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Chapter 1582: Implementing the Plan

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Everyone started making a move.

Because Chen Xiaobei had recorded the exact locations, it was very convenient search.

The Spiritual Items were all hidden in inconspicuous places.

Luckily, Chen Xiaobei had his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes.

Upon reaching the locations, he would use his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes to find the Spiritual Items.

“Huh? Another blood-red orb.”

In the first location, Chen Xiaobei found a blood-red orb hidden in a wall.

Combined with the three others that he found earlier, this was the fourth blood-red orb!

What Chen Xiaobei did not expect was that in the four subsequent locations, the Spiritual Items he found were all blood-red orbs!

“Why are they all blood-red orbs?” Chen Xiaobei mulled over the issue. “There was a blood-red orb at each of the three jade doors we pa.s.sed through, and taking them away broke all three formations. Could there be a giant formation here that requires six blood-red orbs to suppress the Formation Core?”



Suddenly, there was a violent trembling at the center of the Epang Palace.

“What’s happening over there?” Li Xiang turned to look cautiously.

Xiangyu frowned.

“If I’m not mistaken, that should be the Epang Palace’s Zhong Gong Grand Hall! What could possibly create such a huge racket?”

“Two demiG.o.ds are fighting against each other!” Six-Eared Macaque said.

“It’s probably the Anti-Bei Alliance fighting the Blackwater Mystical Snake!” Chen Xiaobei said. “I did sense that the Anti-Bei Alliance nearby. I also took away five blood-red orbs. The snake can’t show itself now as it has to protect the sixth blood-red orb!”

“You mean that the sixth blood-red orb is inside the Zhong Gong Grand Hall?” Xiangyu asked.

“Yes!” Chen Xiaobei nodded. “If I’m right, the whole Epang Palace is built inside a ma.s.sive formation! Unless the formation is broken, those who enter this place would not be able to leave or find the real tomb of Emperor Qin!”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go now! Take the pill and break the formation!” Six-Eared Macaque had already channeled his strength and couldn’t wait to charge inside to do some killing.

“Whoa… whoa… there’s no need to rus.h.!.+ I already have a plan in mind that doesn’t require us to lift a finger at all to subdue the enemy!” Chen Xiaobei said confidently.

“We don’t need to fight? How are we going to solve the problem without fighting?” Long Zishan and Liu Xuanxin asked.

“Let’s go there and take a look.” Chen Xiaobei beamed while leading the way.

The group followed closely behind him into the Zhong Gong Grand Hall.

In the magnificent Zhong Gong Grand Hall.

It was exactly as Chen Xiaobei imagined it to be. The leaders of the Anti-Bei Alliance were fiercely battling the Blackwater Mystical Snake.

Although the Blackwater Mystical Snake did not have boosted power, it was still able to severely injure all of the leaders of the Anti-Bei Alliance.

They were now short of Long Zishan. Because of that, the seven leaders, including Dio had caused all eight of the G.o.d Ascension cultivated demiG.o.ds to be unable to defeat the Blackwater Mystical Snake.

It seemed like the battle was going to rage on for some time.

Also, there was a very strange phenomenon. A battle of ma.s.sive proportions was happening right in front of the pavilion in front of the grand hall. But no matter how fierce the battle got, or how violent the activity was, it did not affect the grand hall at all. All the attacks that landed on the grand hall would be repelled by some magical halo with runes.

Of course, Chen Xiaobei had expected this as well!

The entire Epang Palace was actually under the protection of a giant formation. If the formation was not broken, no one would be able to enter the grand hall!

Just like the three previous jade doors, in order to advance, the formation had to be broken.

This was where the last formation core of the giant formation was located, where the ninth blood-red orb was, and it was right underneath the Blackwater Mystical Snake.

Without defeating this behemoth, they would never be able to get their hands on the blood-red orb, which meant not being able to break the formation.

“Wh… Why are you here?” The hundreds of people of the Anti-Bei Alliance were surprised to see Chen Xiaobei.

While they were watching the battle intently, Chen Xiaobei suddenly appeared at the scene with his people.

The demiG.o.ds were battling the Blackwater Mystical Snake! The rest of these people were all the elders and the servicing core disciples of these forces.

If Chen Xiaobei and his group attacked them, these people would have no power to fight back.

“Don’t get all worked up! We’re not here to kill you!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged. “On the contrary, I’m here to lead you forward!”

“You’re going to lead us forward? Do you take us for fools?” No one believed him, of course. “You and our Anti-Bei Alliance are sworn enemies! Only a fool will fall for your ‘kindness’!”

“Sworn enemies?” Chen Xiaobei chuckled. “In my eyes, you guys are just a bunch of insects! I only need to say a word and all of you will turn into ashes! I don’t need to lie to you!”

“a.s.shole! How dare you call us insects? What nonsense!”

“Hey kid! Don’t you get all c.o.c.ky! When Faction Leader and the others come back, you will find out the serious consequences of your arrogance!”

“Yeah! When Faction Leader Zhou returns, you’ll see!”

They were so upset at being called insects that they all shouted and scolded Chen Xiaobei endlessly!

“Who dares say another word of nonsense will be killed!”

Six-Eared Macaque and Long Zishan both stepped forward. Immediately, their demiG.o.d aura flooded the entire place and shadowed all hundreds of the people there.

The people inhaled sharply. They snapped their mouths shut like ducks being smothered and did not say anther word.

Long Zishan alone could kill all of them.

Moreover, next to her was a person who looked exactly like Zhou Daoxian. Even his aura was exactly the same.

If Zhou Daoxian had not told them about it, the people would have mistaken Six-Eared Macaque for the real Zhou Daoxian!

It was without a question that before the demiG.o.ds, these hundreds of people here were like a bunch of insects.

“Xiaobei! Don’t waste any more time on these idiots! Just implement your plan!” Xiangyu said.

“Alright!” Chen Xiaobei smiled as he retrieved a high-tier Prosperous Monkey Fur from his Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring and blew.

“Look at my 72 Changes!” Chen Xiaobei shouted. He began to shrink until he became a very tiny flying insect, and flew towards the Blackwater Mystical Snake!

Everyone was bewildered to see this happening before them!


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