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Chapter 1321: Sudden Change of Scenery

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen Xiaobei and Luo Puti parted from the rest of the group and ascended the ladder in the largest tunnel north of the lake.

As Chen Xiaobei had mentioned earlier, the ancient emperors put a lot of emphasis on seating, which had to be in the north, facing the south. It was beyond doubt that this tunnel was where the imperial palace would draw water from. As long as they followed the path, they would be able to reach the palace.

As they walked, Luo Puti revealed her concerns to Chen Xiaobei. “Xiaobei! Something has been bothering me – since the Thousand Spirit Formation is real, then it must mean the 12 priests you mentioned earlier exists too!”

“Of course!” Chen Xiaobei nodded.

“Does that mean that there are still people living inside the ancient city all these while? Is my understanding accurate?” Luo Puti asked.

“It is and it’s not. The 12 priests could be human, but they could also be evil spirits. Until we see them with our own eyes, we cannot make any a.s.sumptions!” Chen Xiaobei paused for a while before he asked. “Are you suspecting that your parents have been living inside Jingjue Kingdom?”

“Mm…” Luo Puti pursed her lips thoughtfully. “The closer we get to Jingjue, the stronger this feeling grows. My parents must have come here! If they are still alive, chances are that they are living here!”

“Set this hunch aside first. I have an even more important question for you. What were your parents’ combat powers?”

Luo Puti was caught by surprise. “My father was at the middle phase of Qi Refining Stage, 10,000 combat power; my mother was in the early phase of Qi Refining Stage, 5,000 combat power.”

Chen Xiaobei frowned at her answer. “That is the biggest problem! You have travelled here yourself, so you should know that with your parents’ strength, there was no way they could have reached this place!”

A lump swelled up in Luo Puti’s throat.

Chen Xiaobei’s statement was a hit below the belt and killed Luo Puti’s hopes entirely.

In the entire human history, no expedition team had ever been able to go as far as they had.

This time was no exception. The expedition team which consisted of members of Celestial Cultivation and above would have died on their way here had it not been for Chen Xiaobei.

That was why there was no way Luo Puti’s parents could have made it here alive.

That would then mean that Luo Puti’s hunch had been wrong all along!

“No! That’s impossible! My instincts are very strong. I am not wrong! Xiaobei! You have to believe me. I have never felt like this before. You have to believe me!”

Luo Puti’s voice shook; she was on the verge of breaking down.

She had high hopes for this expedition. She had risked everything to reach the end!

But the question that Chen Xiaobei raised broke all of Luo Puti’s hopes and dreams.

The reality was all too harsh for Luo Puti.

“Puti! Calm down! I was merely raising a question! Anything can happen! Perhaps there could be a miracle?” Chen Xiaobei quickly place his hands on Luo Puti’s shoulders, comforting her. “Until we get there, no one can say for sure what can happen. You have to calm down! I will be with you till the end, no matter what happens!”

“Calm down! Yes, I have to calm down. My intuition is right! Let’s go faster! I want to see the 12 priests. They must know the truth.”

Luo Puti composed herself and took control of her emotions and stopped herself from losing control.

Having regained her composure, Luo Puti quickened her footsteps.

Why did her parents abandon her and leave without a word? Why haven’t they contacted her all these years? How did her parents’ inadequate combat power get them to Jingjue Kingdom?

Luo Puti strongly believed that her parents had been to Jingjue Kingdom.

The three questions were the ones she wanted answers to! They were also the very reason for her travel here!

Once they exited the lengthy tunnel, a bright scenery welcomed them.

What was surprising to Chen Xiaobei was that it looked established! Just as Luo Puti had a.s.sumed!

The place they had entered looked like a kitchen. It was very clean and tidy and there were even modern equipment like ovens and fridges.

In fact, since they exited the tunnel, the heavy Yin Qi was completely absent in this new place.

“There really are people living here!” Luo Puti was bouncing on her feet, excited again.

Luo Puti was even more hopeful now that she had seen the first evidence of her suspicions.

Chen Xiaobei, on the other hand, was astonished. “Unbelievable! Even after it was buried under the sand for thousands of years, there are still people living here in Jingjue!”

“Xiaobei! Let’s hurry!” Luo Puti said impatiently.

“Hang on!” Chen Xiaobei called out to her, as he walked towards the fridge and oven nearby and inspected it.

“What is it? Did you find something?” Luo Puti asked.

“These… These electronics only exist in a high ranking starfield! I’ve seen it in my friend’s restaurant!” Chen Xiaobei said. “This means that the people who live here are probably from a high ranking starfield!”

“High ranking starfield? Is that the place that you brought me to the last time?” Luo Puti asked.

“Yes!” Chen Xiaobei nodded. “That place is called Northern Wilderness Starfield! The technologies they have there are so much more advanced than what we have here on earth! The people’s cultivation are also much higher than ours here!”

“Are you sure?” Luo Puti frowned. “My parents are just normal human beings. How could they have anything to do with some high ranking starfield?”

“I am almost completely certain!” Chen Xiaobei said. “There is a place called Atlantis here on earth. It’s in a gorge in the deepest part of the Bermuda Triangle! The magnetic field is also very strong there. Aircrafts and s.h.i.+ps that pa.s.sed by would disappear mysteriously, leaving nothing behind. A lot of Northern Wilderness people live there! In fact, that is where the door that connects earth to Northern Wilderness Starfield is! Without a referral, even a demiG.o.d would not be able to get there! The demiG.o.d that the Rothschilds serve was banned from Atlantis!”

Luo Puti was bewildered herself. “You… You’re saying that Jingjue Kingdom is like Atlantis?”

“They share a lot of similarities!” Chen Xiaobei nodded. “Jingjue Kingdom is buried under the Black Desert. The magnetic field here is so strong that it interferes with the frequencies of the black box on aircrafts! Even demiG.o.ds die under the Thousand Spirit Formation! Everything adds up! I can be sure that this is a base of a high ranking starfield!”


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