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Chapter 352 Doctor Jiang’s Benefactor

Unlike Song Yunxuan, Gu Changle began to face up to the current situation in the Shao Family.

Unlike before, the family servants had been very cautious about everything since Nurse Sun had been sent to the police station. Moreover, they had paid more attention on things she ordered them to do.

As long as things had been something to do with Song Yunjia, every one of them would have present ambiguous answers.

Gu Changle was vexed.

Nurse Sun was no longer around, which meant that her confidant had been eliminated.

She didn’t even have an a.s.sistant in the Shao Family. No matter what had happened, she could have only counted on herself.

But fortunately, she had still got Doctor Jiang.

Although a lot of dramas had happened recently, Doctor Jiang still came on time every day to enquire about her physical condition.

Gu Changle felt quite upset, which made her suffer abdominal pain and vomit even more.

After Jiang Minjing had auscultated her heart, Gu Changle began to ask her, “How much longer?”

Jiang Minjing didn’t know what she referred to, so she asked, “Miss Gu, do you mean when the child will be leaving you?”

Gu Changle nodded.

Though she felt a stab of pain in her heart every time she raised the question, yet she could not sidestep the question now.

Now, she must face up to the question.

Jiang Minjing pressed her lips and said, “I’ve told you before that I can a.s.sist you at any time as long as you come up with a plan.”

“Now the timing isn’t right yet.” Gu Changle pressed her lips.

Hearing her words, Jiang Minjing nodded, “Since it’s not the right time, then please bide your time. When it comes, please let me know in advance.”

Gu Changle nodded.

After having left some antiabortifacients and tonics, Jiang Minjing excused herself. But just at the time she was about to leave, Gu Changle stopped her.

“Doctor Jiang.”

Jiang Minjiang was about to walk out of the door.

Hearing Gu Changle’s voice, she turned to look at her curiously, “Is there anything else, Miss Gu?”

Gu Changle pressed her lips and then she asked, “I always want to ask you why you help me like this.”

Hearing her question, Jiang Minjing pondered for a while and then curled up her lips, “Isn’t it my responsibility to take care of you since you are my patient?”

Though her explanation sounded reasonable, yet Gu Changle didn’t really buy it.

She frowned and then continued asking, “Doctor Jiang, I know you are a good doctor and a very clever person. I don’t believe that you help me for no reason.”

Hearing her challenge, Jiang Minjing was speechless.

Gu Changle was right.

Jiang Minjing would never have helped a patient to this extent if there hadn’t been any reasons.

There was no need for her to get involved in this trouble.

But now she took the trouble for Gu Changle.

Gu Changle stared at her, “Doctor Jiang, what is it for?”

“For….” Jiang Minjing murmured.

Gu Changle’s eyes were fixed on Jiang Minjing’s face and she observed her facial expressions.

A moment later, Jiang Minjing suddenly replied, “It’s probably because of your elder sister.”

As soon as Gu Changle heard Jiang Minjiang’s words, she felt that her heart skipped a beat.

“Because of my elder sister Gu Changge?” she felt surprised and asked Jiang Minjing, frowning.

Hearing Gu Changle say Gu Changge’s name, Jiang Minjing nodded, “Yes, it’s because of your elder sister, Miss Gu Changge.”

Gu Changle’s couldn’t help clenching her fingers.

She made a fist without letting Jiang Minjing see it.

For all these years, she had always been trying to make a clean break with her elder sister Gu Changge and wanting to turn from an ign.o.ble adopted girl of the Gu Family into the official miss.

But now it appeared that she had been defeated anyway.

Even the doctor wasn’t helping her for no reason. Doctor Jiang had always been considerate to her because she owed to Gu Changge.

When she thought about Jiang Minjing’s words, she felt angry as well as amused.

After having answered Gu Changle’s question, Jiang Minjing asked her, “Miss Gu, is there anything else?”

Gu Changle shook her head, “No, there isn’t. You may leave, Doctor Jiang.”

Jiang Minjing nodded and then she left politely.

Soon after Jiang Minjing had left, Gu Changle let out a chuckle.

“It’s actually all because of Gu Changge. These people all adore and miss Gu Changge. I really don’t understand what made them obsessed with Gu Changge.”

She could not understand what abilities did Gu Changge, a workaholic and a woman who relied on her father to establish herself, have to let so many people remember and feel grateful for her.

Since the day she was adopted to the Gu Family by Gu Cheng, she had been feeling that Gu Changge was not much better off than her.

Gu Changge kept a poker face every day.

If Gu Cheng hadn’t announced to Yuncheng that his wife, who was Gu Changge’s mother, married to him legally, Gu Changge would have had nothing to be proud of.

Because she was Gu Cheng’s eldest daughter, she were pampered and valued so much.

Everything belonged to Gu Changge.

Even if Gu Changle had been at the Gu Family, she would have also enjoyed the treatment that she deserved.

But Gu Cheng had always been indifferent to her.

If he hadn’t liked her before, he shouldn’t have adopted her.

However, he adopted her anyway.

Yet he did not give her anything.

She watched her elder sister Gu Changge win Shao Tianze’s heart because Gu Changge had the halo effect of being the miss of the Gu Family.

