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Chapter 471: Greetings from Your Biological Father

The wind was a little strong. Chi Baoguang’s bald head poked out of his coat and he narrowed his eyes at the door.

There stood a tall man in a turtleneck sweater. He was tall, had long legs, and was good-looking. It was Fang Yusheng.

He really looked a little like his handsome self when he was young.

Under Fang Yusheng’s cold gaze, Chi Boguang actually wanted to turn around and escape.

“Not coming in?”

Fang Yusheng’s voice was cold and did not seem to welcome him.

Chi Baoguang still went in shamelessly.

When Lisa and Qiao Jiusheng saw Fang Yusheng leave, they were quite curious about what he was going to do. Seeing that he returned quickly with this tall man behind him, the two of them stood up from the sofa at the same time.

Lisa heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Chi Baoguang.

Qiao Jiusheng was a little surprised. When did Chi Boyang arrive?

Fang Yusheng did not explain at all. He returned to his room coldly and only came out after dinner.

Without waiting for instructions, a pair of chopsticks and a bowl were naturally added to the dining table.

There were three dining rooms in the Fang family house. One was bigger and had a rectangular table. It was only used for large festivals and gatherings. The other was smaller and had a circular table. Occasionally, when friends came, they would eat in this room.

Fang Yusheng and the rest usually ate in the smallest dining room near the kitchen.

Today, they ate in the second dining room.

The round dining table was filled with delicacies.

The two little fellows were not allergic to seafood. Once the food was on the table, Fang Zikai took a steamed Boston lobster after getting permission from Qiao Jiusheng and Fang Yusheng and asked Fang Yusheng to help cut it in half. He and his brother each took half. Fang Zikai wanted to eat the lobster with soy sauce and garlic, but Fang Zicheng wanted to eat it with lemon juice and olive oil.

The brothers had very different tastes.

On Fang Yusheng’s right was Qiao Jiusheng. On his left was Chi Boguang, and on his left was Lisa. The two little fellows sat in between Lisa and Qiao Jiusheng.

Looking at the table full of dishes, Lisa’s gaze warmed.

Chi Baoguang picked up his chopsticks and thought about it before saying, “I might eat a little too quickly…” Good was s.n.a.t.c.hed on the cliff. Everyone ate very quickly out of habit. After so many years, they were all used to it. Not to mention Chi Baoguang, even this year’s King, that woman with impressive martial arts skills, also ate quickly.

Qiao Jiusheng quickly said, “It’s okay.”

Until now, Chi Baoguang had not told Lisa or the children where he had been all these years after he had disappeared, so no one knew. Even though he had warned them in advance, Chi Baoguang really ate at the speed of the wind. He had picked up some stir-fried meat and rice in less than five minutes. When he had eaten two bowls of rice, everyone was still a little shocked.

Fang Yusheng quickly regained his composure.

Noticing that his chopsticks were only holding the dishes that were easiest to swallow, such as stir-fried meat, shredded potatoes, and pork ribs, a hint of darkness flashed across Fang Yusheng’s eyes. Qiao Jiusheng might not be able to tell, but Fang Yusheng could.

These dishes were all easy to chew, convenient to eat, and most easily satiated hunger.

What had he experienced in the years he had been missing?

Lisa was about to scoop a bowl of soup for Chi Baoguang when she heard Fang Yusheng say, “It’s not easy to digest your food if you eat too quickly. Also, you shouldn’t be picky about food. You’re already so old, but you’re eating like Fang Zikai and his brother.”

Fang Yusheng’s tone was disdainful.

However, Chi Boguang, Lisa, and Qiao Jiusheng were stunned.

Lisa quickly pinched Chi Baoguang’s thigh.

When Chi Baoguang came back to his senses, he quickly picked up his chopsticks again and took a lobster from the table. He ate very slowly. He kept his head lowered. Lisa looked at him sideways and realized that his eyes were red.

Lisa was stunned and silently picked up another piece of pork trotter for Chi Baoguang.

After calming down, Chi Baoguang looked up and saw Qiao Jiusheng putting food into Fang Zicheng’s bowl. He stared at it for a moment before reaching his chopsticks into the most beautiful plate and picking up a piece of tofu for Fang Yusheng.

Fang Yusheng looked at the j.a.panese tofu in his bowl with a strange expression.

Qiao Jiusheng also noticed it, but she did not say anything.

Fang Yusheng was about to eat the tofu when Fang Zicheng suddenly said, “Dad, aren’t you allergic to j.a.panese tofu?”

Fang Yusheng’s expression did not change and he pretended to eat the tofu.

However, Chi Baoguang quickly reacted. He suddenly attacked and s.n.a.t.c.hed Fang Yusheng’s chopsticks. He threw away the tofu and said, “If you can’t eat it, then don’t eat it. It’s not like there’s nothing else to eat.”

Fang Yusheng remained silent.

He lowered his head and thought: Fang Pingjue had never picked up food for him before.

Qiao Jiusheng saw Fang Yusheng’s thoughtful expression and felt upset. Her hand reached out from under the table and held Fang Yusheng’s hand. Fang Yusheng tilted his head and smiled at her. Then, he looked up and said to Chi Boguang, “Return my chopsticks.”

Chi Baoguang quickly returned them to him.

Fang Yusheng ate with his two chopsticks and picked up a spoon to scoop some chicken soup for Qiao Jiusheng.

He thought of something and suddenly said, “I heard that Minister Song has a few peac.o.c.ks at home. I’ve never eaten a peac.o.c.k in my life.” He asked Lisa and Qiao Jiusheng, “When you’re free, why don’t we go to a restaurant to try it?” The Minister Song he was talking about was Minister Song from the Ministry of Education.


After dinner, Lisa said that he wanted to stay over at the Fang family home.

Chi Baoguang wanted to stay behind, but since Fang Yusheng had not said anything, he could not bring himself to do so.

Fang Yusheng pretended not to know what he was thinking.

After staying at the Fang family home until nearly ten o’clock, Chi Baoguang actually took the initiative to ask to return to the hotel.

Fang Yusheng was a little surprised. He raised his eyebrows but did not stop him.

Lisa was a little disappointed, but she also understood that it was not easy for Fang Yusheng to open the door and invite Chi Boguang in today. Inviting him to stay the night was impossible.

After returning to their rooms, the two of them took a shower.

Fang Yusheng was in a good mood and could not help but want to sleep with Qiao Jiusheng.

After that, they lay panting on the bed. It was winter, but they were sweating.

“I’m going to take a shower.”

Qiao Jiusheng wrapped a towel around herself and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Fang Yusheng got out of bed and put on his pajamas, planning to shower with Qiao Jiusheng. He was barefooted and had just walked to the bathroom door when he stretched out his hand and was about to push the bathroom door open when he heard a thud from outside the window, as if something had fallen.

Fang Yusheng turned around and walked to the window with a frown.

He pulled open the window.

Guess what he saw?

He actually saw two peac.o.c.ks with their feet tied on the gra.s.s!

When Qiao Jiusheng came out of the shower, she saw Fang Yusheng standing by the window, looking like he was in deep thought. Puzzled, she walked over and stood beside him. When she saw the peac.o.c.ks flapping on the ground, she was stunned. “Could this be…”

“Most likely.”

Their conversation was like a riddle. Both of them looked a little shocked..


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