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Chapter 382 – Artifact Spirit-Jiejie

Black Silk Stockings?

As expected of Sky Sovereign Nameless, he always brings out these miraculous treasures. Just as Old Lord Taishang was about to open the packaging to see what was inside, he saw another message from Ye Zichen.

“This black silk stocking is of rather poor quality. You can use from better materials to weave one that’s identical. Of course, it’s fine if you can’t find any, but they’ll get a run in them.”

“Okay, okay.”

Old Lord Taishang replied with a chuckle. However, when he opened the packaging…

What the h.e.l.l is this!?

What Old Lord Taishang saw was a pair of item that was similar to a pair of socks, but it was very smooth and elastic, while the texture also felt very good.

“Sky Sovereign, I want to ask. Just how in the Heavens do you use this treasure?”

Since Old Lord Taishang did not understand, and was unable to see how the black silk stockings were anymore special than normal items.

“It’s to be worn on the legs. Oh yeah, research into it yourself. I still have stuff I have to do!”


After typing out the response, Old Lord Taishang stared at the pair of black silk stockings for a long time.

Then, approximately ten minutes later, he took off his shoes, and begun to put them onto his feet. He only managed to put them on a good half an hour later. Then, when he walked in front of the bronze mirror to look at his image…


Old Lord Taishang quickly looked away. Just that look had nearly caused him to puke.

Are you kidding me? Can this actually be given to the Queen Mother!? If I offer it as a gift, the Queen Mother might even want to kill me!

Sky Sovereign screwed me over!

“Sky Sovereign, can you stop messing around? Hurry up and send me the real treasure!”

“Aren’t you just messing with me!? I was so sincere with you, you can’t treat me like this!”

“Sky Sovereign…”

Although Old Lord Taishang was extremely anxious, Ye Zichen had no time to pay any attention to him.

“Understand now? These pills are all beneficial towards them, so just get them to take it.”

Ye Zichen withdrew all the pills, filling up the majority of the room.

Wei Chen nodded in shock.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also spoke again, “Try to find some stronger people to join our organization soon. Tell me directly what you need. As long as I can do it, then do what you can to satisfy them!”

“If that’s the case…” Wei Chen suddenly licked his lips. “Then Boss Ye can try to get Xiang-jie to join our organization.”


“She’s the big sis down stairs. She… isn’t a normal person. According to my recent observations, she is an Earth Immortal or even above that. I have offered a position to her several times, but she ignored me. You can go and try if Boss Ye really needs the strength!”

It truly was as I thought.

Ye Zichen thought to himself. I already felt like this beautiful woman wasn’t a normal person, but I didn’t expect her to be an expert that was at least an Earth Immortal.

But why is an expert like her working at this teahouse previously. What makes me mind more is that she didn’t even leave after the tea house changed owners.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and licked his lips, “Distribute the pills, and get those brats to quickly increase their strength. I’ll go and try to invite Xiang-jie. If I can, then I will, if I can’t, then try to get her to leave our teahouse as soon as possible.”

“No problem!” Wei Chen nodded.

Then, Ye Zichen walked down stairs.

When he pa.s.sed by the beautiful woman, she spoke up with a smile, “Boss Ye is leaving again?”

“Xiang-jie? Ye Zichen suddenly stopped in his tracks.

The beautiful woman nodded with a smile, “What is it?”

“Why do you keep on staying at this teahouse?” Ye Zichen glanced at her with a smile. “I don’t feel like trying to make a living is too impossible. You are staying here in order to guard something, right?”

Xiang-jie remained silent for a brief moment, then smiled, “Boss Ye is truly smarter than others. You guessed it right, I am guarding a certain treasure.”

“Then… I wonder if you are a friend or a foe?” Ye Zichen asked once again.

However, Xiang-jie shook her head with a smile, “Neither. I am purely here to guard the treasure. It will be taken by the fated one. When the treasure is taken away, then I will follow that person away as well.”

“You are an artifact spirit!” Ye Zichen was stunned.

Xiang-jie blinked, “You guessed it right again.”

I didn’t think that this beautiful woman was actually the artifact spirit of a certain divine artifact. No wonder I couldn’t tell her original form using my Fiery Eyes of Truth just now.

“It looks like you want to try? You are too weak. You have to be at least an Earth Immortal if you want to touch that divine artifact!” Xiang-jie smiled.

Ye Zichen scratched his head awkwardly when his thoughts were pointed out, “Does everyone have a chance to take that divine artifact?”

“No! Those people at least have to be people that I like the look of. I like you quite a bit. Come and find me when you become an Earth Immortal, big sis will give you a chance to try,” Xiang-jie smiled softly, then shrugged. “I have stood guard here for too long. I really hope that you can take me away!”

“Then I’ll definitely come and bother you when I become an Earth Immortal,” Ye Zichen cupped his hands.

Xiang-jie nodded, “Come then. Oh yeah, you are looking for demons, right? Actually, a demon has been by your side the entire time… Work hard, little brother!”

Ye Zichen, who was about to leave, was shocked. He turned around and only saw Xiang-jie tilt her head with a smile at him, while she waved her hand.

“Don’t think about gathering information from me, and don’t even consider getting me to help you against the demons. The only reason I told you was because big sis got interested in you all of a sudden.

Ye Zichen nodded and left with a smile. Then, after he left, Xiang-jie sat down at the teahouse reception once again without speaking as usual.

By my side!

The expression of Ye Zichen, who sat in the car, was filled with worry. The people around him were mostly normal people, so how could they be demons?”

“But what that divine artifact-jie jie said should be used. I need to give it a good thought.

Ye Zichen parked his car by the side of the road, then shut his eyes tightly, while he pictured all of the people around him. However, the result he got was that none of them was a demon.

Could there be someone that I didn’t count?

Ye Zichen’s phone rang once again while he hesitated. When he took out his phone, he placed the phone by his ear after seeing the caller ID.

“Fatty, what is it?”

“Eldest Hou, you guys try and hold on for a bit longer, I’m calling Boss Ye,” Fatty Yin’s scream sounded out from the other end of the call.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, “Just what exactly happened?”

“Hurry up and leave, if you don’t… Then I’m going to attack!”

“F*ck, I am the third disciple of Great Emperor Qingmeng, you actually dare attack me?” Third Fatty Jin shouted, then he turned to the phone once again, “Boss Ye, can you hear me?”

“Yeah, I’m asking you what happened?”

“Boss, hurry back!” Third Fatty Jin’s voice contained a faint sense of worry, “Third Fatty Jin said with an extremely nervous voice. “Di Tian’s older brother is here. He wants to take Di Tian away. We can’t really stop him anymore!”


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