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Chapter 436

Chapter 436 – Threat

The morning light sprinkled upon the ground, lending a hazy atmosphere to the rising mist . A group of young men who had been drinking and partying all night wandered through the streets with debauched laughter, their att.i.tudes arrogant and insolent . Pedestrians avoided the group, not daring to provoke them, causing these young men to laugh even louder and become even more unbridled .

Qi Cheng smiled . Many years ago he had been one of these people; it was really a time of his life that he looked back on with lingering emotions . But now, he finally understood that in order to truly live a happy life, one needed sufficient strength . Next, one needed a large enough backer .

Thus he had bid farewell to his previous life and became one of his honorable master’s disciples . His talent wasn’t the highest, but he was actually the most highly regarded by his teacher and was given the job of handling most tasks .

For instance, today .

He looked up at the signboard of the Western Mountain Inn . After appreciating it for a moment, he stepped inside and casually chose a table to sit at . Then, he called over a young waiter and ordered some small dishes . He slowly chewed, and as he ate the last steamed bun, he patted his belly in satisfaction . By this time, the sun had risen up high . The bright sunlight s.h.i.+ned against him, warming his body .

“I’ve eaten my fill so it’s about time to get to work . ” Qi Cheng stood up and casually walked towards the back courtyard path . He hadn’t registered for accommodation at the inn, and so according to its rules, he shouldn’t have been allowed back in the accommodation area . But, the several servants who stood at the intersection of the street seemed as if they didn’t see him at all and allowed him to freely stroll past .

The Western Mountain Inn couldn’t be considered too large, but in terms of garden scenery, they were amongst the best in Four Seasons City . Though the city was covered in a world of ice and snow, they had repaired and maintained this region enough that it gave off a wondrous aesthetic sense . Pa.s.sing over the thick snow, pa.s.sing through a bamboo grove, and then making his way around a small lake that wasn’t frozen and still emitted steam, Qi Cheng finally came to the corner of the lake where mist separated two different courtyards .

“Who are you! Halt!” The attendant shouted with a wary expression .

Qi Cheng stopped and smiled . “Are you a Ning Family cultivator? You aren’t defending your miss, so why are you out here?”

The attendant’s pupils shrank . “Who are you?”

Qi Cheng’s happy expression became richer . “My name is Qi Cheng . I am Grand Authority Ning’s disciple . I am here to visit Grandmaster Ning Qin . ” He swept his eyes over the several surrounding people . “You should all know that with my status, I have no reason to speak nonsense with you people, so I don’t want to speak much more . Otherwise I will be unhappy, and even if I were to kill all of you here, no one would say anything . ”

The attendant stiffened and the several other Ning Family cultivators also revealed looks of fear . Although Qi Cheng was still smiling, they could feel the piercing cold in his eyes .

He wasn’t just joking around . If he wanted to kill them…he would really kill them!

A light flashed in the attendant’s palm and a jade slip appeared . He crushed it and then clenched his teeth and moved forward . “I am here on the orders of Grandmaster Ning to defend this area . No one can disturb…”

Qi Cheng moved, his actions interrupting the attendant . He thrust his hands forward and the pressure of a peak Divine Soul erupted . The attendant froze in place, simply unable to move .

Creak –

The courtyard doors opened from within and a black-robed figure stepped out . As his foot touched the ground, the terrifying pressure that trapped the attendant instantly shattered . Qi Cheng stuffily humphed and drew back several steps, anger flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes . But soon, he smiled and said, “You must be Grandmaster Ning Qin . My name is Qi Cheng . I am here under orders from my honorable master to visit grandmaster . ”

The attendant was saved from the precipice of death . He had a gratified expression, “Thank you for saving me, grandmaster!”

Qin Yu lightly said, “Leave . ” He didn’t even glance at Qi Cheng and instead brought the several Ning Family people to leave .

This sort of disregard was the greatest form of contempt . Qi Cheng’s smile froze, turning into cold indifference . “Grandmaster Ning, my honorable master is Chu Taidou, otherwise known as Grand Authority Chu! I came here to visit on behalf of him and your manners are simply too disrespectful!”

