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Chapter 241: Lu Jingye’s Childhood

Zi Yi and Mrs. Lu were unaware of what transpired at Designer Ouyang’s place after they left.

Due to the weather, they headed to a teahouse and enjoyed some tea and snacks, while Zi Yi listened to Mrs. Lu talking about Lu Jingye’s childhood.

Zi Yi felt that such an experience was pretty good.

“Jingye did not require much supervision from a young age. He was self-disciplined and very a.s.sertive. I still remembered the year when he was supposed to attend kindergarten. He attended for a day and when he came back, he told us that the children there were too childish and said that he wanted to attend elementary school.

I disagreed at that time. I felt that he was still young and he should not attend elementary school. Can you guess what he did? The next day, he went looking for the princ.i.p.al and after a round of discussions, he ended up attending elementary school.”

Speaking of this, Mrs. Lu was angry but proud at the same time. “I thought he would obediently finish the six years of education, but unexpectedly, he came back with a graduation certificate when he was in Primary 3. At the same time, he told us that he would pay for his education and living expenses from then on.”

“He was only eight then. I honestly have no idea how he earned his first sum of money.”

Zi Yi thought of the nickname given to Lu Jingye – cash cow, and could not help but laugh.

“Ah Jing is indeed good at earning money.”

“That’s right. Therefore, when he was fifteen, his grandfather handed over all the Lu Group’s businesses to him.”

Mrs. Lu revealed a distressed expression. “He made huge profits for the Lu family all these years. However, he never had time for himself.”

As she spoke of her eldest son, Mrs. Lu thought of her younger son.

“Jingye should have told you he has a younger brother?”

“Yes. Ah Jing mentioned that his younger brother managed the secret forces of the Lu family.”

Mrs. Lu was somewhat surprised that her eldest son revealed this to Zi Yi. But at the same time, she was happy. It seemed like her eldest son had made up his mind about this girl.

She pulled Zi Yi’s arm and said, “Yes. Due to the special status of the Lu family, Jingye is in charge of the Lu Group’s businesses while Yunxiao is in charge of the secret forces. Both brothers have it hard.”

Zi Yi nodded and asked, “Lu family is a big family. Could it be that only Ah Jing and his younger brother are capable of managing it? What about the others?”


Speaking of this, Mrs. Lu sighed. “My husband has three brothers and two sisters. Other than Lu Jingye, no one else is capable of managing the Lu Group. As for my second son, no one in the family is capable of doing what he does.”

“There are many fastidious but incompetent people in the family. Their current positions were also personally a.s.signed to them by their grandfather. Even if the others are dissatisfied, they can only hold back.”

Zi Yi looked at Mrs. Lu’s worried but yet, somewhat proud expression. She grabbed her hand and said, “Auntie Lu, don’t worry. Business matters aren’t difficult for Ah Jing. As for his younger brother, he is skilled in kung fu.”

“Eh? Little Zi, has met Yunxiao before?”

“Yep, I just happen to have met him twice. But we haven’t had a chance to talk to each other.”

“Haha… My youngest son’s personality is like that. He isn’t fond of talking. He has been learning kung fu from an expert since a young age. At that time, he was taken away by his master for several years and the eldest would visit him every winter and summer break. The two brothers have a particularly good relations.h.i.+p.”

Zi Yi thought of the few instances she met with Lu Yunxiao. In fact, she always had a strange feeling. “Auntie, does Ah Jing know kung fu?”

“A little bit. When the two brothers are at home, they would often spar against each other.”

Zi Yi asked again, “Then does Ah Jing know how to use a whip?”

Mrs. Lu was firm in her answer. “He doesn’t. He has never used it before. The whip is Yunxiao’s weapon.”

Time pa.s.sed by very quickly while they were in the teahouse and it was already three o’clock when they decided to leave.

As the rain continued to fall and the skies looked on the darker side, Mrs. Lu was worried about Zi Yi driving. “Little Zi, you should go back soon. The skies will turn darker earlier since it’s raining and it’s unsafe for a young lady like you to stay outside. Also, that car of yours is too fast. Why don’t I gift you a car?”

Zi Yi shook her head and said, “It’s fine. I’m used to driving a racing car.”

“But it’s really fast.”

At the thought of the car’s speed, Mrs. Lu felt her stomach churning.

Zi Yi smiled and said, “Auntie Lu, don’t worry. I have a slower car at home. I’ll drive that when I meet you in the future.”

Mrs. Lu did not know to laugh or cry at her answer. She did not mean for her to drive a slower car only when she came to meet her.

However, looking at Zi Yi answering her seriously, she did not plan to say anything further. “I’ll have to prepare for Jingye’s grandfather’s birthday in the following days and I won’t have time to ask you out. If there’s anything, you can contact me directly.”

Zi Yi nodded. “Okay!”

The two of them said a few more words and parted ways.

Zi Yi did not head home. It was only three in the afternoon and she planned to make a trip to the bar.

When she parked near the entrance of the bar, she saw several familiar figures entering the bar next door.

Zi Yi paid no attention to them. She opened the door, held an umbrella over her head, and headed for the bar.

Just as she went in, several people who entered the bar next door had come out.

“That woman has finally appeared. Say, do you think we should go and say h.e.l.lo?”

“To h.e.l.l with greeting her. This woman is very unlucky, and I won’t go. Ah Ming was hospitalized due to her and she seemed to be alone today. Should we call Ah Ming over?”

Ouyang Ming was hospitalized for half a month and he was finally discharged a few days ago. However, he still had to rely on crutches.

“Ah He too. Didn’t he insist on marrying that woman before? Why does he always say he’s at work whenever I ask him out recently?”

“That’s why I say this woman is unlucky. I guess that she must have done something to Ah He. Otherwise, why isn’t Ah He circling around her these days?”

“Then let’s call Ah He and Ah Ming over and see their att.i.tude towards her. This type of woman is more interesting to play with. If they aren’t interested, I won’t be polite and accept her.”

“Lu Guang, you can forget about it. A woman like her is not easily conquerable. Take a look at the rumors about her in the circle. Despite all that, not only is she alive and kicking, I also heard that she had dinner with Second Brother a few days back.”

“What’s there to be worried about? I heard Second Brother had left on a business trip and perhaps he will only return a few days before Elder Lu’s birthday. This woman has no power nor influence. I wonder why Second Brother fancies her. Perhaps the rumors about her are real, that she wants to cling onto Second Brother and has used some underhanded means.”

“That makes sense. Then let’s call Ah He and Ah Ming over first.”

“Quick call them. We can confirm Ah He’s att.i.tude then.”


A few of them contacted He Fei and Ouyang Ming as they entered the bar.

Zi Yi was unaware of the plans those young masters had cooked up outside her bar.

After she entered, Robot A notified her. “Master, our skins have arrived.”

Since she had nothing to do, she said, “Get everyone to come here. I’ll install the skin onto your face first.”


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