WebNovel Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother Chapter 192 – You Have to Take Responsibility Even If You Did It to Yourself

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Chapter 192: You Have to Take Responsibility Even If You Did It to Yourself

Fang Yuqing was not Fang Mu or Fang Pingjue. Fang Yusheng liked her.

He listened to Qiao Jiusheng’s words and replied, “I’ll prepare the gift.”

Aunt Jin had already made dinner. When Fang Yusheng saw that she had brought the dishes to the table, he got up to help take the dishes down. Just as he stood up, his hand was suddenly grabbed. Fang Yusheng frowned as Qiao Jiusheng pulled him down.

He took the opportunity to sit down. Before he could sit properly, Qiao Jiusheng pounced at him and pressed him down between the sofa and her arms.

“What are you doing—”


Qiao Jiusheng grabbed Fang Yusheng’s chin with her hand and lowered her head to kiss him, tasting him carefully.

Fang Yusheng’s eyes widened.

Qiao Jiusheng’s mouth was filled with the sweet smell of lemon.

When she took the initiative to retreat, Fang Yusheng felt that he had not had enough. He held the back of her head again and pulled her into his arms. Obeying his desires, he continued to kiss her. Qiao Jiusheng was also cooperative. She only pushed him away when felt that she would suffocate to death if the kiss continued.

This kiss made her lips glow and look soft because she had eaten the lollipop.

Fang Yusheng’s gaze was deep. He stared at her lips and asked in a deep voice, “What were you doing just now?”

Qiao Jiusheng licked her lips and said, “Flirting with a man.”

She wanted to see Fang Yusheng’s reaction after being forcefully kissed.

“Is the lemon good?” Qiao Jiusheng smiled like a seductress.

Fang Yusheng looked at her without saying a word. His gaze was sharp and penetrating as if he wanted to peel Qiao Jiusheng off, break her up, and knead her into his stomach.

Qiao Jiusheng’s legs turned weak from his gaze. She did not dare to tease him anymore. “It’s… it’s time to eat.” She stammered, feeling a little guilty.

After flirting with the man, Qiao Jiusheng guiltily ran to the dining room. She held the bowl and did not look at the dishes. With her head lowered, she randomly picked up the dishes and quietly ate.

Fang Yusheng calmly walked over to her.

Qiao Jiusheng secretly observed him. Seeing that he seemed calm, she guessed that he would not do anything to her and was relieved.

During dinner, everyone at the table was silent.

Qi Bufan ate very quickly tonight. After he finished eating, he wiped his mouth and said that he was full. Then, he got up and hurriedly left. When Aunt Jin saw him running away, her eyes lit up. She also put down her bowl and said, “There are no more garbage bags at home. I’ll go to the supermarket to buy bags.” After saying that, Aunt Jin ran away as well.

Even though Aunt Jin was plump, she ran quite quickly.

In an instant, only Qiao Jiusheng and Fang Yusheng were left in the house.

Now that the others were gone, it was easier to do things.

Fang Yusheng gently put down his chopsticks.

He turned his head, and his calm gaze landed on Qiao Jiusheng. Qiao Jiusheng looked up at the same time, and her eyes met Fang Yusheng’s. She saw the ruthlessness hidden behind his calm gaze.

Her gaze was even more vicious than a wolf’s.

Qiao Jiusheng was speechless.

She could not swallow the rice anymore.

“Are you full?” Fang Yusheng asked her. She was unable to tell how he was feeling.

Qiao Jiusheng tried her best to swallow her rice and shook her head. “Not yet.”

Fang Yusheng picked up his chopsticks and lifted two pieces of duck meat for her. He gently said, “Eat more if you’re not full. It’s still early anyway.” The sky was not dark yet, and the night was still long. There was enough time for both of them to eat until they were full.

Qiao Jiusheng thanked him.

Fang Yusheng added, “The night is still long. You’ll have more energy after eating.”

Qiao Jiusheng was speechless.

She had to be responsible for the man that she had seduced, be it whether it was done standing up, lying down, on her knees, on the sofa, in the kitchen, or in the bedroom.

Qiao Jiusheng wanted to cry.


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