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Chapter 450 – Hibiscus

The alluring beauty raised her eyebrows slightly. However Ye Zichen could tell that she was covering up her terrifying strength underneath her pretty face.

“How did you guys come to the Modern Realm?” Ye Zichen stared at her.

She merely smiled, then pointed at the sky at a distance away.

Ye Zichen looked over, then saw a huge black hole there, where figures continuously rushed out from and into the Modern Realm.

“Do you see that?” the woman smiled, then pushed her hair behind her ear. “Let me introduce myself. You can call me Hibiscus. Hibiscus, as in the flower in the Modern Realm!”

“Someone of the demon race actually knows hibiscus.”

“Of course. Don’t think that the demon race is full of brutes who has no style. At the very least, I feel like I’m rather stylish,” Hibiscus giggled, then swept her finger over her smooth cheek. “But it’s a shame. This place is about to be taken over by those unstylish people.”

“Don’t underestimate that woman. I can feel that she’s at least of the late-stage Human Immortal-level,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang said in Ye Zichen’s mind.

Ye Zichen nodded, since he was about to feel the threat of Hibiscus as well.

He did not know when the army from the Three Realms would be able to arrive, but right now…

Bingcheng was about to fall. He did not have any time to waste with Hibiscus here.

“The reason you came here…”

“Is to naturally take you away. You are the Yellow Emperor, right?” Hibiscus immediately cut Ye Zichen short before she finished. “Lord Black Dragon has promised us that the one who takes you away can have a piece of land in the Modern Realm.”

“Is that so!?” Ye Zichen’s expression turned dark. He raised his hand and grabbed Xuan-Yuan Sword by the hilt…

It seems like a fight is inevitable.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Erlang Sheng continuously attacked a barrier with his weapon. That was the teleportation point to the Modern Realm, but for some reason, they were unable to pa.s.s through at all.

“Are you really able to do that? If you can’t, then let me, Old Sun, do it,” the Monkey got rather impatient and also smashed the barrier with his Ruyi Jingu Bang.


The huge counterforce repelled the monkey to over a thousand meters away, but the barrier did not show any signs of shattering.

“The Modern Realms’ self-defense mechanisms have probably activated,” at that moment, a sullen-looking fatty appeared beside them. “I have already tried many ways to pa.s.s, but… They didn’t work. The moment the Modern Realm’s self-defense mechanism has activated, even Immortal King leveled people wouldn’t be able to do anything!”

“Then what should we do?” Yang Jian’s palms were covered in sweat. His bro was waiting for his troops on the other side. More importantly, if Yang Jian wastes too much time there, then the Jade Emperor might actually come.

The moment he thought that, he saw the G.o.d of Thunder and PaG.o.da-Bearing Heavenly King Li arrive with their armies behind them…

“Yang Jian, Nezha, Great Sage Equaling Heaven… The Jade Emperor has decreed for you to to return with us!”

“Hmph!” Great Sage snorted without thinking, and put Ruyi Jingu Bang back into his ear with a laugh. “You want me, Old Sun, to return with you guys? Then let’s see if you have what it takes… Tell that geezer Jade Emperor to think about the beatings by the stick he suffered back then!”

“Just why?” G.o.d of Thunder shook his head and smiled wryly. Both him and Old Li understood the reason why the three have mustered their troops. They were both in the Red Packet Server, so they naturally know of the situation in the Modern Realm. “Old Li and I can only give you guys six hours. If you guys can’t enter the Modern Realm before that, then return with us. We’ll put in good words for you, so you guys will have a chance to be let off easy. If you guys can enter, then we’ll just say that… we couldn’t catch up. So you can only hope for the best!”

“Thanks,” Yang Jian cupped his hands towards G.o.d of Thunder and PaG.o.da-Bearing Heavenly King Li, then set his gaze upon the barrier once more. “This barrier must shatter!”


A huge commotion sounded out in the sky, while Ye Zichen’s entire body dripped golden blood. Despite that, he still continued to look forward coldly.

At the very beginning, he was actually able to gain the upper hand against Hibiscus.

However, as time pa.s.sed on, due to the commotion becoming louder and louder, many demons also hurried over.

At that moment, he was essentially fighting against a hundred people by himself, while his surroundings were already filled with demonic corpses.


He spat out a mouthful of blood. After such a huge battle, Ye Zichen’s eyes no longer showed the deepness and clearness it once showed. At that moment, his eyes were completely dead, while his face was as white as a sheet of paper…

At that very moment, even a gust of wind might be able to knock him down. However, he still continued to fight, causing the demons to not even dare to walk forward.

He could not retreat. Mother Ye, Xiao Yumei and Tiantian were behind him. If he was to fall, then it would all be over.

I promised Xiao Yumei with such certainty that everything will be resolved with me here.

The demons did not dare to advance, because the corpses beside Ye Zichen were the display of the consequences. They were already horrified by Ye Zichen’s slaughter.

“Ahh! Take this!”

Suddenly, a strange sound sounded out amongst the demons. A stick flashed across Ye Zichen’s eyes continuously, causing the group of demons to become completely terrorized…

“Oh my G.o.d. Boss Ye, help!”

A stick-holding young man ran out from the crowd. He held a lollipop in his mouth, while an ahoge 1stood straight at the top of his head.

Meanwhile, a large group of demons, who were completely bruised from all the beatings, chased after him…

“Those who takes even one step across. Die!”

Ye Zichen drew out a golden line on the ground. The demons chasing the young man instantly stopped, then looked at each other, but none of them dared to step forward.

Although there were plenty of demon-king level experts amongst them…

There were also plenty of demon-king level experts lying on the ground beside Ye Zichen.

“Baby’s terrified,” Gou Yuzhan pushed up his gla.s.ses, rested his stick on his shoulders, then begun to lick his lollipop leisurely.

“Gou Yuzhan, why did you come over here?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“I don’t know. Just now, a saw a group of monsters swarm in, so I thought zombies were attacking! That’s why I was terrified, so I immediately ran out with the stick, and didn’t even have time to put on my pants. Then, as I ran, I hit more monsters, then ended up here,” Gou Yuzhan replied with a tremble in his voice.

Only then did Ye Zichen realized that the kid only wore a pair of boxers.

They were very red, and very blinding!

“Yellow Emperor. As expected of the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation,” Hibiscus smiled faintly.

She squinted her eyes, turning her hair color from pink to a fiery red, while her iris also begun to turn red.

During so, her strength also shot up…

She actually hid her strength!

Clear shock filled Ye Zichen’s face. At that moment, he was nearly out of spiritual energy, and was also wounded.

The woman actually hid her strength! All of a sudden, Ye Zichen felt hopelessness.

However, a black figure suddenly appeared from the crowd.

“Hibiscus, enough. Give me face, and end it like this.”

1. Ahoge – http://animanga.wikia.com/wiki/Ahoge


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