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Chapter 989 – High Quality

Three hours later.

Pa –

As the rune appeared on the red cliff and then shattered, everyone’s hearts skipped a beat. They silently mouthed, “The 91st problem.”

There were eight more problems. Once they were solved, an unprecedented record would be born. And everyone here, while feeling envy and sorrow, would bear witness to the creation of this record.

Today, no one was in the mood to cultivate.

Even Qi Lianshan who sneered at others before couldn’t suppress his urge to watch. After failing to enter a meditative state for a long time, he gave up with a wry smile.

He looked at Qin Yu’s back with admiration in his eyes, as well as some bitterness.

It was extremely likely there would only be one follower spot left. If he failed…no, he couldn’t fail. He had to succeed!

Snowside stood not too far away, looking at Qin Yu’s tall figure before the red cliff. The pride that surged in her body nearly overflowed from her.

He was indeed worthy of being a man who she almost wanted to devote herself to. As expected, this old lady’s eyes are fierce. They must be made of black gold!

Purity of absolute percent!

He was such an outstanding person, his seed must be of excellent quality. I think that I won’t be spending the rest of my life with another man, so if I could borrow some of Qin Yu’s seed and make myself a little person, that would be better than spending my future days by myself.

After all, Qin Yu was that amazing, so amazing that it was almost unbelievable. His future growth would be limitless. Although she was following by his side now, she knew there would be a day when she wouldn’t be able to follow him and she would end up being a momentary companion in the great arc that was his life.

Snowside pursed her lips, resolve flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes. But, she also knew how much Qin Yu loved his wife. So no matter what, she couldn’t allow herself to be noticed by him, otherwise her plans would all fail…it seemed she had to look for a perfect turning point first.

In front of the red cliff, Qin Yu solved the problems of the rules with unstoppable momentum. Everyone watched him silently. At this time, he never would have imagined that a woman staring at him from behind had made this decision about him.

97th problem.

Qin Yu let out a breath. He could feel the ripples from the fluctuation of rules in his soul and his eyes brightened.

But there seemed to be some abnormal fluctuations in this light.

This problem…something seemed off about it?

Qin Yu looked at the red cliff. The lines tumbled together and eventually formed a rune that shattered.

The process hadn’t changed. But for some reason, he thought that this rule rune and the rule fluctuations in his soul had issues with them.

But just as this feeling appeared it vanished, like it had only been an illusion…could it really be that he sensed incorrectly?

Qin Yu took a deep breath. The sun and moon force field dispersed, wrapping around him. The aura of the jade embryo egg swept over his entire body.

After checking three times and discovering nothing wrong, Qin Yu frowned and slowly relaxed his aura.

Perhaps these were natural fluctuations produced when the problem of rules reached the end. There shouldn’t be any issues with them.

Suppressing these thoughts, Qin Yu looked at the red cliff. Since he didn’t retreat, he naturally chose to continue.

Hum –

The 98th problem of the rules appeared.

In the next moment, an invisible repulsion strength suddenly appeared. Aside from Qin Yu, everyone was pushed away from the red cliff. The strength was easy and gentle, but it contained an incomparably tyrannical aura that could not be opposed.


With loud shouts, everyone steadied themselves. Their bodies had instinctively responded to resist this strength just now. But just as their thoughts moved, they lost control of their own strength before they could even utilize their cultivation.

This was…strength coming from Stranded G.o.d Canyon…it was sheltering Qin Yu and ensuring nothing happened to him as he solved the problem.

Although they had already suspected that Qin Yu would become the first person to rely on his own strength to escape Stranded G.o.d Canyon, they still had dark and gloomy thoughts hidden in the recesses of their minds.

After all, any accident was possible in this world. Until the final moment arrived, who knew what the result would be?

But the final hopes in their hearts had been thoroughly extinguished. Even Stranded G.o.d Canyon itself had decided to help him…Qin Yu really was going to succeed!

Everyone looked at his back. They cried out in their hearts: I must be calm, I must be steady, I cannot panic! Still, their gazes were full of inexplicable bitterness and awe.

The Leng Family was a genuine great and powerful family. They had kept a low profile for the last 10,000 years while they controlled four worlds. Although they couldn’t be placed on par with the East Zhou Family who were said to possess a sovereign bloodline, they were still a resounding name with a prestigious reputation. And in recent years, countless geniuses with outstanding talent had been produced from the Leng Family’s junior generation.

Leng Aoshuang was one of these people. Or to be more exact, he was one of the geniuses that stood out amongst the family and thus received their regards. As a result he was able to fully expose his talent and obtain the Leng Family’s full support to capture one of East Zhou Duly’s follower spots.

For this, the Leng Family didn’t hesitate to summon the arrival of Stranded G.o.d Canyon. If anyone were to ever find out about this matter, they would face a great deal of trouble. And even disregarding that, they had paid a steep price just to summon Stranded G.o.d Canyon. But who could have imagined that events wouldn’t proceed as dictated in the Leng Family’s script? Instead, a heaven-sized mistake had occurred.