And she watched Gu Changge become a legend in the whole Yuncheng.

She watched her draw the attention of all the medias and be published in the financial magazines for countless times, quite high-spirited and vigorous.

And from then Gu Changle began to feel quite jealous of her.

Why should Gu Changge own everything? Since Gu Changle had already been a member of the Gu Family, then why couldn’t she enjoy one share?

Even just a little bit, that would have been fine.

However, Gu Cheng didn’t even give one piece of the heritage to her.

After he had died, everything had been given intact to Gu Changge.

Even though Gu Changle had been annoyed, she would not have been able to argue or wail.

But now when she found herself alone in a hostile world, she accepted the kindness of the person who Gu Changge had once been gracious to.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down.

Then she stroked her belly with her fingers and took over her cell phone.

And then she called Shao Tianze.

Before the phone was connected, she tried her best to calm herself down and be gentle and mild.

But Shao Tianze didn’t answer the call right after he had heard his phone ringing.

Instead, he picked up the phone after a long while.


Gu Changle curled up her lips when hearing Shao Tianze call out her name and her voice became as soft as the time when she and Shao Tianze were madly in love, “Tianze.”

“What do you call me for?”

“I’ve boiled some soup. Will you come home for it tonight?”

“No. I have something important to deal with.”

Gu Changle stopped being soft. Then she asked him, “Where are you now?”

After having remained silent for a moment, he said truthfully, “I’m in the Champs-Elysea.”

“Then I’ll bring you the soup and let Yunjia have a taste of it.”

On hearing her words, Shao Tianze couldn’t help but go blank.

Gu Changle’s words clearly indicated that she agreed to serve his husband along with Song Yunjia in future.

Before this, Gu Changle would never accept such a thing.

Why did Gu Changle suddenly change her mind and accept such a life?

He couldn’t figure it out.

On the other end, Gu Changle asked her on seeing that he still didn’t respond after a long while, “Tianze, am I not welcome?”

“No.” Shao Tianze pressed his lips into a straight line.

With a slight sigh, he repeated, “You are welcome to be here. Come tonight.”

Gu Changle pretended to be happy.

She nodded, “OK, I’ll get everything ready and then go to the Champs-Elysea.”


After having turned his gaze back, Shao Tianze was still at a loss.

He didn’t know whether he should be happy or vexed about Gu Changle’s change in att.i.tude.

Actually, he hoped that Gu Changle would have accepted Song Yunjia if he had had a s.e.x relations.h.i.+p with Song Yunjia.

Now Gu Changle accepted Song Yunjia.

However, he was not as happy as he thought.

Knowing that Shao Tianze received a call from the Shao Family, she came over with a cup of flower tea and placed it on the tea-table in front of him, “Everything alright? Was it Changle who called you?”

“Yes. She asked me if I could return home for dinner tonight.”

Song Yunjia was a little overjoyed that Shao Tianze told her what they talked about on the phone so airily.

However, she also wondered what Shao Tianze’s answer was.

“I’ve asked the family servants to prepare dinner. Would you like to dine here or there?”

She asked him with concern.

If Shao Tianze had given up Gu Changle at this time and chosen to dine in the Champs-Elysea, then she could have been sure that she had completely won his heart.

She waited nervously for Shao Tianze’s answer.

After having taken the flower tea she handed over, lifted the lid blue-and-white china, and slightly taken a sip, Shao Tianze said, “I said I wouldn’t go home for dinner tonight.”

Song Yunjia’s face immediately lit up, “So you are going to dine here tonight, right?”

Although it was just an ordinary dinner, Song Yunjia still couldn’t help feeling excited.

Shao Tianze actually chose to stay at her place for dinner instead of going home to be with Gu Changle.

She had already become very important to him, right?

Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, Song Yunjia raised from the edge of the table. She couldn’t conceal his joy, so her voice even trembled with excitement, “I’ll go to the kitchen to tell the servants to prepare more dishes.”

Shao Tianze gave her a smile and nodded.

Song Yunjia felt that she was like bathing in the spring breeze when seeing him smile and nod at her.

But when she turned around, she suddenly heard Shao Tianze tell her, “By the way, prepare one more set of dishes.”

Song Yunjia frowned and turned to look at him, asking, “Are there any other guests coming tonight?”

Shao Tianze didn’t answer her question instantly, he just reminded her, “Besides, tell the cooks not to prepare soup. Changle said that she had boiled some soup and would bring it here with her.”

“Changle….” Song Yunjia whispered the name.

She found it hard to believe his words, so she asked, “Tianze, you mean Changle will join us for dinner tonight?”

Seeing that Song Yunjia looked at him in disbelief, Shao Tianze frowned slightly and asked in reply, “Any problems?”

There was a problem!

Of course there was a problem!

Song Yunjia flamed with great displeasure.

The only one that would be with Shao Tianze was her, why did Gu Changle suddenly step in?

This b.i.t.c.h would like to come to ruin her date with Shao Tianze again.

She mouthed, feeling quite torn, “No, no problems.”

Now that Gu Changle was willing come with the soup she boiled, it meant that she would like to get on with her well.

So how could she wear a jealous look which would make Shao Tianze detest her?


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