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Chapter 788 – Borrowing Power to Open the Door

When the puppet picked up the saber, Qin Yu felt a chill run through his heart. It was like he had fallen into an icy lake and the blood in his body was about to freeze over.

This saber could kill him!

There was no reason to think this. But, Qin Yu never doubted his intuition.

When the puppet turned around and looked at him, that chilling feeling reached the peak. Qin Yu thought he could hear the trembling of his soul.

Shua –

The saber cut down. Even though there were no fluctuations of aura, Qin Yu’s pupils shrank. But before he could put up any resistance, there was a humming in his mind. The next thing he knew, he had become an observer within his own body.

“There’s been an accident. Allow me to handle matters temporarily. Do not worry, you will not die.” The Ancient’s voice resounded in him.

In the next instant, everyone could sense Qin Yu’s aura change.

No, to be more exact, there was an additional sense of invisible momentum to him.

This was the temperament that only someone who stood near the peak could possess, someone who could decide the lives and deaths of a trillion beings with a thought alone.

Everywhere he looked, everyone would crawl beneath his feet. Those who dared to resist him…would die!

Twilight fiercely looked up. She dully looked at Qin Yu. At this moment, she thought she could see her master from the past.

Saber light erupted. As if receiving some kind of stimulation, it appeared from nowhere.

Feeling the terrifying strength within the saber light, Twilight’s heart trembled. She shouted out, “No!”

But it was obvious that there wasn’t any time to do anything. With her hand stretched out, she could only stare on helplessly as the saber light cut down.

Fis.h.i.+ng the Heavens was a natural ability she was born with. Although she hadn’t personally touched the broken saber, she could faintly feel the destructive attributes it contained. With her master’s current level of strength, there was no way he could block it.

‘Qin Yu’ looked at Twilight. There were no fluctuations in his gaze. Then, he lifted a hand and punched forward.

As this fist fell, the s.h.i.+vering black wolf cried out in pity. His body was sent flying away and the winged wolf phantom dispersed.

The complexion of the youth from the northern border changed. The spear in his hands loudly hummed and cried. A formidable shaking strength shattered his palm, causing blood to recklessly flow out.

He held on with all his strength. He could hear the clear sounds of the bones in his hands breaking apart. But no matter how much he tried, he was sent tumbling away just like the black wolf, careening into the turbulent spatial flow.

The black shadow up above that covered everything suddenly blew apart. An extremely violent strength burst out, tearing open a series of cracks.

The Chief Judge’s complexion changed. He lifted his hands and holy light surged out, quickly wrapping around his body.

Dorelis stood behind him. She shouted out, “Protection of Light!”

She never imagined that in this short period of time, she would be forced to use the Protection of Light twice. The amount of power she could utilize through this projection was just too weak and little.

But what was even more important was that the strength of this person in front of her was more formidable than she expected.

He was truly worthy of being the existence that was able to fight against the Dao Monarch in the past. Even though he had been defeated, he had caused the Dao Monarch to suffer a severe injury.

If it weren’t for that, the Dao Monarch wouldn’t have suffered an accident afterwards and have been left in a dormant slumbering condition even until now.

Dang –

Cracks covered the Protection of Light, but it endured once again. The Chief Judge and Dorelis were sent storming backwards. Even though they also crashed into the turbulent spatial flow, they were in a much better state than the black wolf.

Of course, they had to pay a price.

Dorelis forced a smile. The strength in this projection was nearly exhausted. She wouldn’t have a chance to do anything else, otherwise she would simply fade away.

Compared to what she thought originally, this was far too little time. It simply wasn’t enough.

Twilight spat out a mouthful of blood. She didn’t put up any resistance at all and allowed this punch to send her flying away. Her eyes were calm and sad.

She should just die like this. To her, going to the yellow springs with her master might be the best ending she could hope for.

With just a punch, it seemed that everyone had withstood a brutal frontal attack. Besides the Dark Parliament’s puppet that was holding the saber, all the other parties gathered here were pushed back.

