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Chapter 958 – Blood Field

Before dying, Chu Zhezhong complained about the unfairness of fate. But he didn’t know that besides him, countless people ended their lives in a similar way.

Just on the ridge of Overwatch Mountain, where humanity was waging war against the obam race, at least ten similar instances occurred in underground caves.

In addition, spies buried deep within obam territory joined together, using suicidal methods to erupt with terrifying killing power. They turned obam cities into living purgatories.

And within the empire, the Heavenly Punishment Division moved without warning. After reading out the evidence, 13 rebellions were successively eliminated.

In each place, the field was littered with corpses, the blood staining the earth!

There was no right or wrong in a war between races. So while the dead obam could be disregarded right now, a large portion of the ‘rebels’ slain by the empire could be considered ‘innocent’.

But to the First Emperor, none of this mattered. As long as he could survive, what did it matter if a hundred times, or even a thousand times more people died? In terms of significance, his life far outweighed the sum total of all those dead people.

So in the end, fate had nothing to do with fairness. All that mattered was who had the bigger fist…for those that were as weak as ants, that were ultimately their own fault. Who told them to be so weak? That they couldn’t even control their life and death?

Millions upon millions of lives died, their blood gathering into a sea. This blood sacrifice that was enough to shock the world once revealed had been completed.

The blood sacrifice was exchanged for boundless strength that far outstripped one’s imagination. It would be used to support the arrival of two Origin G.o.d existences into the Severed Heaven Abyss.

One person was the First Emperor and the other person had no name…even today, the First Emperor still wasn’t able to determine this person’s ident.i.ty. But, there was one thing he knew for certain. Every Great Dao Seizer in this world could be considered his subordinate.

The First Emperor ascended to the top of this world, looking disdainfully down at society. His knowledge far surpa.s.sed that of common cultivators, thus he naturally knew more about the Great Dao Seizers. In fact, during his long life, he had personally cut down dozens of them.

He understood how cruel, b.l.o.o.d.y, and ruthless it was for a Great Dao Seizer to increase their strength…so if there was an Origin G.o.d boundary Great Dao Seizer, then unless they managed to reach the Origin G.o.d boundary before they degenerated into such a state, then this level of cultivation represented a sea of blood and a mountain of bones!

It was unknown how many amazing and brilliant cultivators had been refined and swallowed, destroyed as they wallowed in fear and unwillingness, all for this person to have an Origin G.o.d level cultivation.

Moreover, before the First Emperor reached the Origin G.o.d boundary and established the Great Chu Empire, Great Dao Seizers had already been active in the world. With this reference in mind, it was likely that this person’s age far surpa.s.sed anyone’s imagination.

Facing a bloodthirsty old monster who had lived for countless years and survived by consuming others, even the First Emperor didn’t dare to underestimate him. In fact, in the depths of his heart, he even felt some vigilance and dread.

So while the First Emperor had agreed to cooperate, from the very beginning he had made other preparations. Of course, he believed that Nameless also realized this, but he didn’t worry. If he could dispel and dark thoughts this other person might be hiding, that was more than enough.

This was because the First Emperor’s condition couldn’t be any worse. He didn’t have much more time he could waste doing nothing.

From every dark corner of Zenith Sovereign Hall, black gas gushed out. It was as thick as mud as it slowly gathered together.

A well appeared. This time it was incomparably real. A figure walked out, covered in black robes. He smiled and said, “Your Majesty, the blood sacrifice is complete. We may leave now.”

The First Emperor stood up, “Let’s go.”

The black robed figure turned and pointed a finger. The round well behind him burst out with an incomparably potent power that flooded the entire hall.

What was strange was that there were no fluctuations outside the hall. Even the imperial palace’s great array formation that had been constructed using countless treasures was unable to sense it in the least.

The well slowly expanded, until it was 10 feet wide. It inside was pitch black, as if it led to eternal death. This Nameless person who was actually the infamous ancestor of all Great Dao Seizers, stepped forward.

Shua –

His figure vanished from sight as he fell deep into the well.

The First Emperor looked at the well, his eyes deep and profound. It was unknown what he was thinking.

He seemed to be hesitating. Or, perhaps he felt something wrong.

But finally, after several breaths of silence, the First Emperor stepped into the well.

As mentioned above, he really was running out of time.

Even if he knew he couldn’t trust this Nameless person and there would be enormous dangers entering the Severed Heaven Abyss, he had no other choice….the First Emperor stood on the precipice of destruction. He could not retreat, he could only give it one final struggle!

Following the agreement, after the blood sacrifice opened the channel, it would allow all the two of them to ignore all obstacles and directly reach the deepest part of the Severed Heaven Abyss. But it was clear this wasn’t the case. A light chuckle sounded out in his ears, “Your Majesty, you really are a good person.”

In the darkness, the First Emperor opened his eyes, his expression calm. “You want to attack me?”

Nameless stood across from him, “You should have guessed this would happen.”


“The channel has opened and it is indeed enough for the two of us to arrive. But, I don’t want to share that thing in the Severed Heaven Abyss with you.”

The First Emperor lightly said, “You’re confident you can win?” He held his hands behind his back and his back straightened. He looked around with disdain as a great aura burst out from his body. “If we fight here, the channel will inevitably collapse, and neither of us will achieve anything.”

Nameless nodded, “I never doubted this. Although your Majesty hasn’t been enlightened for long, as the founder of a nation, you have the destiny of an empire supporting you. Your true strength is not much weaker than my own.”

