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Chapter 452

Chapter 452 – Grand Authority Chu Wants to Fly

In one day, news that Alchemy Grand Authority Chu Taidou was challenging the Ancient Perishment Decree’s ninth-ranked Qin Yu spread throughout the entirety of Four Seasons City at an incredible speed . At the inn, when Ning Liang obtained news of this her face filled with worry . But when she thought about how Qin Yu had cured her body’s cold poison, she knew his alchemy strength must be unfathomably deep . Even if he were to face someone like Chu Taidou, there was still a chance he could win .

As she was relaxing a little, Ning Rufeng suddenly smiled across from her . “You little girl, once Qin Yu is defeated in the challenge, your opportunity will come . You must grasp this chance!”

Ning Liang had an anxious expression . “Grandfather, Grand Authority Qin has amazing alchemy skills . How do you know he will lose to Chu Taidou?”

Ning Rufeng smiled and sighed . “You are still young so there are some things you wouldn’t completely understand . Although Chu Taidou is despicable, he is an undeniably smart person . Would a smart person leap out at this time to seek trouble with Qin Yu? This matter isn’t simple at all . If I’m not wrong, Chu Taidou is being pushed from behind by the Immortal Sect . ”

He paused and then continued, “With the Immortal Sect’s strength, since they chose Chu Taidou to act in their place, they must have completed all failsafe preparations . Qin Yu is strong, but he won’t win this challenge . ”

If he couldn’t win, then he would naturally lose!

Ning Liang stormed up to her feet . “No, this isn’t good . I have to warn Grand Authority Qin and tell him to refuse Chu Taidou’s challenge!”

Ning Rufeng waved his hand . “Sit down . Qin Yu has already accepted the challenge so how can he go back on his word? It is already too late . ”

“Grandfather! We owe Grand Authority Qin a deep graciousness . Even if we are too late, we can’t just stare helplessly on as he falls into the trap of others!” Ning Liang started to walk outside .

Ning Rufeng sighed . “You little girl, can’t you calm down and see things clearly? Listen to me finish speaking first! Don’t lose your rational thinking just because Qin Yu is involved!” His expression became gentle and earnest . “Qin Yu is currently ranked on the Ancient Perishment Decree . In terms of strength, character, and . methods, everything he does is first rate . Do you think he hasn’t thought of these things already? No, it’s just that you don’t completely understand . Qin Yu knows perfectly well that there is something strange happening here, but he still dares to agree . It’s clear he is confident that he can take the gambling stake that Chu Taidou set forth .

“Qin Yu is young and ambitious . Although he has to worry about the Immortal Sect on the outside, he is surely a proud young man . If you try to persuade him to go back on his word and refuse the challenge, he won’t necessarily feel grateful towards you and might even think you are bothersome . Little girl, ponder it carefully . Don’t you think grandfather is right?”

Ning Liang bit her lips . She couldn’t help but acknowledge that what Ning Rufeng said made sense . “Grandfather, what do we do?”

Ning Rufeng replied, “Wait . Wait until Qin Yu loses, for him to have nowhere else to go . ”

Ning Liang’s eyes widened . Her face was filled with an expression of disbelief and betrayal, as if she had never known her grandfather all along!

“You stinky little girl, what kind of side eye are you giving me? First of all, the reality is that there is nothing we can do, so waiting is our only choice . Moreover, this will be your best time to move Qin Yu!” Ning Rufeng wryly smiled, but his tone was serious . “Once Qin Yu loses, the Immortal Sect will surely have subsequent parties waiting for him afterwards . At that time, you can appear by his side . In the darkest moments of Qin Yu’s life, you accompanying him by his side will be proof that you are willing to withstand all of this with him!

“When men are in a fragile moment, that is the best time for them to be moved by women . You can place a mark in his heart that can never be erased . Then, you can tell Qin Yu that the Ning Family is willing to help him . As a n.o.ble family of the Demonic Path with an official t.i.tle, we have our own estate in the small world of the Demonic Path . As long as he so desires, our Ning Family can bring him in . We can even recommend for him to truly enter the Demonic Path!”

Ning Rufeng’s eyes started to s.h.i.+ne with confidence . “In the Land of Divinity and Demons, the Seven Empires are vast and boundless . There is also the Dao Arena, Shadow’s Edge, the Abyss, and other such formidable influences . But out of all of them, the only one that can truly contend with the Immortal Sect is our Demonic Path . Qin Yu will definitely understand this . If he wants to survive and smoothly grow, the best choice will be for him to join the Demonic Path . ”

As for the Ning Family, they could borrow Qin Yu’s strength to rise once more and become a true n.o.ble family of the Demonic Path . They could recover and even surpa.s.s their most glorious years!