Even if it was the same level of strength in Qin Yu’s body, when personally controlled by the Ancient instead, the power he could erupt with was as different as night and day.

And at this time, the power of the fist didn’t pause as it collided with the saber light!

With a loud cough, Qin Yu’s face paled. A blood red line appeared between his eyebrows and pa.s.sed over the tip of his nose. He spat out a mouthful of congested blood. Taking advantage of the force behind the strike, he rapidly retreated backwards, breaking into the turbulent spatial flow and running away.

“Chase him! We cannot allow the Dragon City Master to escape!”

“He’s been injured. As long as we can cut him again, the Dragon City Master will die!”

“Hurry up, he can run away too quickly!”

With loud roars, everyone hurtled forward. With the Dark Parliament’s puppet in the lead, they all chased after the direction ‘Qin Yu’ fled in.

Twilight was stunned. She never imagined that her master would try to escape. Surprise flashed in her eyes. She pursed her lips and eventually followed behind.

Although Qin Yu had lost control of his body, it seemed that the Ancient was trying to make him feel more at ease, and thus allowed him to clearly feel every change occurring in his body.

So Qin Yu was able to clearly feel that in the collision, the Ancient had only lost a tiny bit of strength and wasn’t actually injured. If he was running away now, he had to have another goal in mind.

Just what was he trying to do?

As Qin Yu was deep in thought, the speed at which they shuttled through s.p.a.ce suddenly slowed down.

The pursuers behind were able to sense this change. Their faces lit up with joy. As they thought, the Dragon City Master had used some kind of secret art to explode with a sudden burst of strength. He wasn’t able to maintain it for too long.

Moreover, after using such secret arts that allowed one to explode with power, there would usually be a period of weakness. In other words, if everything went as expected, the Dragon City Master would grow increasingly slow.

In truth, everything proceeded as they wished. The distance between the two sides continued to shrink and a look of stimulated excitement started to cross their faces.

To chase down the legendary Dragon City Master who had suppressed the dragon race and conquered this world, this was an incomparably wonderful feeling. What was even more wonderful was that this peerless powerhouse who once ruled his own era would soon perish in their hands.

The black wolf panted for breath, a fierce pain burning through his chest. After breaking free from the saber, he had suffered extremely heavy injuries. It was difficult for him to maintain such a high speed and even now his injuries were worsening.

But at this time, he couldn’t feel the pain in his body. His eyes were bright and clear, with only a single thought in his mind – kill him!

Suddenly, the Dragon City Master’s aura vanished. The pursuers weren’t angered or shocked at all. Rather, they were even more delighted.

He wouldn’t be able to last much longer!

They soon arrived at the place where the Dragon City Master’s aura vanished. The shaken flow of s.p.a.ce here had yet to be restored. The puppet lifted a hand and slashed out. The turbulent flow of s.p.a.ce was cut open, revealing a channel to the outside world.

Shua –

Everyone flew out and a giant plain appeared in front of them. This place was dry and desolate with only a few weeds scattered about, feebly growing. Large patches of red dirt were exposed.

This was the Red Soil Basin, an extremely barren area located north of the Eastern Plains. It wasn’t too far from the boundary of the Western Tomb.

Everyone swept their eyes around and determined their position. Then, their eyes landed on the deathly pale Qin Yu who had bloodstains on the corners of his lips.

They sensed his wildly fluctuating aura; it was indeed on the verge of collapse. But, no one doubted that the Dragon City Master had methods that could pull others into the grave with him.

Since they could already see the dawn of victory, no one wanted to die here. In the silence, the Dark Parliament’s puppet lifted its hand, aiming the saber at Qin Yu.

Shua –

Without pause, saber light crossed through s.p.a.ce. The heavens and earth split apart, forming two extremely straight cracks. With loud rumbles, a terrifying aura arrived.

