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Chapter 1321 – That Terrifying Place

As the smog dispersed, heaven and earth came back into view.

The gaping maw disappeared along with it. As a figure created within a Demon G.o.d’s domain, the Laws of Heaven and Earth didn’t recognize it. It could only exist within the domain.

But now, the domain dissipated completely.

Everything that had been swallowed up in the domain returned to normal, but that wasn’t all. The wind carried a hint of a gra.s.sy fragrance.

“Someone dispersed the Demon G.o.d’s domain!” The onlookers’ pupils shook, almost as if there were an earthquake. They’d been shaken to the core.

That was nothing but a gust of wind, yet it had broken through a Demon G.o.d’s domain?

What kind of cultivation did that represent?

No, this was already beyond the limits, superhuman. This was a G.o.d!

G.o.d race experts called themselves ‘G.o.ds,’ but in truth, they were born of ordinary, flesh and blood, humans. In their eyes, that man who’d just dispersed a Demon G.o.d’s domain with a single gust of wind was a true G.o.d!

The young elites merely gasped, but the ruler-level experts were shaken to the core.

They’d never even heard of someone breaking through a ruler’s domain so easily. Even at the G.o.d Emperor’s level, all they could do was use their comprehension of their own domains to overpower and force back their opponents’. A gust of wind wouldn’t cut it.

Furthermore, this was a Demon-G.o.d-level domain, and its range was several hundred meters.

This was far st.u.r.dier than an ordinary ruler’s domain, but even so, with just a single gust of wind…

How was this possible?

The Yao King’s gaze was grave. He’d lived for countless years, yet he’d never seen a mere gust of wind capable of breaking through a domain.

Could it be that this dog’s owner had already transcended?

No, wait.

There was one other possibility. It’s owner might be a person from “that place.”

That was a place that had existed since the first era. They’d completely transcended the Upper Three Realms and were no longer subject to the Laws. They’d hidden themselves throughout the second era, and hadn’t made even a single appearance in hundreds of millions of years. Why would they show up out of the blue, at a place like this?

Did they want to intervene in the Upper Three Realms’ politics?

When he considered that possibility, the Yao King’s grave expression intensified.

If it were really someone from that place visiting, nevermind Demon G.o.ds and Yao Kings, even the G.o.d, Yao, and Demon Emperors would have to proceed with the utmost caution.

He instinctively glanced at Xuan Ji. The way he saw it, with her divination abilities, she ought to have foretold this…

She looked back over and smiled.

As expected!

The Yao King’s heart sunk. From Xuan Ji’s smile, he gleaned that she’d already learned what she wanted to know.

It seemed that their clan’s arrangements would have to be put on hold for the sake of the big picture!

“Idiot, you’re really freaked out this time, huh?” Xuan Ji glanced at the Yao King, and a smile tugged at her lips.

In truth, she hadn’t divined that this person was from “that place” either. Even if she wanted to, that place had transcended the laws of the Upper Three Realms. She couldn’t have divined anything even if she wanted to.

But she didn’t even need to think to know that someone capable of such feats was from that place. Who else could achieve such a thing? No one!

Or could he be a transcendent born in this era?

That was absolutely impossible.

So the only possibility was that this absolute expert was from “that place.”

No wonder Zhou Wu, the G.o.d Emperor, had chosen to stay out of this. He must have known that this person was visiting the G.o.d Realm. Even he, the G.o.d Emperor, would have to humbly set aside all pretensions in the face of such an expert.

In order to avoid any affronts to his dignity, the G.o.d Emperor decided to simply not show up.

“You really thought this through, huh?” Xuan Ji snorted, then looked up into the sky.

With someone from “that place” making an appearance, this matter would soon be settled, once and for all.

When the quivering dog saw the domain disappear, it leaped to its feet. It seemed rather pleased with itself, and it started provoking the Demon G.o.d once more, wagging its tail and, even more terrifyingly, gazing right into the Demon G.o.d’s eyes before taking a quick p.i.s.s in a display of dominance.

“That black dog….” When they saw its aggressive demeanor, the G.o.d and yao elites didn’t quite know what to say.

Had it forgotten how, mere moments before, it was lying on the ground, quivering and barking for help?

“Woof….” After peeing, the dog barked at the Demon G.o.d. Its eyes filled with disdain, and it rolled its eyes, almost like a person, then looked away and ignored him.

“This dog really is outrageous.” The humans couldn’t help but mutter amongst themselves. Xue Mo and the other society heads looked up into the sky, thoughts of that fierce wind and broken domain echoing through their thoughts.

“I never looked down on that dog’s owner. Given that their pet could instantly kill a Divine Demon General, I figured the owner had to be one of this world’s top experts. And yet, it seems I have to completely reevaluate them.” Jiang Yong’s gaze was utterly serious.

“Momo, Beibei, did Big Sister Qianhe say anything about ‘that person’ preparing to make an appearance?”

Xue Momo and Xue Beibei shook their heads.

Suddenly, Ye Zichen slapped his thigh. “I remember!”

This sudden shout startled everyone around Ye Zichen. Li Hu turned towards him and glowered, “What, exactly, did you remember?”

Ye Zichen didn’t respond. Instead, he took another look at that arrogant black dog.

It had changed far too much since he’d last seen it; no wonder he didn’t recognize it right away. But now that he remembered, he was sure of it. It really was the dog he remembered.

If it was really that dog, then didn’t that mean its owner was….

“Could it really be him?” Ye Zichen’s head whipped up, his gaze full of hope.

In the face of the black dog’s provocation, Sha Ke didn’t so much as respond. On the contrary, his eyes contained hints of terror.

He couldn’t help it.

No one knew better than him just how strong his domain was.

And yet, this dog’s owner had stirred up winds and broken it with a wave of his hand. Not even a Demon G.o.d could do that.

To accomplish such a feat meant that….. “Who exactly are you?”

Sha Ke refused to believe this person was really from “that place.” None of “them” had made an appearance in a hundred million years at least. There was absolutely no way that they’d appear out of the blue as the era neared its end.

Besides, that place had transcended a long time ago. There was no need for them to get involved with the end of their era.

“Who exactly are you? I am one of the Sixteen Demon G.o.ds, Sha Ke. You dare provoke me? Don’t you fear the consequences?”

“What is there to be afraid of? You demons still dare challenge me?” There was no sign of the speaker, but his voice emanated in all directions.

“Then do you dare tell me your name?” Sha Ke roared.

“Hah? Why wouldn’t I?” the man in the sky laughed disdainfully, then spoke, enunciating every syllable clearly, “Listen carefully, sc.u.m: my name is, and always has been, Yang Jian. My t.i.tle is the Erlang Shen!”


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