Someone was crazily solving the problems of rules within Stranded G.o.d Canyon, causing the strength required to maintain Stranded G.o.d Canyon to far surpa.s.s all estimations. To make up for this strength, the Leng Family had to put forth a terrifying amount of resources.

At the start, Leng Aoshuan really didn’t believe that someone could achieve such a maniacal and frantic rate of problem solving. It had to be known that Stranded G.o.d Canyon was renowned as a land that would trap anyone at the G.o.d boundary and they would never be able to escape. In fact, from when it had originally been discovered, countless years had pa.s.sed and an endless amount of research had been done on it. Yet, such a situation had never occurred.

He had personally partic.i.p.ated in the strict inspection process of the array formation and knew that there weren’t any mistakes made nor were there any strange fluctuations.

So if there was only a single possibility to explain what happened, it was the truth no matter how unbelievable it was.

For nine straight days, the losses of the array formation would rise up to a new level as each day pa.s.sed. The advancement of the red graph line left one’s heart shaking in fear.

Even if Leng Aoshuang was the most favored junior amongst the descendants so far, his position wasn’t as stable as a mountain. His brothers or sisters, those that might be close or distant, were always thinking about throwing him down and replacing him.

And this time, the accident that occurred in Stranded G.o.d Canyon had caused the family to lose an astonis.h.i.+ng amount of wealth. Those so-called brothers and sisters all felt that this was their opportunity.

Although he had a name that seemed to be that of a woman and he also had a dire addiction to cleanliness that left him with a delicate and exquisite appearance, Leng Aoshuang actually had a violent temper completely different from his looks.

When matters progressed on the third day, he vowed that he would pull out the person within Stranded G.o.d Canyon who was causing him trouble and teach him what pain and despair were.

But by the sixth day, this idea was slowly filtered away before it finally vanished.

If everything was true, then to solve ten problems a day while maintaining this rate of progress…even an idiot knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea to provoke this kind of person.

Run over and grab their head? Perhaps he would be crushed into pieces as soon as they met.

The losses happening in Stranded G.o.d Canyon were far too astonis.h.i.+ng. Even if Leng Aoshuang tried to conceal things it wasn’t something he could withstand by himself. This matter had already reached the family. After an emergency meeting was convened, the Leng Family decided that they would pay the bill in full and then settle things once matters ended.

If the person who caused all of this trouble was indeed difficult to provoke, then naturally things would be forgotten and forgiven. Otherwise…hehe, did this person think it was so easy to take advantage of the Leng Family?

Today was the tenth day.

The correspondence channel had opened. Leng Aoshuan appeared on the surface of the mirror. Although he was expressionless, his mood was already tumbling below the surface.

According to the rising curve of the energy demands, one could judge the approximate difficulty of the problems being solved. The inflection points of the red line rose sharply several times in a row, causing the heart to shake.

Each inflection point represented not just an astonis.h.i.+ng cost of wealth, but it meant that the mysterious cultivator in Stranded G.o.d Canyon was once again exposing their terrifying strength.

“He solved the 97th problem of the rules…” Grandmaster Zhou’s voice shook as he spoke. As he did, his mind trembled with excitement, like surging waves on a great lake.

Stranded G.o.d Canyon was a riddle that had hung above the heads of countless researchers throughout the years. As an array formation grandmaster, he had naturally done his own research into it. Because of this, he understood more than others how unimaginably difficult it was.

Continuously solving 99 problems of the rules was acknowledged by the entire array formation community to be a test that humans could not complete. This was not an irresponsible and random conclusion, but one that came after careful study and deliberation by countless array formation experts. This was the final outcome obtained after numerous rigorous experiments calculated from the increasing degree of difficulty of the questions.

But now, in a period where he was alive, he watched with his own eyes as someone continuously solved 97 problems of the rules. How could Grandmaster Zhou not be excited? He urgently wished to see this mister and ask for advice on the questions and riddles that still plagued his heart.

That’s right, it was mister.

Although he had no idea why this person would appear in Stranded G.o.d Canyon, in Grandmaster Zhou’s opinion, anyone that could achieve this had to be familiar with the path of array formations. They had to be an older generation senior with an immeasurably deep cultivation and a profound level of knowledge.

To politely call him mister was a matter-of-course. If this mister wanted, he was even willing to become his apprentice without hesitation and do his work.

At this moment, there was a cry of alarm in the hidden underground palace. Then the cry came to a sudden stop as if it was a neck seized by an invisible hand.

Following that, a collective gasp came from the underground temple. Shock appeared on everyone’s faces.

In the mirror, even Leng Aoshuang looked as if his b.u.t.tocks had been seared by flames. He leapt up to his feet and his eyes flew open as if they would fly out of his head.

His lips gently s.h.i.+vered and strange syllables came out. No one could hear what he was saying, but it should be some kind of blessing.

Because in the air above the temple chamber, on the array formation image, the red line that represented losses looked as if it had been trampled on. It fiercely rose upward at an almost 90 degree angle.


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