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Chapter 1094: The Plan Backfires

Wen Xinya obviously knew that Ning Shuqian was trying to improve the directors’ impression of her and let them know that she prioritized the Wen Corporation’s interests.

The corporation’s interests mattered the most to the shareholders.

She had also tried to sweep their feud under the carpet by calling it a mere misunderstanding. Besides, who would pursue the misdeeds that Ning Shuqian had done to Wen Xinya in the past? They were not the victims, anyway.

If she were to accept Ning Shuqian’s apology, Ning Shuqian’s plan would work. Not only would the directors be impressed and view her in a different light, but she could also use the matter against Wen Xinya if they were to get into conflict again in the future.

If she were to reject Ning Shuqian’s apology, she would seem like a petty person and the directors would think that she did not possess the graciousness that heiresses ought to have. She was the successor of the Wen Corporation. If she could not be magnanimous and be tolerating towards others, no one would be genuine about working for her.

She had no choice but to admit that Ning Shuqian had pulled a brilliant move.

Before Wen Xinya could even speak, Wen Haowen said eagerly, “Xinya, what do you mean? Director Ning is your stepmother, too. She’s an elder, but she’s already swallowed her pride to apologize to you. Why are you still acting so arrogantly?”

Thinking about the 3% of shares that Ning Shuqian owned as well as Madam Zhang who was supporting Ning Shuqian, Wen Haowen could no longer continue to pretend to be a benevolent father. Hence, he immediately reprimanded her.

The shareholders looked at each other in shock. Although they knew about the feud between Ning Shuqian and Wen Xinya, they were not concerned about it at all. The only thing they were worried about was the fact that their feud would affect the Wen Corporation’s interests.

Ning Shuqian and Wen Haowen were a married couple and Wen Haowen was the major shareholder and CEO of the Wen Corporation. On the other hand, Wen Xinya had Chairman Old Mr. Wen to support her. Hence, if they were to get into a conflict, the directors would be in trouble.

Ning Shuqian lowered her pride now.

Wen Xinya acted all high and mighty, thus arousing the displeasure of the directors.

They felt that Wen Xinya was being too petty and lacked the magnanimosity that a successor ought to have. Hence, they reckoned that they would not be able to cozy up to her even when she took over the Wen Corporation in the future.

Wen Xinya squinted and smirked coldly while knocking her fingers against the surface of the table. She glanced at Ning Shuqian calmly without looking away.

“Xinya, I know I was wrong for doing those things to you in the past and hence, I shall apologize to you now. Please forgive me on the account of the Wen Corporation,” Ning Shuqian said in a bid to add fuel to the fire.

Since swallowing her pride did not work, apologizing should do the trick!

The more lowly she behaved, the pettier Wen Xinya would seem. It would appear as if she was calculative and ignorant towards the Wen Corporation’s interests.

Wen Xinya laughed, thinking to herself, Ning Shuqian’s apology is making me seem like I’m at fault even though I’m the victim of her vicious plots.

The directors obviously wouldn’t pursue the matter or put the blame on anyone, for an outcome was all that they wanted.

Wen Haowen said coldly with a stern expression, “Xinya, don’t push your limits. The directors are all looking at you.”

Sensing Wen Xinya’s gaze which was as intense as the burning sun, Ning Shuqian glanced at her calmly with a sarcastic and smug smirk.

Wen Xinya’s beautiful face stiffened like water freezing in winter. “Miss Ning, what are you trying to do? As the successor of the Wen Family, I definitely have to put the Wen Corporation’s interests first. As for the conflicts between us, I’m indeed the victim, but the entire Wen Family has been hurt by your actions too. If you’re really sincere about apologizing, you shouldn’t be apologizing to me in front of the directors. Instead, you should be seeking forgiveness from Grandpa. After all, Grandpa is my elder and you should apologize to him first.”

In the eyes of the outsiders, Ning Shuqian had indeed come up with a vicious plan to harm Wen Xinya. However, Wen Xinya was not hurt at all. In fact, the Wen Family was the one who suffered major damage to their reputation.

Hence, Wen Xinya’s answer was reasonable and flawless.

The shareholders nodded in approval of Wen Xinya’s words.

Ning Shuqian’s face grew sullen. She did not expect that Wen Xinya would use Old Mr. Wen against her, causing her plan to backfire.

She had to apologize to Old Mr. Wen!

The thought of the menacing and vicious look in Old Mr. Wen’s gray and gla.s.sy eyes made Ning Shuqian s.h.i.+ver.

She dared not face Old Mr. Wen at all.

Wen Xinya was practically digging a hole and making her jump straight into it. Since the directors were all present, Ning Shuqian could not retaliate at all. If she didn’t apologize to Old Mr. Wen, she would seem insincere and hence, wouldn’t be able to secure her footing in the board.

Wen Xinya ignored the change in Ning Shuqian’s expression and continued, “Miss Ning, pardon me for being blunt. Although Grandpa still doesn’t acknowledge you as the daughter-in-law of the Wen Family, your name is registered in my father’s household register and hence, you’re his lawful spouse. Regardless of what you’ve done, it’s all our family’s matters. How could you bring them up during the board meeting? What do you take this place for? Miss Ning, please draw a line between work and personal life.”

The directors suddenly realized that Ning Shuqian was indeed acting inappropriately by bringing up their private matters during the board meeting.

The directors were rather displeased by Ning Shuqian’s behavior.

Noticing the changes in their expressions, Ning Shuqian frantically apologized to Wen Xinya awkwardly. “Xinya… I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that just now.”

Wen Xinya answered coldly, “Miss Ning, why are you saying sorry to me? Shouldn’t you be apologizing to the directors instead, for delaying the board meeting and wasting their time?”

She was trying to say that Ning Shuqian was ill-mannered.

Ning Shuqian wanted to make use of her to give the directors a good impression of herself, but Wen Xinya decided to foil her plans and make them backfire.

Due to the fact that the directors were already displeased with the frequency of board meetings about the entertainment city, Wen Xinya’s words made them much more infuriated.

Ning Shuqian had never experienced something like that before. At a complete loss for what to do, Ning Shuqian shot Wen Haowen a glance, in a bid to ask him for help.


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