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Chapter 472: This Soup Is Quite Delicious

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The next morning, Fang Yusheng and Qiao Jiusheng went out to exercise and ran along the park road in the villa district. They heard that the peac.o.c.ks in Minister Song’s house had been stolen from Mansion Number 2 next door.

Apparently, Minister Song’s wife had cried all night.

The security officers checked the surveillance cameras but could not find the thief.

Fang Yusheng and Qiao Jiusheng looked at each other and quickly ran home. They returned to their room and let out the peac.o.c.ks that they had locked in a small box. The two of them stared at the peac.o.c.ks.

After a moment of silence, Qiao Jiusheng asked, “Return them?”

Fang Yusheng sneered and said, “How do we explain it? Can we say that the thief secretly came to give it to us?” That thief really loved his house.

Qiao Jiusheng could not continue.

“Then… eat them?” Qiao Jiusheng said. “I haven’t eaten peac.o.c.k meat before.” The two peac.o.c.ks trembled when they heard this.

“It’s the only way.”

Fang Yusheng decided the fate of the two peac.o.c.ks.

Fang Yusheng cut the necks of the two peac.o.c.ks with two knives before boiling them with water. Together with Qiao Jiusheng, they hid under the corner of the wall and plucked all their feathers.

Not a single feather was left.

After plucking the feathers, Qiao Jiusheng brought the two peac.o.c.ks to the kitchen and handed them to Aunt Jin. Fang Yusheng was in charge of digging a pit to bury the peac.o.c.k’s feathers and starting to destroy the corpse.

When Auntie Jin saw Qiao Jiusheng walking in with two headless things, she asked in surprise, “What’s this?” It can’t be a chicken, right? Its legs were too long. It didn’t even look like an ostrich. She had never seen anything like this.

Qiao Jiusheng said with a smile, “Fang Yusheng’s friend gave us some wild animals. Aunt Jin, cook them like chicken soup. We’ll eat them at noon today.”


Lisa had not left.

During lunch, Fang Yusheng scooped a bowl of soup for her. Lisa took a bite and realized that it tasted especially delicious. She could not help but ask, “What soup is this?”

Qiao Jiusheng said, “Chicken soup.” She lied without blinking.

“Aunt Jin’s cooking is really good. The soup she made is really delicious.” She ate another piece of meat and quickly said, “The meat is also very tender.”

“Then eat more.” Fang Yusheng sounded a little guilty.

This thing was indeed delicious, and even Fang Zicheng drank more soup.

Before they could finish their meal, the doorbell rang.

It was Minister Song’s wife. She was holding her child and ringing the doorbell.

Minister Song’s wife was already 40 years old. A few years ago, she gave birth to a second child and often attended parent and child events with Qiao Jiusheng. After a while, they became familiar with each other. When Fang Yusheng saw Madam Song, he subconsciously wanted to pour away the soup on the table that had not been finished. However, he was afraid that Aunt Jin and Lisa would be suspicious, so he could only bite the bullet and open the door.

Mrs. Song carried her daughter into the house and said, “Madam Fang, Mr. Fang, are you still eating?”

“Yes, have you eaten?” Qiao Jiusheng asked her.

Mrs. Song said she had eaten. Seeing that they were drinking soup and it smelled good, she asked, “What soup is this? It smells good.”

Lisa said, “It’s chicken soup.”

Qiao Jiusheng, who had originally planned to say that it was a wild chicken from the mountains, could only shut up.

Mrs. Song was a straightforward person. She was open-minded and said whatever she wanted to say. Smelling the fragrance, she saw that her daughter wanted to drink it, so she asked, “Can you give us a bowl too? My Nan Nan seems to like it.”


Qiao Jiusheng braced herself and scooped two bowls of soup for Madam Song and her daughter.

After the mother and daughter drank the soup, the little girl said, “Mommy, it’s really delicious.”

Mrs. Song also said, “Yeah, it’s really fresh. How did you make it?”

Upon hearing this, Auntie Jin told Mrs. Song about the key to making the soup. Mrs. Song remembered everything and said that she would try it herself next time.

Mrs. Song was not here to visit the Fang family at this time.

This morning, she visited every household in Dragon Harbor to warn them to increase their vigilance. “I thought that our neighborhood was safe, so my house did not have surveillance cameras. Who knew that the thief happened to steal something from my house? He did not steal valuable goods, but he stole the two peac.o.c.ks I brought back from Yunnan a few days ago!”

“I think the other party might be a pervert. If our peac.o.c.ks can be stolen by him, the two swans in your lake might be in danger too.”

Mrs. Song tried her best to persuade them to be more vigilant. It was a small matter to steal things, but they were afraid of the thief hurting others.

Qiao Jiusheng quickly agreed.

Fang Yusheng remained silent.

Mrs. Song left soon after.

As soon as she left, Lisa’s phone rang. It was the hotel’s landline.

She picked it up and called out, “Baoguang.”

Fang Yusheng immediately s.n.a.t.c.hed her phone away and happened to hear Chi Baoguang say, “What did you eat for lunch today? Is it delicious? When are you coming back?”

Fang Yusheng said, “Don’t you know what we’re eating? Whether she goes back depends on my mood.”

Chi Baoguang could hear Fang Yusheng’s voice.

He was confused. “You’re losing your temper at me.” His tone was certain.

Fang Yusheng snorted. Wasn’t this the obvious truth?

When Chi Baoguang spoke again, his tone seemed a little helpless. He said, “I thought you wanted to eat Chief Song’s peac.o.c.ks…”

“I want to eat the two canaries at Secretary Liu’s house. Can you get them for me too?”

Fang Yusheng was mocking him. Who knew that Chi Baoguang would really consider this question seriously? In the end, he said, “This is a little difficult…” He said that it was a little difficult and not impossible.

Fang Yusheng mocked him. “Are you planning to steal them again?”

However, Chi Baoguang said, “It’s not stealing. I clearly left money for them last night.”

Fang Yusheng was speechless.

“When is your mother coming back?”

“When you’ve changed and realized your mistake, come and ask for her back.”

Fang Yusheng hung up.

Turning back, he found Lisa staring at him with a fierce gaze. Stunned, he heard Lisa ask, “What did your father steal?”

Fang Yusheng’s gaze subconsciously drifted to the soup bowl that they had finished.

Lisa looked over and many details flashed across her mind. Then, her face darkened. “Was he the thief who stole from Minister Song’s house last night?”

Fang Yusheng did not say anything, and Qiao Jiusheng lowered her head to look at the floor.

When Aunt Jin heard what happened, she ran back to the kitchen to pretend to be invisible.

Fang Zikai and Fang Zicheng looked at each other and silently reached a consensus. The peac.o.c.k soup was delicious, and they would drink it again next time.

Lisa didn’t say much. She turned around and went back to her room. After a while, she walked out with her things. “I’m going back to the hotel. I probably won’t be back tonight.” She left the Fang house.

Qiao Jiusheng and Fang Yusheng looked at each other.

Lisa rushed back to the hotel to educate Chi Baoguang. When she arrived at the hotel, she opened the room door but found nothing. The hotel room was clean and empty.

Lisa was stunned.

Where did he go?


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