Qin Yu paused for a moment . The eyes beneath his hood were frigid . “In my dwelling, you dare to harm my people . If it weren’t for consideration of Grand Authority Chu, do you think you could leave here intact? Leave before I change my mind . ”

Qi Cheng was enraged . But, he had always been called a cunning and tricky individual . Although he was angry, he didn’t reveal it . Instead, his voice became increasingly cold, “Grandmaster Ning Qin, you shouldn’t be so confident in yourself!”

“Leave, or I will make you leave . ” Qin Yu calmly replied .

QI Cheng took a deep breath . “Good . Then I will truthfully pa.s.s on grandmaster’s att.i.tude to my honorable master . I hope that grandmaster’s stay in Four Seasons City will be smooth from now on . ”

He turned and walked away, soon vanis.h.i.+ng from sight .

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with a dense light . To threaten him here? If it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t want to cause trouble right now, he would have taught that person a lesson .

“Let’s go . ”

The attendant and others all revealed looks of wors.h.i.+p . Grandmaster Ning Qin was so strong and valiant! He didn’t even fear not giving Chu Taidou any face .

Ning Yuntao soon rushed over . He worriedly asked, “Grandmaster Ning, are you alright?”

Qin Yu said, “I’m fine . Go, we shouldn’t delay today’s treatment . ”

Ning Yuntao relaxed a little . It seemed that Ning Qin didn’t have any intention of retreating . But as he thought about the news he received today and how the treatment had happened just yesterday, his complexion suddenly paled .

It was clear there was a spy in their Ning Family!

“d.a.m.n it!” Ning Yuntao roared inwardly . As soon as Qin Yu entered Ning Liang’s room, he turned and howled out, “Call everyone here!”

Soon, all cultivators from the Ning Family had gathered in the courtyard . They already knew what had happened; anger and nausea were interwoven on their faces .

Zong Yingming stood in the midst of the crowd, his heart restless . But, he displayed an extremely angry expression outwardly .

Ning Yuntao’s icy cold eyes swept over the crowd . “That’s right, I may not know who it was that revealed this matter, but I know it was one of you . Today, unless I give permission, everyone must stay in their rooms and no one can take half a step out! I guarantee you all that I will find this traitor!”

Within the silence, Ning Yuntao quietly said, “Yingming, stay behind and help me handle some things . ”

Zong Yingming’s heart loosened . He respectfully bowed . “Yes, uncle!” He took a step forward and said, “After cousin’s daily treatments, she still needs maids to care for her . The three maids have cared for her since childhood and they don’t have much relation with the outside world . They should be trustworthy . It would be better to allow them to stay . ”

Ning Yuntao nodded . “That’s a good idea . It was me who didn’t fully consider things . The three of you can stay and look after the miss . Everyone else go back to your rooms . ” He turned and looked at Ning Liang’s room . The inside was peaceful; it was clear that treatment had already begun . But for some reason, he frowned, unable to rid himself of the restless feeling in his heart .

Although Ning Qin hadn’t changed his thoughts now, since Chu Taidou knew about this, he would never give up .

Could Ning Qin persist through this?

Ning Yuntao quietly said, “Yingming, immediately send a message to the family and inform the old master of this matter . Have him dispatch masters from the family here . ”

This matter had already been exposed so there was no need to try to keep concealing it . He hoped that the Ning Family could block the suppression of Chu Taidou!

At this time, there was a great thunderous sound from the front of the dwelling . Ning Yuntao’s complexion changed, “What is happening?”

Bang –

Bang –

Roaring sounds continued to surge in . Two cultivators fled from the front entrance, chased after by four people .

The courtyard did have array formations but they were mostly for warning and isolating purposes . They didn’t have much in terms of defensive capabilities .

As several people fought, shockwaves spread out . The ground cracked and buildings collapsed, the chaos arriving right where they were!

Ning Yuntao stepped forward, blocking the two fleeing people behind him . “Draw back!”

He thrust out a hand . The aura of the Blue Sea realm erupted and the two cultivators revealed looks of fear . But soon, their eyes filled with a manic expression . They screamed and their bodies suddenly inflated like balloons . Countless tiny blood vessels burst open on their skin . It was like countless cracks had appeared on the surface of their bodies; it was a strange and macabre sight .

Ning Yuntao’s complexion changed . At this time, one of the cultivators suddenly surged in speed and shot towards him like a thrown boulder .

Bang –

There was a heaven-shaking bang . As the cultivator approached he instantly exploded, his flesh and blood reduced to ashes from the terrifying strength . Ning Yuntao cried out loud . A layer of black light appeared on his body just before he was submerged in the explosive force .

