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Chapter 1563: The Second Blood-red Orb

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There was no escape in the face of death.

Long Zishan and Liu Xuanxin had their eyes closed, for they could do nothing but accept this their unchangeable fate.

The rest of the group were in despair as well. Although it was Long Zishan and Liu Xuanxin who were the ones about to die, the pa.s.sage was blocked enabling n.o.body from escaping as well. This would cause them to also share a similar fate.


But something completely unexpected happened.

The Blackwater Mystical Snake’s opened it’s mouth and stopped abruptly jsut as it was above Long Zishan and Liu Xuanxin’s head. It’s mouth suddenly snapped shut. The viper then turned away and slid to the s.p.a.ce behind the jade door where it came from.

“Wh… What happened?”

Everyone was stumped. Had the Blackwater Mystical Snake gone insane? One moment it was trying to kill everyone, and the next, it turned around and left them alone.

“Could there be something behind the jade doors that’s important to the Blackwater Mystical Snake?” Zhou Daoxian guessed.

No one replied because the rest of the group were still in shock.

Long Zishan muttered, a furrow in her brows, “Could it be Chen Zhufeng?”

“Sifu, what are you talking about? What happened to Chen Xiaobei anyway?” Liu Xuanxin asked worriedly.

Long Zishan said nothing, her feisty eyes scanning the darkness behind the jade doors.

That was the place where the Blackwater Mystical Snake hibernated. Perhaps there was something in there that was especially important to it!

Perhaps it was due to that thing being disturbed, that the snake gave up the fight on this side and rushed back through the jade door.

As for who might be the one disrupting that important thing, Long Zishan’s mind went straight to Chen Xiaobei.

In the s.p.a.ce behind the jade door, it was exactly as Long Zishan had predicted.

The Blackwater Mystical Snake had a reinforced power, and was unleas.h.i.+ng an unsurpa.s.sably frightening energy. If Chen Xiaobei had just sat, watched, and did nothing, Liu Xuanxin, Xiang Yu and the others would die.

That was why he deiced to take action and fly into the jade doors.

“I found it! There is a formation after all! It’s giving the Blackwater Mystical Snake a boost of strength!”

With the help of the Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes, Chen Xiaobei was able to locate the formation.

“I just need to destroy the formation core, break the formation and the Blackwater Mystical Snake’s strength will plummet. Then, when the leaders fight the viper again, they will be able to beat it!”

Chen Xiaobei was very calm as he searched the place. He found, in the darkness, a third jade door, and the formation core nearby it!


Chen Xiaobei transformed back into human form, and used the Chaos Blood Sword to stab the formation core!

“Awesome! Another blood-red orb!” He extracted the orb, eyes bright with excitement. “It looks like there might to be more of these blood-red orbs in the other parts of the tomb. If I’m lucky, both my Chaos Blood Sword and Blood G.o.d’s Deity-killing painting can evolve!”


The Blackwater Mystical Snake had already made its way into the room, and when it saw Chen Xiaobei holding the blood-red orb, it panicked. “Stupid human! Put that thing in your hand back where it belongs!”

Chen Xiaobei ignored the viper and pocketed the blood-red orb. “Hehe, are you lying to yourself? I’ve already shoved the formation core in! Even if I put it back, you won’t be able to get that extra boost of power!”

“Huh? You speak my language?!” The Blackwater Mystical Snake roared. “You piece of s.h.i.+t! How dare you destroy my source of power?! I will tear you into pieces!”

“Before you kill me, you better think of an exit plan for yourself!” Chen Xiaobei was unafraid. “Without the extra power, your combat power won’t be enough to allow you to take control of the situation! If I shout, the people outside will charge in. I’m afraid you might have to die with me!”

“Tha…” The ma.s.sive snake was at lost for words.

The leaders outside may be injured but they were not completely impaired, nor were they dead.

If they fought the Blackwater Mystical Snake with all they had, there was no saying if the viper would be able to win.

“It looks like you don’t want to die!” Chen Xiaobei said. “Would you like me to give you a suggestion that can guarantee the safety of your life?”

“What suggestion?” The Blackwater Mystical Snake asked.

“I have a very delicious biscuit. If you eat it, I can guarantee that nothing will happen to you!”

“Biscuit? What is it?” The Blackwater Mystical Snake looked suspicious. “Do I look stupid to you? If you’re giving it to me, it must be poison! I won’t believe you!”

“If you don’t believe me, then you better pray for yourself! The people outside will be coming in!” Chen Xiaobei gave the snake a threatening look.

Actually, most of the people outside were Chen Xiaobei’s enemies, but the Blackwater Mystical Snake did not know that.

Chen Xiaobei twisted the truth just enough to frighten the Blackwater Mystical Snake. If it ate the Heavenly Dog Biscuit, it would be a great help to Chen Xiaobei. Then he would be able to control the snake. Then, by utilizing the snake, Osnur and the help of Long Zishan, he could defeat the Anti-Bei Alliance easily.

Of course, that was the ideal outcome but the reality was not that simple.

“You t.w.a.t! You think I’m that afraid? Even if they do come in, I won’t be afraid!” The Blackwater Mystical Snake said, “Don’t you forget that this is Emperor Qin’s tomb! You will never be able to infiltrate all the secrets in this place!”

“You mean that you can use these ‘secrets’ to escape?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

The Blackwater Mystical Snake said icily, “You were able to destroy the formation because I was careless! Even if I failed to guard this place, you will never be able to slip through the other obstacles! Roaaaaaar!!!”

The Blackwater Mystical Snake roared, dropped to ground and charged towards Chen Xiaobei like a black-and-red arrow.

“c.r.a.p!’ Chen Xiaobei was suddenly nervous.

“I will be waiting for your friends behind the third jade door; you, on the other hand…” the Blackwater Mystical Snake was moving towards Chen Xiaobei, fierce and unyielding, “can die right now!”

Chen Xiaobei was standing in front of the jade door. The snake had planned to charge forward, and break the third jade door killing Chen Xiaobei with one bite!

This snake was also at the early phase of G.o.d Ascension, with 650,000 combat power.

It was moving so fast, Chen Xiaobei could not see it. Before he could realize it, the snake was about to devour him whole.


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