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Chapter 673 The Child Was Alive

Song Yunxuan had known that the video that Mei Qi brought over was fake, so she was not surprised when hearing Chu Mochen’s parents say so.

But she frowned while seeing that Xia Binger was eager to see her embarra.s.sment.

Then, Song Yunxuan smiled and said, “The video is fake, but the person is real.”

When the words were said, not only Chu Mochen’s parents were stunned, but Xia Binger was also shocked for an instant.

What did Song Yunxuan mean?

Xia Binger stared at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan turned around calmly. Her gaze swept across Xia Binger’s stunned face and fell on Mr. Chu’s. She said, “Mr. Chu, the child Xia Binger brought to me is still alive, not dead.”

As soon as Song Yunxuan said this, Xia Binger’s eyes widened, and her expression of astonishment was hard to ignore.

Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu glanced at Xia Binger and asked Song Yunxuan, “Where is the child?”


Song Yunxuan turned around and called.

Immediately, Mei Qi led a cute little boy in from the door of the Chu Family’s villa.

As Xia Binger looked at the child getting closer and closer, her brows twisted. She whispered incredulously, “It’s a lie. It must be a lie…”

Mei Qi held the cute little boy by the hand. Seeing that he was walking slowly, Mei Qi bent over and picked up the child.

When they approached, Xia Binger and Chu Mochen’s parents all saw the child’s looks clearly.

Song Yunxuan glanced coldly at Xia Binger and said to Chu Mochen’s parents, “This child is the one Xia Binger brought to see me at that time.”

“No!” Xia Binger got fl.u.s.tered and quickly denied it.

Her sharp voice shocked all the people present.

Mei Qi held the child and looked at Xia Binger.

When the child saw Xia Binger, he opened his arms and said to Xia Binger with grievances, “Mommy, hug me!”

The child’s words evoked Xia Binger’s sore point.

Xia Binger immediately frowned and said ferociously, “Who is your mother? Who are you, b*stard? How dare you talk nonsense here and claim that I am your mother?”

The child had never seen Xia Binger like this. As he was treated fiercely by Xia Binger now, his brows tightened, and his eyes became red. He said with a stubborn and crying voice, “Mommy, you don’t want me anymore? Mommy, why? I have been a good boy.”

The child’s voice was immature and innocent. After all, he was little.

He spoke simple words.

Hearing the child’s sobbing, Xia Binger knitted her brows, pointed at the child with trembling fingers, and anxiously explained, “Song Yunxuan found the b*stard out of nowhere. I don’t even know him. My son looked different from him. My son had already pa.s.sed away. My son was killed by Song Yunxuan!”

Xia Binger insisted that Song Yunxuan killed her son.

Song Yunxuan glanced at her disdainfully. She walked over to pick up the child from Mei Qi, took the child’s hand, wiped his tears, and said, “Don’t cry, Boer. Even if your mother abandoned you, you still have me. Tell me what your mother said to you?”

Song Yunxuan spoke gently to the child.

Being tenderly asked, the child wiped his tears, glanced at Xia Binger hesitantly, and said, “Mommy asked me to get in a car and go with a man first. I refused. But the man pulled me into the car. He had a lot of strength, and I felt a lot of pain. He beat me, and then I didn’t remember anything.”

As he was saying, the child rubbed his arm.

Seeing him touch his arm, Song Yunxuan pulled up his sleeve at once.

As soon as his sleeve was rolled up, Song Yunxuan saw that there was a heavy bruise on the child’s arm as if it had been vigorously scratched.

Song Yunxuan frowned, turned to look at Xia Binger, and asked her, “Are you surprised?”

“I don’t know what you mean.” Xia Binger clenched her fingers and refused to admit it.

Song Yunxuan said, “Didn’t you plan to kill this kid to frame me? It’s a pity that the child was saved by me.”

“There is no such thing. I don’t even know this kid. Don’t use this kid to frame me!” Xia Binger scolded Song Yunxuan unconvincingly, “Song Yunxuan, how despicable you are! Take advantage of such a little child.”

Hearing Xia Binger’s sharp and unwilling retort, Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows, “Aren’t you curious why this kid is alive?”

Xia Binger pursed her lips and squinted her eyes while staring at Song Yunxuan.

Of course, she was curious why this child could appear in front of her alive.

Shouldn’t this child have been killed after being separated from her?

This child should have become the corpse in the car accident. Why did he appear here alive?

And, if the dead kid was not Boer, who was the disfigured kid?

As Xia Binger was thinking, she couldn’t help feeling scared in her heart.

What the h.e.l.l was going on?

