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Chapter 582: s.n.a.t.c.h. His Goal Was Indeed This

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“In our five thousand years of Chinese culture, since ancient times, the object of love between a man and a woman should be a jade hairpin and jade hoop. This exquisite jade hairpin was carved by the famous sculptor of the Republic of China, Teacher Shen Fengyun, after a period of five years.”

“Teacher Shen Fengyun and his wife were deeply in love. Their 70 years of happy marriage had made countless people envious and admire them.”

“When Old Mister Shen Fengyun was 85 years old, he carved out the piece of jade that they had agreed on. It was an entire piece of imperial jade. At that time, he was already old. It lasted for five years. When Old Madam Shen was 90 years old, he gave it to her. It meant that they would grow old together.”

“The jade hairpin that is being auctioned today is the jade hairpin that was lost in the flames of war”

“Hairpin Flower. Friends who like jade, you can…”

“Hairpin Flower. So this is the king of jade hairpins,” Shen Xiaoxiao muttered softly. In her previous life, with her long flowing hair, she loved to tie up her hair. At that time, Pei Li always said that he liked to see jade hairpins tied up her hair. There was a period of time when she had been frantically collecting jade hairpins, so of course she had heard of this name. However, she had never thought that she would actually see it here.

“The base price of this hairpin is 5 million, 2 million increase price. Starting now.”

“7 million.”

“7 million, Number 9 bids 7 million”

“9 million.”

“11 million.”

“13 million.”

“13 million going once. Do you have any friends who bid higher? 13 million going once, 13 million going once, 13 million going twice, 13 million going twice, 13 million going thrice…”

“20 million.”

“Wow…” Everyone seemed to be awakened by this beautiful voice. Almost at the same time, everyone turned their heads to look. It was her, Shen Xiaoxiao. However, why would she like a jade hairpin with her short hair?

“Ms. Number 89, 20 million going once. Is there anyone who is willing to bid higher than 20 million…”

In fact, in terms of value, this imperial jade hairpin was not considered high at 20 million. Moreover, the value of the jade hairpin itself was not higher than the value of a jade token or bracelet. In addition, anyone who was in the jade business… Would not be so extravagant as to carve a jade hairpin out of a single piece of material. One had to know that imperial jade was rare to begin with, and yet it was used in such a wasteful manner. There were actually not many people who really wanted to buy it back even though this item was indeed extremely rare.

Therefore, Shen Xiaoxiao’s bid of 20 million was neither too high nor too low, but no one was bidding anymore. After all, with Shen Xiaoxiao’s ident.i.ty, many people were willing to befriend her, and they were even more willing to give her face.

“20 million going once, 20 million going once, 20 million going twice, 20 million…”

“30 million…”

The price that had doubled was suddenly broken by a deep and cold male voice. Even Shen Xiaoxiao could not help but turn her head to look. It was indeed Long Xi. It had directly jumped 10 million to bid for it.

“40 million.” 19 raised his paddle directly. The annoying Long Xi even wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h a piece of woman’s jewelry. Did he really think that he was the only one who was rich? He also did not care about money.

“50 million.” Long Xi continued to bid.

“60 million.” 19 did not back down. The arena was buzzing. Everyone was discussing who would get the jade hairpin between two men who had met on a narrow path.

The price seemed to have become a set of numbers. They only cared about who would be the final winner.

“80 million.” Long Xi’s determined voice sounded again. 19 was about to raise his hand, but was pressed down by Shen Xiaoxiao.

“Let him be. If he has more money, then let him go.”

“But, don’t you like it a lot too?”

Shen Xiaoxiao’s words were not spoken in a low voice, so Long Xi naturally heard it. However, he did not seem to have any reaction. It was just right for them to give up. He seemed to have meant it.

“I like it, but I just like it. There’s always a chance to get something better, so there’s no need to force it.” 19 turned to look at the domineering and cold Long Xi. He knew that Shen Xiaoxiao’s decision rarely changed, so he did not speak anymore. As expected, he gave up on the auction.

“80 million going once, 80 million going twice. 80 million going three times, sold.” With a bang, a jade hairpin made the auction reach a strange peak. Such a price made even the auctioneer, Xia Guojin, blush. It must be known that the higher the price of the item, the best advertis.e.m.e.nt for the auctioneer. After tonight, he believed that his level would be even higher.

She could give up the jade hairpin, but Shen Xiaoxiao knew that she had to get the last item.

Moreover, he had spent 80 million yuan to buy a jade hairpin. She wanted to see how much money Long Xi still had to compete with her for the Black Ganoderma.

“Next is a medicine, a hundred-year Purple Ganoderma. The base price is 3 million yuan. Each bid is 200,000 yuan. The auction begins now.”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the glittering Black Ganoderma on the stage. Due to the lack of a horn, the price was not set too high. However, Shen Xiaoxiao did not dare to let her guard down.

The upper-cla.s.s people present were more interested in jewelry, but not many were interested in the Black Ganoderma.

Of course, there were a few people who raised their placards. However, the price stopped at 3.4 million yuan. Shen Xiaoxiao knew that it was time for her to make her move.

However, before she could make her move, Long Xi had already raised his placard. Only his hoa.r.s.e and low voice could be heard saying, “5 million.”

D*mn it, she knew that Long Xi would definitely fight with her for the Black Ganoderma.

Shen Xiaoxiao turned her head and looked at Long Xi with a mocking gaze. Her eyes were frighteningly cold. Even Nan Ya, who was looking over from the side, was scared to the point of breaking out in cold sweat. This woman was angry, very angry.

“8 million.”

The atmosphere instantly heated up. It was these two people challenging each other again. Could it be that KN and the Multi-Treasure Group were not on good terms? They had never heard of any business dealings?

Both of them were people that could not be offended. Although the Multi-Treasure Group was not as old as KN and had more seniority, everyone present was a businessman. Nothing was set in stone. Some enterprises could go bankrupt overnight, not to mention a rising star like this. Moreover, no one present could question the ability of Long Xi.

“10 million.”

Oh, this was really going against her, wasn’t it?

Shen Xiaoxiao really could not hold back her anger. She directly shouted, “20 million.”

“40 million.”

“80 million.”

“Wow, it can’t be. A piece of incomplete Ganoderma is worth 80 million? This, this, there are even older ones in my family. If they want me to sell them for 10 million, I’ll sell them.”

The voices behind him rose and fell, and everyone began to clamor. Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Long Xi, and this time, she said directly, “Boss Long, you must be determined to get it? I don’t mind fighting with Boss Long to the end. Let’s see how capable Boss Long is.”

Long Xi looked at Shen Xiaoxiao’s fierce look. This was really a rare sight. He turned his head to look at the Black Ganoderma on the viewing platform, slowly approached Shen Xiaoxiao’s ear, and said in a low voice, “Xiaoxiao, if you bid on it, you won’t be able to leave this place tonight. Jiang Haoran has already left. Why do you think he left so quickly?”

“What do you mean?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was shocked and turned to look at Long Xi. However, Long Xi was already very close to her. She turned her head and her lips brushed past the tip of his nose. Shen Xiaoxiao hurriedly moved back.

Many people had seen it, but no one said anything. After all, it was an accident.

“Xiaoxiao, be good. If you take this thing, it won’t be so easy for you to leave tonight.”

“100 million.”


“100 million? Are you crazy?”

Shen Xiaoxiao did not care about Long Xi. The thing that she wanted, even if she had to die, would be tightly held in her hands.

“Xiaoxiao, you are so naughty.”


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