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Chapter 995: Something Bad Happened to Li Xiang

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Brother Bei! Don’t keep us in suspense!” Cang Jingu’s curiosity was piqued and could not help but ask, “Didn’t you catch Nikkawa Daichi to get into the palace? How are we supposed to do that if we don’t feed him the Heavenly Dog Biscuit?”

Cen Xiaobei chuckled and said, “You moron! It would be a waste to feed the biscuit to this sort of numbskull! Except for his Celestial cultivation, he is not qualified to eat my biscuit!”

“But, if he doesn’t eat the biscuit, then he would not be 100% loyal. What if something terrible happens?” Cang Jingu asked.

Chen Xiaobei answered with a question, “Did you notice that this idiot’s body size is similar to mine?”

“Body size? Are you planning to masquerade as him and sneak into the palace yourself?”

Having been with Chen Xiaobei for a while now, Cang Jingu immediately understood Chen Xiaobei’s game plan.

“That’s right!” Chen Xiaobei nodded and then took out the spirit cage.


When the lid was opened, a violet Wight emerged from the spirit cage.

It was called a Wight because its evil intention was suppressed.

Moreover, its appearance was strange—it had a long nose like Pinocchio, mouth like an eagle’s, ears like a dog’s, and a pair of wings on its back!

That’s right, it was the Eight-Star Wight Qie Loulan Chen Xiaobei had captured earlier.

Chen Xiaobei had thought that it looked very much like a j.a.panese monster called the Tengu.

But other than its own name, the Wight remembered nothing from its past. Whether or not it was a Tengu was a question mark.

“So cold…” Cang Jingu could not see Qie Loulan but was immediately attacked by the cold breeze. Not even an elite with 30,000 health could withstand the cold.

A small part of this Yin Qi came from Qie Loulan; a large part of it came from the Dark Purple Rosary in Chen Xiaobei’s hidden compartment of Sui Generis Dragon artifact.

This rosary was a Spiritual Item. Even Chen Xiaobei whose health was 39,000 could feel the cold all the way in his bones.


Chen Xiaobei shut the spirit cage and locked up the Yin Qi. Otherwise, they would not be able to take it anymore.


Cang Jingu let out a sigh of relief and turned his attention back to steering the wheel.

“Brother Bei! Why did you let me? Is there a problem?” Qie Loulan asked

Chen Xiaobei did not dive straight into business but instead asked concernedly, “How is your wound?”

“My wounds have almost fully healed,” Qie Loulan said. “The Yin Qi from the rosary can synchronize perfectly with my body! With it, my wounds will heal before I know it!”

Qie Loulan had mentioned that it had awoken from a deep, long sleep because it was felt the lure of the rosary. In fact, Qie Loulan had a strong feeling that it belonged to him.

“Mm… Since your wound has healed, I have a task for you.”

Chen Xiaobei said, “Have you mastered the art of disguise that I gave you?”

Qie Loulan nodded eagerly. “Don’t underestimate me, Brother Bei! I am an Eight-Star Wight! I learned it as I recovered!”

“Very good!” Chen Xiaobei pointed to the back of the car and said, “Look at this idiot’s face and make a mask for me ASAP.”

“No problem! I can complete it before nightfall!” Qie Loulan said confidently.

“That’s great! I’m running short of time! I will contact Li Xiang and then we’ll make a move tonight!” Chen Xiaobei was thrilled.

Thankfully, he captured Qie Loulan. If not, they would not be able to come up with plan B.

Qie Loulan immediately got to work. If flew next to Nikkawa Daichi and began constructing a mask for Chen Xiaobei.

Chen Xiaobei was already dialing Li Xiang’s number but was directed to a recording that informed him “The number you have dialed is not available.”

Chen Xiaobei tried again but to no avail.

“That’s strange! This is the crucial moment of our plan! LI Xiang should not have turned off his phone!” Chen Xiaobei was distressed.

“Did something happen?” Cang Jingu asked instinctively.

“That is very likely!” Chen Xiaobei frowned and said, “Li Xiang has always been very meticulous. There’s no way he would have forgotten to charge his phone. If his phone was turned off, then he’s probably in trouble!”

“What should we do?” Cang Jingu started to panic.


Someone’s phone rang but it was not Chen Xiaobei’s. It was Nikkawa Daichi’s.

“Huh?” Chen Xiaobei took out the phone and answered the call using True Sound.


“Commander Nikkawa! Something happened in the palace!” a worried voice came from the other side of the phone.

“What is it?” Chen Xiaobei asked mimicking Nikkawa Daichi’s every intonation.

The person the line explained, “It’s like this, a royal chef reported that a Chinese man is plotting against the Royal Family! We were ordered to catch the man!”

“Royal chef reporting?”

Chen Xiaobei brows raised in surprise.

Li Xiang’s initial plan was to enter the palace by bribing the royal chef to let them in.

But last night, the royal chef reneged and refused to help Li Xiang get in.

Who knew that this guy would report Li Xiang early today morning?

“Commander Nikkawa, did you hear what I said?”

“I heard you!” Chen Xiaobei composed himself and asked, “Is the royal chef’s word reliable?”

“It is!” The guy on the other end said, “The royal chef told everything. He gave us detailed information about the Chinese man. We have confirmed that such a man exists! The Crown Prince has ordered us to arrest this man once you return!”

“The crown prince?” Chen Xiaobei immediately flashed back to the time he was swindled of 8,000 Spiritual Stones by that f*cker, Nikkawa Daichi!

Nikkawa Daichi wanted to capture Li Xiang now but Chen Xiaobei’s mask was not ready yet.

Chen Xiaobei thought for a while and replied, “Go tell the Crown Prince that his wedding is near. Capturing people during the day is not a good move. We may even inadvertently alert our enemy! I suggest that we do it at night!”

“That makes a lot of sense, Commander. I will report back to the Crown Prince immediately!” The person on the other end replied and then hung up.

After a minute, he called Chen Xiaobei again and confirmed that Nikkawa Daichi agreed that they would make a move in the evening.

After that, Chen Xiaobei asked Cang Jingu to stop the car by the road.

They carried the unconscious Nikkawa Daichi into a barren mountain forest and waited for the sun to set!

“There’s nothing for me to do now. Keep watch of Nikkawa Daichi. I will train for a few hours.”

Chen Xiaobei valued time very much and did not like wasting even a single second.

It just happened that he had not trained using the Scripture of Heaven and Earth for a long time now. He would just take this opportunity to do it. Besides, he might even be able to contact the Prime of Tongtian.


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