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Chapter 230: Little B*tch, Evidence (7)

“Just speak your mind. I’ll help you if I can.” Lu Manman smiled gently.

“Why are you helping me?” Xiao Juan was suddenly alert.

“It doesn’t feel good to be maligned like this.” Lu Manman smiled. “I was also maligned by your miss. She said that I caused Daisy’s death.”

Xiao Juan’s expression shifted. “Isn’t it?”

“You know that’s not the case.” Lu Manman pressed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Xiao Juan hurriedly shook her head.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m not saying anything.” Lu Manman looked gentler now. She softly asked,” I heard that you’ve served Mo Li for many years?”


“Does she usually treat you well?”

“Miss has done me a huge favor. She often gave me money privately and told me to take it to support my younger brothers’ studies. She said that it was because she couldn’t go to school like other people, and she would be very happy to satisfy other people’s wishes. Miss is really the kindest person I’ve ever met!” Xiao Juan said sincerely.

Lu Manman smiled and nodded. “Mm-hm, I think so too.”

“So why did you kill Miss’s favorite puppy?” Xiao Juan asked her.

“I’ve said before that I didn’t kill it. I’m still investigating how Daisy died. It’s a way to comfort your miss,” Lu Manman said and sighed.

“There’s no need to investigate. Daisy’s death is a blow to Miss. Even if you investigate, it’s still dead.”

“There has to be an explanation,” Lu Manman said. She then stood up. “Xiao Juan, consider it carefully. Don’t resign just like that. Are your two younger brothers still going to school in the future?”

Xiao Juan kept quiet as she looked at Lu Manman.

Lu Manman smiled and left her room.

She walked toward the garden.

There was a small path from Xiao Juan’s room to the garden. If she remembered correctly, the cameras could not see this spot.

She walked around the garden a few times before stopping outside Mo Li’s balcony.

If someone were to toss something down here, it should not be too difficult for the person below to catch it.

Her eyes narrowed, and she hurriedly made a call.

The call went through. “Mrs. Mo, you’re thinking of me again so soon?”

“Ye Heng,” Lu Manman said. “I need your help with something.”

“I’m already used to you finding me for work the moment you call. Speak your mind.” Ye Heng was easygoing.

Lu Manman went straight to the point. “Help me investigate if Mo Yuanxiu’s sister, Mo Li, has any private accounts and how much money is in them. Has she transferred any money recently—no, just yesterday?”

“What for?” the person on the other end asked, sounding a little careless.

“To prove my innocence.”

“I see.” Ye Heng was enlightened. “Ah Xiu already got me to do the investigation. I asked him why, but he hung up with a dark expression. I knew that he wouldn’t be so concerned about his sister usually. So it’s all because of you!”

“Then, why didn’t you tell me earlier!” Lu Manman was fuming.

“That’s because Ah Xiu didn’t give me any instructions,” Ye Heng said. “You know that even though we look like good friends, I’m actually quite afraid of him.”

“Why are you afraid of him?”

“I’m not telling you. You can stay curious!” Ye Heng deliberately smiled deviously.

Lu Manman’s expression shifted.

Was this person still a kid?! What a childish game.


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