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Chapter 266: Master, This Guy is Thinking of s.n.a.t.c.hing Your Company!

Zi Yi had been very decisive when she said she was going abroad. She only brought Robot A and Little Loli with her when she left.

When she got on the plane, Lu Jingye had also got on a helicopter and left the capital.

Rick, who planned to get rid of Zi Yi before he left the capital, had sent men for her, but they ended up making a wasted trip.

“Hmph! That woman must have followed Lu Jingye and left the country!” Rick gnashed his teeth in anger. “You didn’t even forget to bring that woman along with you when you go abroad. It seems like you truly have feelings for her!”

“How can I allow that? My sister has liked you for so many years and yet, you fell for another woman?”

Speaking of this, Rick gave a ruthless order. “Find a way to destroy that woman’s bar and racing club. Don’t leave behind any evidence.”

Since that woman was so ignorant, he shall make her lose everything.

Of course, he would not let Lu Jingye find out he was the mastermind behind it.

Rick found a group of gangsters from the triad and they headed for Zi Yi’s racing club in the middle of the night. Looking similar to the other racing clubs, the group of gangsters quickly took out the gasoline they prepared in advance and splashed it around the vicinity.

Due to the large area it occupied, they had driven two oil tankers here.

The instant the gasoline was splashed out, they suddenly heard a mechanical sound that seemed to reverberate in their brains.

“Energy source approaching. Activate receive mode.”

The next second, the group of gangsters was stunned. The ordinary-looking exterior wall suddenly changed into one with a particularly smooth curved surface with a groove at the bottom.

The moment the oil was splashed out, it quickly flowed down the groove and into the hole.

“What’s going on?”

The expressions of those gangsters turned white as their lips trembled. “Wasn’t this club supposed to be empty? Did you hear a strange sound earlier?”

The moment he asked the question, the other gangsters suddenly felt a chill.

“Where has the oil gone? Should we directly start a fire?”

Everyone thought it was feasible and regardless if there was oil on the wall or not, they took out their lighters and threw it against the wall.

The next second, a loud sound could be heard.

It frightened them to the extent they subconsciously held their heads with the intention to escape.

However, a cold mechanical voice sounded from behind them, “Since you’re here, don’t be in a rush to leave.”

Before they had time to react, there was a sudden whistling sound coming from behind.


When they were struck by a bat made of iron, all of them could only hug their heads and cry out in pain.

“Ah- Ah!~”

“Ah- Ah!~”

“Stop hitting us. It hurts… Wuuu~”

This group of gangsters returned to their base with injuries and it resulted in rumors that the club was haunted.

However, the boss wanted to earn the high commission offered and so, he directly led a large group of people to the club.

In the end, the beating and injuries they received were worse than the first group.

The boss had mingled around the capital for ages and he could not possibly let things go just like that, after he and all his brothers were injured. Therefore, they directly went looking for the person who got in contact with them.

When Rick got to know of this, he had kicked the table before him in anger.

“How did you find those useless people! Go and find someone else!”

“Boss, how should we deal with those gangsters?”

“Give them some money and chase them away.”

However, they ended up looking through all the gangsters around the capital. In the end, when someone heard that the target was to destroy that particular racing club, all of them refused to accept the commission.

Zi Yi’s racing club soon became famous in the capital’s underworld.

Even so, Rick did not believe it was haunted.

He sent all his bodyguards to destroy the establishment.

However, the beatings and injuries his bodyguards received were worse than those gangsters and they were directly admitted into the hospital.

At the same time, Rick received an emergency call from the headquarters. “CEO, something bad has happened. The company’s top-secret database has been attacked.”

Rick was frightened to the extent he immediately took a plane and returned.

After appreciating Rick’s courting death actions, Zi Yi began to take over her Energy Company.

The manager of the company was a tall, bearded, middle-aged man named Hank. He had the appearance of a smart person.

When Hank saw it was Zi Yi who came to take over the company, he had checked her out for quite some time, together with the Robot A and Little Loli she had brought with her.

At the thought of a beautiful young woman only bringing along two people with her to take over such a huge company, wasn’t it simply trying to give the company to him instead?

Instantly, greed and scheming surfaced in his heart

On the surface, he enthusiastically welcomed her with open arms and wanted to give her a hug. “Oh, you must be the new boss. You’re finally here. Welcome!”

Seeing Hank approaching, Robot A stretched out his arm and blocked him with a childish expression.

“Mr. Hank, my boss dislikes physical contact. You better refrain from any unnecessary contact.”

Hank glanced at Robot A and felt that his voice sounded a little mechanical. However, he did not think too much about it as he hastily put down his hands and revealed a warm and harmless smile. “I’m sorry. Giving a hug is basic courtesy in our country and I didn’t know the Young Boss disliked contact.”

After that, he motioned her towards a direction. “Young Boss, please enter. I’ll show you around the company.”

This Energy Company was not considered the largest in K Country, but it had a pretty big scale. There was a building in the front area and a large energy research and development experimental laboratory at the back.

After Hank led them to the back area, he specially found an excuse to leave.

When Hank left, Zi Yi said to Robot A, “Monitor him.”

And so, Robot A immediately started to monitor Hank.

When Hank left Zi Yi’s line of sight, he called over a trustworthy subordinate and said, “Go arrange a dinner party tonight. Find some triad gangsters and have them resolve her and her companions.”

The subordinate was frightened. “Manager, this is our company’s new boss you’re talking about.”

“What’s there to be afraid of? They are merely two teenage girls and that man is only a subordinate. What could he possibly be capable of? It is obvious that the three of them, especially that boss, are all well-protected rich ladies. When the time comes, as long as we get rid of her secretly, no one would know.”

“Bu-but…” The subordinate was still slightly timid.

“Shus.h.!.+” Hank patted his shoulders and gave him tempting benefits. “As long as we get rid of the boss, I will be the new boss. At that time, my position would be yours.”

“I-is that for real?” The moment his subordinate heard that, he gulped in excitement and instantly became determined. “Manager, you can rest a.s.sured that I promise to complete this task.”

“Good, hurry and prepare. Send me a message when you’re done.”


“Master, this man is thinking of s.n.a.t.c.hing away your company!” Little Loli was shocked. “Who gave him the gall to do so!”

Robot A asked, “Master, what do you intend to do with them?”

Zi Yi’s indifferent expression contained traces of chilliness. “Since they plan to scheme against me, then I’ll let them lose more than what they could possibly gain.”

After saying that, she spoke to Robot A. “Do a thorough check on this person, his family, good friends and all the senior management of this company.”

Very soon, Robot A had prepared all the information and sent it to Zi Yi. She just happened to finish reading through a portion of it, when Hank suddenly appeared again.

“Young Boss, sorry to keep you waiting. Please come with me, I’ll show you around right now.”

Zi Yi quietly put away her phone and followed behind Hank.


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