He paused and continued to say, “But my advantage is that I have lived for far, far longer than you have. And, I’ve also made some preparations ahead of time.”

The First Emperor looked deeply at him. Without saying anything, he took a step forward. A boundless aura instantly erupted. When an Origin G.o.d attacked, it was like a volcano awakening. The terrifying might behind it could shake the heavens and earth.

The channel in the darkness immediately began to fiercely shake. But, Nameless didn’t seem worried about this. He smiled and said, “From the moment your Majesty stepped into here, everything has been decided. So, why do you keep on trying with these futile attempts?”

As his voice fell, he pointed a finger between his eyebrows. With a bang, the person’s body exploded. Thick and viscous blood instantly spread out.

Like blood dripping into clear water, it spread at an astonis.h.i.+ng rate. It covered up all the darkness in a blink of an eye, turning everything red!

The First Emperor’s pupils shrank, anger and shock in his eyes. Because what he saw had surpa.s.sed his expectations.

Nameless…had imploded.

He clearly sensed this; there was no doubt about it. Before an Origin G.o.d existence actually fought, he had imploded on his own initiative.

What was going on here?

But soon, the First Emperor understood everything. He looked at the blood red light that was howling towards him from all directions. He whispered, “So, this was only your puppet. No wonder it was Nameless….”

In the next moment, the blood red light submerged the First Emperor.

Qin Yu suddenly stopped. His eyes stared at the floor as a touch of scarlet entered his vision. The sticky, blood red color resembled a branch that was baring its teeth and claws, then it began to extend and wildly grow in the snow.

Then, it expanded without end, doing its best to stretch out. The branches collided, fusing with each other.

Thus, the snowfield gradually turned into a blood field!

Hou –

Hou –

Deep and resonant roars came from deep within the blood field. The ground tumbled, rising and falling, as if terrifying life forms hidden within were tearing their way out.

Qin Yu’s pupils shrank. Without hesitation, he completely restrained his aura and hurtled away like a falling meteor.

Bang –

The blood red snow layer on the ground shattered in an instant. Qin Yu fell into it. The sun and moon force field instantly spread out, covering him and Hu Shan.

“Shh, don’t say a single word!”

Qin Yu stared at the blood red snow in front of him. It slowly trembled, falling back down after several breaths of time. A huge eyeball emerged from behind the layer of snow. It coldly swept its gaze around.

Qin Yu and Hu Shan were less than 10 feet away from this eyeball. They could even see their reflection within it.

But for some unknown reason, the master of this eyeball was unable to see them. The eyeball turned around a few times, revealing a bit of doubt as it continued to move forward.

The eyeball came closer and closer. Qin Yu could even smell the scent of decay coming from it, as if it had been buried in the earth for countless years.

Hu Shan tensed up, her face pale. But Qin Yu’s hand that held her remained calm and unshaking. If it wasn’t for him, she would have likely screamed out loud already.

In truth, Qin Yu was also very nervous. But one of his special characteristics was that the greater a danger was, the quieter and more focused he became. Although he had already prepared for the worst in his heart and could burst out with his greatest combat strength at any moment, he didn’t reveal any of this.

Then, there was an angry roar. Qin Yu’s body tightened up and dark golden light surged in the depths of his eyes. But in the end, he suppressed his impulse to attack. The giant eyeball suddenly retreated. A loud series of explosions followed.

The blood red layer of snow all around them frantically tumbled, as if it was a raging sea. Each snowflake was filled with a formidable power, as if they were each a giant boulder.

Qin Yu’s complexion was pale. He was like a leaf dancing in a storm, about to be pulled in and torn to pieces at any moment. But he stayed in place, motionless, like a rock that quietly withstood every impact.

Hu Shan bit her lips. She could clearly feel the great pressure Qin Yu was under right now. And she knew the reason she wasn’t affected was because he was blocking everything for him.

In fact, while this pressure was terrifying, Hu Shan could still resist it. To be more exact, it was that mysterious existence within her that could easily accomplish this.

But each time she woke up, that would create an immense loss to Hu Shan. What she lost was her vitality and lifespan. Qin Yu was helping her because it was the promise he made to her father before he died.

If he maintained his silence, then he wouldn’t have to endure all of this. But after Qin Yu realized her ident.i.ty, he honestly told her the truth.

At this moment, leaning into Qin Yu, for the first time Hu Shan felt what it was like to be protected by someone else, and what it felt like to be able to rely on someone else. Warmth filled her heart.

Later, as the snow surged around them, Qin Yu suddenly moved. He stepped forward and howled away.

He suddenly stopped and changed directions, before pausing once again…it was like dancing on the edge of a blade, every movement was subtle, exactly avoiding the crus.h.i.+ng power of the snow all around them.

Even if he couldn’t evade the snow, he would still guarantee that he had to withstand the least amount of crus.h.i.+ng force possible.

Several breaths of time later, Qin Yu and Hu Shan retreated extremely far away.

This so-called extreme distance was not just horizontal. This was because he didn’t retreat in a straight line. He constantly sank lower and lower, until he hid away in the depths of the snow.

The reason was simple. The horrifying beings slumbering deep within the snowfield had been revived after the snowfield turned into a blood field. Any creatures exposed above the blood field would automatically become targets that were mercilessly attacked.

On the other hand, if Qin Yu hid deep beneath the blood red snow, he had some a.s.surance he could avoid their attacks.


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