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Chapter 615: Save Yan Kuan?

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Previously, Reger and Shen Xiaoxiao had worked together. The main purpose was to let Reger take revenge on his own. When Reger was humiliated by Han Jia, based on his personality, he would never let Han Jia off.

Naturally, Han Jia had suffered a lot in Reger’s hands. However, because he had to make a deal with 24th Street in the West District, Reger had no choice but to hand Han Jia over.

However, because of this, Reger temporarily stayed in the Dark Empire. Because of what happened later, Shen Xiaoxiao temporarily forgot about this man. She just didn’t expect that Reger was so capable. He gathered so many people so quickly, had such a professional team, and even ran to China to behave atrociously.

Shen Xiaoxiao was the first to believe that there was someone behind him. Moreover, not only did Reger have people behind him, but he was definitely an extraordinary person. Otherwise, just these guns alone could be transported to China, how could Reger, who had been completely cleaned up by Shen Xiaoxiao, do that? She did not believe it.

Therefore, Reger was merely a chess piece in someone else’s hands. As for this goal, if it was for her, it would be a huge sum of money. However, it could also further prove that the Jiang family was truly afraid of the Dark Empire.

“President Long is really heartless. He had a heated fight with President Shen earlier on. Why did he turn hostile so quickly? You really can’t compare to President Yan on this point. President Yan, am I right?”

Yan Kuan some sickly stand there, of course, at the moment he was still pale, having some of the appearance of instability, but this Yan Kuan, attracted the strong attention of Reger.

You know, the existence of the Black Emperor is a myth to the *****, but now, this Yan Kuan seemed to be able to be blown down by even the wind. How could Reger not be excited?

Not only that, but Reger even had a little thought when he suddenly said to the mercenary behind him:

“Prepare the camera, I want to have a good fight with President Yan. Tomorrow, we can also send the video to the global website and let everyone see in the end whether I am good, or President Yan is good.”

Shen Xiaoxiao felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. Of course, it was definitely not because she felt sorry for Yan Kuan, but in any case. At this moment, the boss of the Dark Empire was Yan Kuan, the person in front of everyone. If Reger really recorded a video and put it on the Internet, if it was seen by the entire world, then the future of the Dark Empire could be imagined.

However, Shen Xiaoxiao would not act rashly. After all, since the appearance of this fake Yan Kuan, she had indeed never seen him act. She did not know if Yan Kuan had inherited his good skills, but she had a premonition… This Yan Kuan, who painted a tiger’s skin but could not paint its bones, probably did not have those arrogant methods. Otherwise, he would not have thought of spitting out blood to disgust people.

Sure enough, Shen Xiaoxiao’s words were confirmed when all the cameras were ready.

Yan Kuan’s cough became more and more intense, and his body swayed on the verge of collapse. It looked like he would faint immediately.

“We haven’t fought yet. President Yan won’t faint soon, right? This is really ridiculous. But even if you’ve been crawling on the ground for a few days, you still have to fight. There are too many people in the world waiting to defeat President Yan. I don’t want to miss this opportunity.”

After saying that, Reger aimed at Yan Kuan’s face and punched him directly. Yan Kuan fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood again. Everyone was shocked.

They had heard that Yan Kuan had some relations.h.i.+p with *****, but no one had guessed that he was the Black Emperor. Of course, Reger did not say that he was the Black Emperor from the beginning, whether intentionally or not.

Of course, would Reger stop because of Yan Kuan’s fall? Of course not.

Taking advantage of his victory, he continued to attack, wanting to walk over and pull Yan Kuan up and give him another beating. Shen Xiaoxiao could not resist it in the end. She stepped forward, grabbed the camera, and threw it at Reger.

Reger’s reaction was extremely fast, and he missed, almost hitting her. He also turned his head to look at Shen Xiaoxiao.

Shen Xiaoxiao didn’t care about what he would do. She was sure that Reger’s men wouldn’t dare to lay a hand on her and would definitely not shoot her. Because they still wanted the Obsidian Star from her, they felt that they wouldn’t act rashly.

Sure enough, when Reger saw Shen Xiaoxiao make a move, he shouted at her in surprise:

“Little Oriental Loli, aren’t you going to get a divorce? You actually want to protect this man? What, are you planning to save the hero?”

“There’s too much nonsense. Didn’t you want to exchange blows? You still want to shoot the video? I’ll give you a chance now. Take a good shot.”

After Shen Xiaoxiao finished her story, she tore at the hem of her dress. The knee-length dress instantly became half-torn. The daggers and guns on her thighs were faintly discernible. Shen Xiaoxiao’s appearance shocked everyone.

19 frowned slightly. Why was Miss so impulsive? So what if she took care of that fake? The entire world knew that the Dark Empire was about to split up. Wasn’t it the same whether there was such a thing or not? In the end, it was all for Boss’ reputation not to be tarnished. But you did it for him. Look, just now he even said that you were a promiscuous woman, and he didn’t even remember you. Why did you have to do that?

After saying that, 19 glared fiercely at Long Xi. Long Xi was stunned by this malicious gaze. After being together for so long, this was the first time 19 had looked at him with such a gaze. It was filled with dissatisfaction, anger, and killing intent.

Just now, when he said that Shen Xiaoxiao was promiscuous, 19 had never looked at him in such a blatant manner. Why was it now that his gaze was like this?

Moreover, why did Xiaoxiao want to interfere so much? Wasn’t dealing with Yan Kuan just what everyone wanted? He was naturally happy to see the Dark Empire split up. Wasn’t it good that Shen Xiaoxiao and Yan Kuan broke up? Why did she still have to do this? Why did she still have to stand up for that man who did not show her any mercy?

However, these questions were all suppressed by Shen Xiaoxiao and Reger’s exchange of blows. Instead, he was a little surprised by their moves. These were not the moves that Shen Xiaoxiao had used previously.

He could tell at a glance that these moves were all moves from the boxing arena. Why did Shen Xiaoxiao not use her killer moves but still use this move?

“Little Oriental Loli, you know me the best. Today, I’ll accompany you to have another good fight.”

Only Reger and Shen Xiaoxiao knew that they needed to have another real fight. Back then, Reger had lost to a little girl who was so much younger than him. As a result, he had almost lost his life and escaped to fight his way out. After so many years, when he encountered such a similar situation, his heart, which had been hidden for so many years, was once again hanging in the air.

Why not have a good fight? Why not?

Yan Kuan fell and sat on the ground. He also looked at the man and woman who were fighting in the distance with a shocked expression. He had never expected that Shen Xiaoxiao would stand up for him. However, this woman, whom he was determined to put to death tonight, had saved his life at a critical moment. This made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

However, when he thought of someone’s explanation, he felt that these unpleasant feelings had to be forcefully suppressed in his heart. If he wanted to be a real person, then tonight, all his sympathy and small thoughts would have to be suppressed.. Only one of him and Shen Xiaoxiao could survive tonight.


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