Of course, there was no need to tell these things to Ning Liang . If she could maintain a pure conscience then she could be truly relaxed in front of Qin Yu . It was best if she said everything from the bottom of her heart .

Soon, three days pa.s.sed . The battle between Chu Taidou and Qin Yu would be held in the grand plaza of Four Seasons City . This was the core region of Four Seasons City and most of the city administrative work locations were situated around it . Since the two people ‘sparring’ were not average cultivators, their location had to conform to their status .

Ning Rufeng arrived early with the Ning Family cultivators in tow . Because they spent a considerable amount of money purchasing tickets, they were seated in a relatively good location . They were at the third row from the south and could clearly see the blue stone platform that was constructed in the middle of the grand plaza .

Of course, to use the word ‘constructed’ wasn’t accurate . This was because this grand plaza itself was the key location of Four Seasons City’s grand array formation . It had a consciousness of its own and could easily change its external features . For instance, this high platform . As long as there was permission from the City Lord Mansion and the approval of the array spirit, this platform would appear in just several breaths of time .

Ning Liang frowned . She revealed a worried expression . She looked for Qin Yu, but there was still some time before the compet.i.tion started so he hadn’t arrived yet .

There could be said to be a sea of people in the grand plaza today . Whether it was Chu Taidou or Qin Yu, they both drew the attention of all eyes onto them . This was especially true after various rumors were widely spread out . All sorts of plots and backstories were made up, causing even more people to rush over here for the excitement .

There was a sudden burst of noise . In the distance, a long convoy of cars slowly glided over . They made a perfect arc around and stopped in a corner of the grand plaza .

Countless doors opened . Numerous black-clothed cultivators stepped out . Each one had a sharp light in their eyes and a formidable aura .

Qi Cheng pushed open the front seat door and quickly walked to the back, respectfully opening the door . “Teacher, we have arrived . ”

Chu Taidou sat in meditation with his eyes closed . His eyes slowly opened and a swift light flashed in his eyes, like the reflection of a sword in the dark night . He stepped out from the car, a warm and gentle smile on his face . He wore the long white robes of a high level alchemist, giving him a handsome and elegant demeanor .

Grand Authority Chu had made a spectacular entrance . He deliberately made sure to make this as dazzling an appearance as possible . He smiled at the crowds of cultivators as he calmly walked towards the grand plaza .

This performance immediately drew many loud cheers . As an Alchemy Grand Authority who had been established in Four Seasons City for many years, he had countless fans and thus numerous supporters .

And at this time, another convoy of cars arrived . The scale was no less than Chu Taidou’s; it was even a bit more magnificent . On the front of every speedcar, one could clearly see the conspicuous figure of a flying G.o.ddess . The figures reflected a seven-colored s.h.i.+ne beneath the sunlight . Even from far away one could feel the n.o.ble and dignified aura they emitted .

These were the speedcars that were exclusively used by the Dao Arena . It was said that the sect which made these flying G.o.ddess speedcars had the Dao Arena standing in the shadows behind them . Although no one could verify this, the Dao Arena recklessly purchasing these speedcars and using them exclusively was a fact .

Flying G.o.ddess speedcars had a mind-boggling price point . Similarly, their manufacturing cost was equally high . Not to mention their perfect travel time or their formidable protective frame, just the flying G.o.ddess figurine on the hood of the speedcars was an extremely precious treasure . They were said to contain supernatural arts of a descending G.o.ddess . Once they were activated, one could choose their offensive or defensive option . The power was comparable to the casual strike of a common almighty being!

This was a representation of the Dao Arena . And right now, Qin Yu was living in the Dao Arena .

The speedcars stopped near the grand plaza . Dao Arena cultivators quickly stepped out of their cars and respectfully opened the door . Countless cultivators widened their eyes . They finally saw a black-robed youth step out from the speedcar . Their eyes filled with shock as they subconsciously stared; so this is what Qin Yu looked like all along .

This could be considered the first time that Qin Yu revealed his true appearance publicly in Four Seasons City .

Many men bitterly smiled . Hey, you are already so fierce but you’re even young, handsome, and heroic . How are we supposed to live?

Fortunately, you might suffer some bad luck today . This sort of monstrous heaven-defying genius was born just to demolish the confidence of others . It was best if the heavens took him back as soon as possible!

