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Chapter 1352: No Return

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“I… I will admit to it… Mr. Chen! Please come and save him!”

Qi Congying felt like he just swallowed a huge pile of s.h.i.+t. IF Chen Xiaobei were to save the young master, he would be forced to call himself a coward. It was no small affair for the third elder of Mount Shu Faction to admit that he was indeed a coward. He would definitely become the laughing stock of Jianghu and bring shame to Mount Shu Faction.

Upon thinking about that, Qi Congying could no longer suppress the anger that he held towards Chen Xiaobei. He therefore decided that he would kill Chen Xiaobei to vent his anger even if he managed to cure the young master. Of course, Chen Xiaobei and Elder Luo had no idea what was going on in his mind.

“I like your sincere att.i.tude! I have decided that I will heal your young master!”

“Quick! Please!”

Immediately, Qi Congying ran to Chen Xiaobei.

A pale-looking young man lay there. Both of his eyes were shut and his lips had turned purple. Seemingly, his body was frozen stiff as well. One could easily mistake it as a dead body!

Still, Chen Xiaobei was confident enough that he could heal him. Just like what Elder Luo mentioned just now, it was almost impossible to use conventional approaches to heal him. However, with Nine Dragon’s Acupuncture technique, there was a high chance that Chen Xiaobei could heal him completely.

“How and where did get he the injuries?” asked Chen Xiaobei while taking out his silver needles.

“Our young master rode his steed and had fun outside this morning. In the midst of it, he accidentally offended someone who happened to be the grand elder of Xingxiu Faction. His cultivation was at the later phase of Ethereal cultivation! With only a single hit, he managed to cause these severe injuries to him!”

“Xingxiu Faction? What are they doing here?”

“I have no idea why Xingxiu Faction come to Dragon City as well… Usually, people from ancient factions will not will walk amongst other ordinary human beings… That’s why our young master couldn’t recognize him!”

Upon hearing that, Chen Xiaobei put on a frown. As mentioned earlier, Ding Ding’ao was from Xingxiu Faction and was killed during their journey to the Black Desert. Although Chen Xiaobei was not the one that killed him, he still had something to do with it. The grand elder of Xingxiu Faction was an elite with later phase of Ethereal cultivation and his combat power was around 280,000! Even a very strong Yin Wuqiu would be killed by him within seconds.

Now that he was in Dragon City out of the blue, Chen Xiaobei started to worry. Unfortunately, it was not appropriate for him to ask more about it. All he could do was to wait patiently and gather more intel when the time was right.

Minutes later, Chen Xiaobei had already planted hundreds of silver needles in the young master. Surprisingly, the young master regained his vitals and his stiff body slowly relaxed as well.

“Okay! His vitals are stable now! However his injuries are really serious, and it’s best not to let him travel for now! I suggest you let him rest for a period of time at Dragon City first. During this period, I will drop by and follow up with the treatment!”

“All done? Oh my G.o.d! You just pulled our young master back from h.e.l.l!”

Qi Congying could not believe what he just saw.

“This kid’s healing skills are pretty d.a.m.n good!”

“Too good! Not even Elder Luo is as good as him!”

“It seems like we have a lot of talented people hidden amongst us in China! He sure was good at hiding his talent!”

At that moment, Qi Congying and seven other disciples from Mount Shu Faction changed their perceptions about Chen Xiaobei. Moments ago, they were treating like he was a complete idiot. Now, he was someone extremely skilled to them.

On the other hand, Chen Xiaobei could not care less about the way they looked at him.

“Alright. You guys should stay here to keep an eye on him. I want to go and talk to Elder Luo.”

“Okay. Understood…” said Qi Congying while nodding his head.

Qi Congying finally understood why one should never offend a good doctor. Though the young master of Mount Shu Faction was healed, Chen Xiaobei mentioned to them that he still needed to continue treating him. Initially, Qi Congying wanted to kill Chen Xiaobei but now, he did not even dare to bad mouth him anymore.

After that, Elder Luo ordered the butler send the young master to the hospital. Then, he went to the back garden with Chen Xiaobei.

“Xiaobei… What is it that want to talk to me?”

“I want to ask you about Puti. Puti and I have found the ruins of Jingjue Kingdom and we managed to locate the Sacred Duke Starfield as well. I now know everything about her!”

“What? How is that even possible? How did you manage to get pa.s.s the Thousand Spirit Formation?”

“You know what? I have managed to destroy it and I have all 810 Formation Cores with me as well!”

“Oh G.o.d! That formation was powerful enough to trap a demiG.o.d… And… You just destroyed it?”

“I’m telling you the truth here… Puti and I met the 12 priests as well. The seventh priest offended Puti and she killed him with her Sacred Duke Bloodline’s skill! In the end, the great priest told us everything about her!”

“Hmm… This is fate… We have tried to bury the secret for so many years… And we thought that no one would ever find out about it! I never expected that you managed to uncover everything!”

“Elder Luo, I will tell you to not worry. I will not tell anyone about it. Not even my family and friends!”

“You are not an outsider… I’m not worried at all!”

“Oh right! Where is Puti! How come she didn’t come back with you?”

“She went ahead and ordered the great priest to open the portal back to Sacred Duke Starfield!”

“What?! She went back to Sacred Duke Starfield?! This is crazy! The reason why I hid it from her is because the war at Sacred Duke Starfield is not over yet! She is putting her life at great risk by going back!”

“The great priest tried to talk her out of it as well but she’s really stubborn! I can’t even convince her otherwise. But she promised me that she would come back here after she’s visited her parents.”

“It’s not that simple. I’m afraid she won’t be able to come back here anymore…”



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