Her mind became chaotic. However, as soon as she imagined her tragic end after her lie was exposed, she pulled herself together immediately and said to Song Yunxuan, “He is not my son. Stop asking irrelevant questions.”

Although Xia Binger said so, Song Yunxuan didn’t want to let her go. She said, “Look at you. The person who instigated you behind the scenes didn’t explain clearly to you, right?”

Xia Binger’s sore point was mentioned. She squinted, and her heart became fl.u.s.tered.

He did say before that he would arrange things properly.

He would never let anyone interfere in this matter.

However, she did not expect that the child would appear in front of her unharmed.

Xia Binger frowned but was still stubborn, “Song Yunxuan, the video is fake. Today, you brought a child whom I don’t know to pretend to be my son. How cruel you are. I just want to seek justice for my dead son.”

Song Yunxuan held Boer’s hand and said to Xia Binger, “Why need to mention seeking justice? Your son is not dead at all. Why do you need to seek justice?”

As Song Yunxuan was speaking, Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu turned their sights to Xia Binger.

Xia Binger twisted her eyebrows, feeling that things were hard to end. She was so nervous in her heart.

And Song Yunxuan said, “The child’s body is still in the hospital. Do you need to verify whether that child’s blood type is the same as Chu Mochen’s?”

Chu Mochen had blood type A.

The blood type of the child Song Yunxuan saved was A as well.

But what was the blood type of the dead child in the hospital was a question.

Xia Binger contracted her lips, “Song Yunxuan, what tricks do you want to do?”

Song Yunxuan ignored Xia Binger’s words. She smiled and said to Chu Mochen’s parents while holding the child, “Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu, I can prove that Xia Binger is a liar.”

As soon as Song Yunxuan said those words, Xia Binger immediately got mad and retorted excitedly, “No, I’m not. Song Yunxuan, you are framing me.”

“You will know whether I am framing you after we go to the hospital to check the child died in the car accident.”

Xia Binger couldn’t help taking a step back.

Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu learned that Song Yunxuan had a way to reveal the truth. They nodded, “Let’s go to the hospital now.”

Hearing Chu Mochen’s parents said yes, Xia Binger felt her heart sink.

The child in the hospital was not Boer. Was his blood type the same as Chu Mochen’s?

When he was doing this, why didn’t he inform her in advance?

Xia Binger was very anxious.

After hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Chu Mochen’s parents immediately ordered a maid to prepare the car and asked Xia Binger to go to the hospital with them.

Xia Binger could not refuse.

She thought she might still have some luck, hoping the man had paid attention to those details while handling this affair.

However, she was restless.

When Chu Mochen’s parents asked her to go with them, she, with a pale face, made an excuse, “I want to use the restroom. I don’t feel well.”

Chu Mochen’s parents had no reason to stop her from leaving, so they nodded.

After pa.s.sing Mr. Chu, Mrs. Chu, and Song Yunxuan, Xia Binger immediately turned around to the restroom.

Song Yunxuan believed that Xia Binger would do something when she was in the restroom. However, holding Boer in her arms, Song Yunxuan didn’t want to follow Xia Binger to see what she was going to do.

Therefore, she waited for Xia Binger’s return in the living room with Chu Mochen’s parents.

After entering the restroom, Xia Binger closed the door, took out her phone, and quickly made a call.

The call was dialed out. After a few ringback tones, it was picked up.

Being anxious, Xia Binger instantly said, “Why is Boer still alive?”

The other end was silent and didn’t answer at once.

Without hearing the answer, Xia Binger was even more fl.u.s.tered and said rudely, “Shao Tianze, you said you would get everything done. Why is Boer alive now? Song Yunxuan is going to see the dead child in the hospital with me now. She asked me to prove that the child was Chu Mochen’s son. Did you check the corpse specifically?”

Hearing Xia Binger’s words, Shao Tianze squinted and said evenly, “Do not worry. I have arranged everything in the hospital.”

Xia Binger breathed a sigh of relief when Shao Tianze said this.

Shao Tianze said, “But Song Yunxuan is cunning. She may have set up a trap in the hospital, waiting for you to snare yourself.”

Because of Shao Tianze’s warning, Xia Binger felt worried again, “What should I do?”

Shao Tianze said, “If you find something wrong, you just make an excuse to leave. Otherwise, Song Yunxuan won’t let you end well since she is so cruel.”

“But what if I can’t escape then? Can I leave now?”

Shao Tianze was displeased, “You haven’t seen the situation. How can you leave now? After you go to the hospital and check the situation, you could run away. I will send someone to the back door of the hospital to meet you. I will never let you fall into Song Yunxuan’s hands. Trust me.”


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