Qin Yu lifted his arms and a mountain phantom appeared in front of him. When the shocking saber strike slashed into it, the mountain phantom fiercely shook and ripples spread over its surface. Qin Yu staggered backwards and spat out another mouthful of blood. After blocking this saber strike, the wobbling mountain phantom quickly stabilized.

The black wolf said, “I know this technique. It is the Dragon City Master’s most formidable defensive technique. Unless you can instantly erupt with a strength that surpa.s.ses its withstanding limits, it will never break.”

He looked at the puppet, “Senators, please activate the full strength of the puppet. We cannot delay any further. No one knows what will happen in the next second.”

When the Dragon City Master was killed in the past, his rule and authority quickly fell apart. But, there were still forces who pledged their allegiance to him. These forces were rapidly suppressed by the joint collaboration of everyone else, leaving them to gradually disappear.

But they still existed. They remained active in the shadows, waiting and hoping for the revival of the Dragon City Master. News of what occurred in Dragon City had inevitably spread out and these people would learn about it sooner or later. If they chose to meddle, all sorts of accidents could occur.

This could not be allowed!

“This time, the Dark Parliament has played a great role in slaying the Dragon City Master. The northern border will be sure to deliver our heartfelt regards.”

“The Western Tomb Divine Church will owe the Dark Parliament a favor. In the future, you may ask the Divine Church for help.”

A deep voice came from the great shadow. “With your actions today, you will surely receive the rewards you deserve!”

The puppet was silent for a brief time. Then, Sage’s voice echoed out, “Because Senator Morning Star is absent today, if we wish to activate the complete strength of the puppet, I and the other five Senators will need to withstand tremendous pressure. So, I hope that you all remember what you’ve said today and don’t go back on your word in the future.”

As his voice fell, changes occurred on the surface of the puppet. Dark golden textures appeared, weaving together into mysterious line patterns. They started on the top of the puppet’s head and spread to every corner of its body.

Its gray and bleak eyes were now grayish-white, like withered gra.s.s that had been frozen. Just by looking into these eyes, one could feel the deathly intent within them!

The puppet didn’t release another sound. It lifted the saber. This simple movement seemed to exhaust all its strength.

Then it slashed down!

Qin Yu’s mind blanked out. At this time, he could feel as if he had already died before the saber light had even reached him.

But this blank state only lasted for a short time. He immediately woke up and heard the voice of the Ancient in his ears.

“It’s now.”

What did he mean now? What was he waiting for?

Questions appeared in Qin Yu’s mind. But before he could ask them, a heaven-shaking explosion broke out. He stared on helplessly as his body violently vomited blood and retreated backwards. Yet, he didn’t feel anything at all. He couldn’t help but feel strange about all of this.

This time, Qin Yu could sense that the Ancient had been injured. This was different from his pretend act of before; his aura had weakened.

But Qin Yu didn’t sense any panic. Rather, there was excitement here. Just what was he planning on doing?

The terrifying collision of strength in the Red Soil Basin was like a million bombs going off in unison. A ma.s.sive mushroom cloud soared into the skies. The earth was smashed apart and s.p.a.ce was torn to pieces. Horrific shockwaves of raging strength spread out, covering more and more area.

‘Qin Yu’ paused. He looked up and a smile appeared on his face.

It had finally opened!

Without any hesitation, he flew forward. He crashed into the broken s.p.a.ce like a meteor.

In that broken s.p.a.ce, a partly visible stone door appeared. Its surface was mottled and it exuded a rich aura. It seemed as if it had stood there for countless years.

At this time, a slit had been opened up in the stone door and a bit of aura came out from it. The black wolf and Twilight both quaked, fear and awe instinctively s.h.i.+ning in their eyes.

The black wolf screamed, “That is the Dragon City Master’s body! We’ve been fooled! He borrowed the strength of the saber to break open the entrance!”

It screamed in horror, “Hurry, hurry, hurry! We have to stop the Dragon City Master from obtaining his split up body, otherwise his strength will drastically rise and we will all die!”


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