

Zi Yi had yet to speak when He Fei gave him a direct blow. “You were the one who brought up the compet.i.tion. Yet you dare to say you weren’t in your best condition? From my point of view, it was Yiyi who had not fully displayed her skills instead.”

Ouyang Ming raised his fist and waved it in front of He Fei. “Hey, are we still brothers or not? Shut up!”

He Fei saw Ouyang Ming turning angry from embarra.s.sment, he decided to let him off and not make him lose face in front of everyone. He raised his gla.s.s and said, “Come, let’s drink together. After we’re done, we’ll head out to welcome Second Brother.”

Everyone raised their gla.s.ses together.

Zi Yi realized Zi Lian was staring at He Fei while Xiang Wei was staring at her. She guessed that the drink was definitely spiked.

In fact, she was not afraid even if her drink was spiked. As a person with a top-level mental power, with the exception of highly toxic poison, a drug that affects her thinking was useless on her.

There were many people here and Xiang Wei was not foolish enough to poison her.

Therefore, she calmly drank the alcohol.

Everyone emptied their gla.s.ses before a group went out to fetch Lu Jingye.


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