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Chapter 297: A Strategy Burying a Trap (3)

“Yes.” Zhang Cui nodded respectfully and left.

Lu Manman turned on her computer and smiled.

Lu Xuanran worked at Lu Firm unhappily.

He had been working the whole day as if she had nothing to do. Moreover, he kept hearing rumors about Lu Manman, saying that she was a heroine, a businesswoman, and a queen.

In his memory, although Lu Manman had been better at her studies than he was, he had never seen her so domineering.

There were a few times when he saw Lu Manman walk into the boardroom with a calm expression and then walk out confidently.

He used to think that Lu Zishan was backing her up, but now…

On the contrary, he felt that Lu Manman had the ability.

The more he admitted it, the more jealous he felt.

He was the only grandson of the Lu family. Only he had the right to strut around Lu Firm. Who was Lu Manman?!

Why was she so arrogant?

He was unhappy.

He was extremely unsatisfied.

He wanted nothing more than to throw Lu Manman off the Lu Firm building every day. Out of sight, out of mind.

He sat in his office and played games to calm his anger. His cell phone rang, and he turned to look at the caller ID. “Who’s this?”

“Xuanran, can’t you tell from my voice?” A gentle male voice sounded from the other end, and he sounded familiar.

“Wen Yun?” Lu Xuanran was uncertain.

Since Wen Yun and Lu Manman were already separated, why did he still take the initiative to call him?!

“Are you free? Let’s have dinner tonight.”

“What’s the matter?”

“No matter what, we’re still brothers. Don’t be so polite. It’s just a meal,” Wen Yun said.

Lu Xuanran actually did not like Wen Yun.

He did not like anyone who was related to Lu Manman back then!

But his grandfather liked Wen Yun a lot because Wen Yun’s family background was useful to the Lu family. And his grandfather seemed to be in touch with the Wen family now. He thought for a while and saw that Wen Yun and Lu Manman had nothing to do with each other anymore, so he did not mind this man. He casually agreed. “Alright, where?”

“Minyao Hub.”


Lu Xuanran hung up and continued playing his game.

He did not take this meal seriously at all.

When it was time to knock off, he got off work on time and headed to the meeting place.

She followed the attendant into the private room.

Wen Yun was already in the small but luxurious private room.

Lu Xuanran sat beside Wen Yun and picked up his chopsticks. He had poor manners and casually asked, “Why did you suddenly invite me for a meal today?”

“I heard that you’re working at Lu Firm, so I wanted to celebrate with you.”

“Work?” Lu Xuanran scoffed. He was fuming just thinking about work.

“Why do you seem unhappy?” Wen Yun poured some alcohol for Lu Xuanran.

Lu Xuanran accepted it.

“Why did you want to see me?” Lu Xuanran seemed a little impatient as if he did not want to talk about work.

“It’s also because of Lu Manman.”

“Don’t even think about what I’m going to say to you. Lu Manman is already married. It’s impossible for you to marry her! Moreover, she’s already a second-hand good! Don’t you find it disgusting to want her?! I don’t even want her if you give her to me!” Lu Xuanran said disdainfully.


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