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“Senior.” Yun Ting lowered his voice. Given his immortal-king-level strength, it had been difficult enough to politely address this old beggar as “senior.”

However, the old man didn’t appreciate his good manners at all. To the contrary, he seized the change to demand even more.

“I advise you not to bring calamity upon yourself.” Yun Ying truly couldn’t see through the old beggar at all. He forcefully repressed his fury and tried to persuade the beggar to back down.

However, after drawing a line in the sand, the old man no longer paid him any attention. He simply returned to his gourd, taking swig after swig of alcohol.


Yun Ting tightly clenched his fists.

He could no longer bear being ignored like this, especially since there were so many of his subordinates present. If he showed any more signs of weakness, he was afraid he’d lose his prestige within the sect.

The old man really did fill his heart with dread, but…..

He was an immortal king!


Vast and majestic spiritual energy emanated from his body. When the old man sensed his billowing spiritual pressure, he arched his brows and glanced at Yun Ting.

But that was it. After just a single glance, he looked away and resumed drinking.

This left Yun Ting so infuriated, he no longer held anything back. His surging spiritual power gathered in his fist.

“Fist of Slaughter!”

This punch seemed as if it were tearing through heaven itself. It stirred up fierce winds in its wake and even distorted the very s.p.a.ce around it.

His subordinates from the Hall of Slaughter grew intensely excited. Many of them had already predicted this unfortunate beggar’s fate.

In particular, the person who’d initially berated the old man snorted, “think you’re so tough? In a moment, you won’t even know how you died.”

However, unbelievable as it seemed, that fist, so ferocious, heaven and earth seemed to crumble around it……

The old man grabbed it effortlessly.

Moreover, his unperturbed expression filled the onlookers’ heart’s with astonishment.

“I said anyone who crossed that line would die. Why didn’t you listen? But nevermind. It seems you’ve still got some use so I won’t kill you,” the old beggar snorted coolly, then, with a wave of his hand, tossed the immortal king Yun Ting to the ground and sat on him. A moment later, he glanced at his subordinates and snorted, “why are you still here?”

The old man had effortlessly defeated even an immortal king like YunTing. How could mere sky and human immortals like them dare provoke him?

In the blink of an eye, all of them fled in panic, terrified that if they ran too slow, they’d die at the old beggar’s hand.

“You’re quite a good seedling, but you’ve learned poorly. Provoking any sect is bad enough already, but you chose the Hundred Flowers Gate in particular? Tell me, who gave you the courage?” asked the old man. Then he turned and looked into the sky.

“Come on out.”

Before long, two middle-aged men walked down from above. They’d watched with their own eyes as the old beggar effortlessly dominated the immortal king, Yun Ting.

He’d subdued an early-stage immortal king with the wave of his hand. What kind of strength did that take?

Was this old man a peak immortal king?

The moment this thought popped into their heads, the pair felt an overwhelming sense of pressure. They approached the old beggar and bowed respectfully.



The old man’s indifferent response filled the two middle-aged men with endless bitterness, yet they dared not let it show on the surface. All they could do was obediently lower their heads and stand to the side.

“Are you…. From the Hundred Flowers Gate?”


“Perfect timing. This person seems to be the head of the Hall of Slaughter. I’ve already sealed his spiritual sea; you can take him back with you. As for what you do with him, that’s your business.”

He kicked Yun Ting words theme. When they came to their senses, the old beggar had already vanished into thin air. They glanced at each other, shock written in their eyes, then looked at Yun Ting.

They reached out, picked him up, and disappeared as well.

Li Jiayi sat in the main hall of the Hundred Flowers Gate, her heart in turmoil after hearing about Yun Ting’s breakthrough. She’d reached the peak sky immortal level over ten years ago, but even after all this time, she’d yet to even reach the threshold of the immortal king level.

The Hall of Slaughter was readying an offensive against them and, worse, Yun Ting had even broken through to immortal king. The atmosphere throughout the Hundred Flowers Gate was rife with tension.

But no one would have guessed……

“You’re saying a senior appeared and effortlessly captured Yun Ting?”

If not for the fact that the Hall of Slaughter’s leader really was kneeling right there in front of her, Li Jiayi would never have believed what her scouts were telling her.

Her gaze landed on Yun Ting. His hair was a mess. He knelt on the floor, bound hand and foot, a deeply bitter look in his eyes.

Just now, Li Jiayi had searched his spiritual sea. It was easily ten times bigger than a sky immortal’s. This proved beyond a doubt that he really had broken through to immortal king.

You ought to know, Yun Ting was only forty years old but he’d already peered through the doorway of the immortal king level.

Li Jiayi was inwardly bitter, but also overcome with doubt.

Suppressing an immortal king with a wave of a hand? Even a peak immortal king would be hard-pressed to accomplish such a feat, especially since Yun Ting’s Slaughter Arts possessed extreme destructive power.

In the entire outer Immortal Region, there was absolutely no one capable of such a thing.

Could it be that an expert from the Sacred Lands or the Beast Region had come to their aid?

“Did you see clearly what that senior looked like?” Li Jiayi looked at the pair and knit her brows in confusion. She was absolutely not the ungrateful type. If she discovered that senior’s ident.i.ty, she’d definitely go pay him a visit and thank him in person.


One of them looked troubled. In that situation, even if he possessed time the courage, he still wouldn’t have dared peek at that senior’s appearance.

The other scout, however, shockingly pulled a jade slip from his pocket.

I recorded this while hidden amongst the clouds. Its contents ought to include that senior’s face.”

Li Jiayi accepted it. Her spiritual awareness entered the jade slip. When she saw the old beggar’s face she froze, dumbfounded, an astonished look on her face.

“Jiayi, we’re here.”

At that moment, reinforcements arrived, including the Treasure Tower’s Zuo Mo and the Leisure House’s Xue Qi. When they saw Yun Ting tied up on the floor, they couldn’t help but be stunned.

“You captured him? Wasn’t he supposed to be an immortal king already? Li Jiayi, did you breakthrough as well?”

Li Jiayi shook her head and repeated what the two middle-aged men had told her. When Zuo Mo heard, this she frowned,

“An elderly senior captured Yun Ting just like that? There are experts like that in our Immortal Region. Did someone from the Sacred Land come to our aid?”

“I thought the same thing, but then they showed me this.”

Li Jiayi tossed the jade slip to Zuo Mo and said, “you can see that senior inside. Take a look…. I seem to have…. It seems I’ve….. Forget it, we can talk after you’ve looked for yourselves.”

Zuo Mo was surprised to see Li Jiayi acting like this. She didn’t hesitate; she examined the jade slip with her spiritual awareness.

It fell from her hand, then she rushed at Li Jiayi and grabbed her by the shoulders.

“Where is he!?” she shouted frantically, “Where is he!?”

“The ancient path outside Hundred Flowers City.”

“I’ll go look for him.” Zuo Mo turned around and was just about to depart when Li Jiayi pulled her back. “Don’t. He left as soon as he handed Yun Ting to my subordinates. But are you sure it’s him? He…. isn’t he supposed to be in your family’s ancestral hall?”

“Do you think it’s him, then?” asked Zuo Mo.

“I….” Li Jiayi was somewhat hesitant. Nevertheless, she grit her teeth and said, “I think it was him. I didn’t see his face clearly, but I still think it was him!”

Li Jiayi’s expression brimmed over with wordless certainty. When her words reached Zuo Mo’s ears, the tower head’s eyes grew bloodshot, yet her face simultaneously blossomed into a radiant smile. “That’s right, I thought so too!”


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