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Chapter 1087: I Am Proud Of You

“However, you need to change your way of resolving these emotions that will affect our judgment!”

“Anger can become encouragement, sadness can become motivation, tears can become fearlessness, and sorrow can become courage! If you link them together, you can understand that all the sacrifices are to stir our motivation so that we can pa.s.s down the fearlessness and courage of our martyrs. We will use the guns in our hands to continue protecting our country! This is your best tribute to the martyrs!”

“You can only choose to face these cruel truths! You must face them seriously! Let me say it once again. Ye Jian, if one day, I sacrificed or you sacrificed, every single bullet from the gun in your hand that hits the evil is the best tribute to these martyrs!”

When she heard his words, it felt like a powerful bomb exploding in her heart. The impact pressed her spirit down forcefully and turned it into small broken pieces. Then, it got pieced back together by his cold voice again, pieced back together into a complete Ye Jian that was reborn from the fires.

The best tribute to the martyrs was to use the gun in their hands to shoot all the evils! This was the best tribute!

Ye Jian took a deep breath. She was a smart person and her ability to understand was strong. She had also experienced many difficulties before so she had a strong mentality. After Xia Jinyuan woke her up, she quickly walked out of the b.l.o.o.d.y memory that she didn’t want to recall.

“During normal times, you won’t need me to persuade you. The fifteen days of the outdoor survival training was already a challenge to the mental and physical state of a person. When you walked through the rainforest alone, you would feel that you were the only person in this world. This is enough to affect your mentality to a certain degree.”

“When you saw one of your comrades sacrificed, it might be hard for you to accept this temporarily. It’s very normal.”

“We have experienced sacrifices before too. Once, we went out with ten people and came back with only nine. I locked myself up in my room for two days without coming out. G3 went to the training area and continued torturing himself for 24 hours until he collapsed on the ground, exhausted. J5 recited the military rules for an entire day while Han Zheng hung himself on the tree. In the end, the entire military unit was alerted because they thought that he was taken away by the tigers in the mountain.”

“All of us have emotions. However, we have already pa.s.sed the age of getting psychologists to guide us so we had to take care of our emotions ourselves. Two days later, after we stabilized our emotions, we came out fine again.”

Ye Jian’s performance was already not bad. She didn’t appear frightened and timid in front of sacrifices. These emotions were taboo for Special Forces soldiers. She was just dejected and sad… These were normal emotions when your comrades died. Her performance was already not bad.

“Captain Xia, you really understand me. After listening to what you said, I feel much better.” In the end, Ye Jian cleared the layer of dust on her spirit and the gloominess on her face disappeared entirely. She lifted her head slightly and looked at the tall and towering soldier in front of her. There was a slight smile at the edge of her lips. “At the same time, you allowed me to see how strong the goal I’m chasing is once again.”

“Thank you, Captain Xia. Thank you for always appearing in front of me and solving these difficult problems that I can’t solve temporarily!”

Xia Jinyuan smiled gradually when he noticed that she had surpa.s.sed herself once again. He leaned over and gave her a warm kiss on her forehead. “Ye Jian, I’m proud of you! You are the most powerful soldier in my heart! I’m really proud of you!”


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