The eyes of numerous female cultivators brightened . Although the master of the Dao Arena was always mysterious, he had lived in the Land of Divinity and Demons long enough that there were many widely spread and interesting sayings attributed to him .

For instance: Women, whether or not they valued wisdom, cultivation, intelligence, or personality, ultimately they were all members of the Looks a.s.sociation .

This saying now made sense .

Many female cultivators had righteously supported Grand Authority Chu before this, but now they were actually beginning to hesitate .

Qin Yu looked so handsome, cool, and das.h.i.+ng; he should be extremely fierce, right? But today, Grand Authority Chu had come here with ill intent . If Qin Yu lost, wouldn’t he suffer afterwards? Many wide and sparkling eyes began to s.h.i.+mmer with tears and worry .

Many great figures of Four Seasons City who had brought their daughters here to open their eyes suddenly started to bitterly smile . They turned and hurriedly began to give warnings in low hushed tones . Their tone might be mild, they might give long-winded explanations, or they could even be direct and to the point, but all of them said the same thing except for a few minor differences: you can only look at Qin Yu from afar and can’t approach him . Otherwise, as your father I will break your leg!

Ning Liang’s eyes brightened . It had been a long time since she last saw Qin Yu . Her heartbeat couldn’t help but accelerate . She glanced at the crazed women all around her and snorted . Just what were they looking at? If they kept looking she would stab their eyes out! But as soon as these angry thoughts appeared in her mind she was startled out of them . A blush appeared on her face; was this jealousy?

But she was still worried even as she suppressed all of these emotions . She looked at Qin Yu standing in front of the crowd . She understood that if things happened the way that her grandfather said they would, that would be the best possible result for her . But, she didn’t want to see Qin Yu lose . Such an outstanding, proud, and heroic young man should be forever glorious; how could he suffer in the shadow of defeat? Qin Yu, you can do it! You can definitely win!

Standing near the speedcar, Qin Yu seemed to sense something . He looked up and met Ning Liang’s gaze . The corners of his lips lifted in a smile and he waved his hand in greetings .


“Qin Yu waved at me!”

“What a handsome smile!”

“I’m falling for him!”

The screams filling the air thrust straight into the eardrums .

Ning Liang smiled and nodded at Qin Yu . She swept her gaze over the screeching women all around her and a bit of pride rose in her heart . What are you all excited about? The only one in his eyes right now is me!

“Grand Authority Qin, I am extremely happy that you accepted my challenge . When a person’s alchemy skills reach our boundary, it’s much more difficult to advance any further . As a result, we should compete more often in the hopes that we can glean a vision of our road to advancement!” Chu Taidou had a sincere expression . His eyes were bright and happy . If one didn’t understand the true situation, they really might fall for his nonsensical lies .

A movie star level character was truly good at acting!

Qin Yu smiled . “I also feel that Grand Authority Chu is a good person . ” He gestured his hand in invitation and walked towards the central blue stone platform first . Chu Taidou was left behind in a confused daze . Why had he been called a good person for no reason at all? Even if Qin Yu wasn’t angry, he should still be cold and quiet . Could he be so stupid that he didn’t sense anything? Or was he confident? If someone could be ranked on the Ancient Perishment Decree, this clearly proved they had ample brainpower, so it could only be the latter .

Chu Taidou chuckled . Qin Yu was indeed a high-spirited young man, his fearlessness and daring were enviable . But, he would soon discover that reality was always far more brutal than he could ever imagine . He touched a ring on his finger . Feeling the cool sensation, he calmed down a little .

If he was 80% confident in this ‘spar’ beforehand, then he was now completely confident in himself . The Immortal Sect was worthy of being called the most powerful influence with the deepest background . They actually possessed such a supreme alchemy treasure . With it helping him, there was no chance that Qin Yu could win .

And as long as he could win, the Immortal Sect promised him that he could borrow this supreme alchemy treasure for a hundred years . Although it wasn’t being given to him, Chu Taidou was more than satisfied with the conditions . To have such a treasure for a hundred years was already a great stroke of fortune . If things went as he expected, his alchemy skills would rise to a whole new level in the next hundred years .

Chu Taidou shook his head and dismissed these thoughts . He seemed to be thinking too far into the future . Right now, dealing with the present was the most important thing he needed to worry about . First, he needed to obtain victory in today’s ‘spar’ and thrust Qin Yu into an abyss that was beyond redemption . Only such a perfect stepping stone could allow him to soar into the heavens!


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