And at this time, another fleeing cultivator reached the courtyard . His blood red eyes had already locked onto Ning Liang’s room and he was wildly running towards it .

Zong Yingming’s eyes widened with anger . He had only wanted to stop the treatment and have Ning Qin pay the price; he had never thought of putting Ning Liang in a deathtrap . His feet started to move but he wavered . It was clear that this cultivator had decided to die . If he recklessly rushed in, there was a possibility he would be dragged in with the dead .

Hum –

A giant furnace phantom suddenly appeared, protecting Ning Liang’s room . The rus.h.i.+ng cultivator slammed straight into the barrier .

Bang –

The giant furnace phantom trembled and waves rippled along its surface . But no matter how violent or destructive that explosive strength was, it wasn’t able to pa.s.s through at all .

Ning Yuntao rushed out from the smoke, his clothing torn and his entire appearance distressed . As he saw what had happened at Ning Liang’s room, he immediately relaxed . But soon, anger surged from the depths of his heart . He turned towards those people that had been chasing after the two cultivators and shouted, “You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, just what are you doing!?”

The four cultivators came to a stop . One of them coldly sneered, “The army was arresting criminals and you were inadvertently affected . The Logistics Department will naturally contact you later to compensate you for damages caused . It’s best if you remain calm and retract the insults you just directed at the army, otherwise, I guarantee you will regret it . ”

As he spoke, he took out a token . The sunlight reflected upon its cold surface .

Ning Yuntao’s expression froze . This was indeed a military token, and this person was even a commander . Although he couldn’t be considered a senior official in the army, he still wouldn’t fear the Ning Family .

“The criminals have committed suicide and our hunting mission has come to an end . Let’s go!” The commander put away the token and led his three subordinates to fly away, soon vanis.h.i.+ng from sight .

“It’s rare to see the army try to capture criminals, but it actually happened here . It’s clear that the Ning Family has encountered some bad luck recently . ” It was unknown just when Qi Cheng had arrived, but he suddenly appeared amongst the chaos and confusion . His smile was cold, “I think this is just a minor accident . Perhaps next time there will be something even more severe . What does senior Ning think?”

He cupped his hands and turned to leave .

The attendant’s face was covered with blood . He had an enraged expression . “Second Old Master, the one who threatened Grandmaster Ning Qin just then was him!”

Ning Yuntao clenched his fists, rage tumbling in his heart . But, he didn’t dare to attack, because doing so would provoke a dreadful calamity for the Ning Family .

It was clear that this act of the army trying to capture criminals was the work of Chu Taidou . It was to warn the Ning Family and also to warn Grandmaster Ning Qin .



But Ning Yuntao knew that this was the result of Chu Taidou being cautious and giving them some face . If he tore apart all pretenses of cordiality and attacked them directly, they would have no means to resist .

What to do? What to do?

Ning Yuntao was left at a loss .

“Uncle, the inn’s manager wishes to see you . ” Zong Yingming quietly said .

Ning Yuntao took a deep breath . “Let him in . ” Once the manager’s round body appeared, he directly said, “We will shoulder all losses from what happened today . You have no need to worry!”

The manager bowed . He bitterly smiled, “Senior Ning, why must you make things difficult for me? The inn shall return the fee you paid for these past days . I ask senior to bring your people away . ”

Zong Yingming was happy but he put on an angry expression . “We paid money so by what rights do you think you can kick us out? Do you think we are easy to bully?”

The manager grit his teeth . “Fellow guests, it is our Western Mountain Inn that was disrespectful to you today, but no matter what, you can no longer stay . I ask you to leave as soon as possible!”

Zong Yingming opened his mouth to speak again but he was blocked by Ning Yuntao . “Enough . He shouldn’t be blamed . We’ll just move to a different inn . ” He swept his eyes around and looked at the completely ruined courtyard . The only building left intact was Ning Liang’s room . It stood alone in the chaotic ruins .

Compared to the inn chasing them out, Ning Yuntao was more worried about Ning Qin’s att.i.tude . Chu Taidou had already revealed just how low he was willing to go . Anyone who thought about this logically wouldn’t be willing to make him an enemy .

If Ning Qin decided to leave…Ning Yuntao heaved a deep sigh . To think about this anymore was useless . He could only wait for the result .


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