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Chapter 599: Miao Jing’s Birthday

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Mistake? How could there be a mistake? The army will definitely not be wrong. As for what exactly happened, I am not too sure. I will ask Zhai Sheng about it once he is finished with his work, or I will get him to return your call.” Miao Jing seemed to be in an extremely good mood. There was a sense of excitement in her tone.

Qiao Nan did not think too much of it. She had thought that Miao Jing was in a good mood as Zhai Sheng had returned safely from his mission. “Oh, okay, Auntie Miao, I will not disturb you. Goodbye.”

“What’s wrong? You didn’t manage to get an answer?” s.h.i.+ Qing sat next to Qiao Nan, listening to the phone call without any reservation. “Isn’t Brother Zhai back? Why is it Auntie Miao who answered the phone?”

“I am not too sure. Maybe because Brother Zhai is back, so Auntie Miao went to the army to see him.” Qiao Nan frowned and put down the phone. “Forget it. I will wait for his call.”

“Alright, stop being so gloomy. If Uncle Qiao comes back and sees you like this, he will be worried.” s.h.i.+ Qing reminded her. “Now that you know that Brother Zhai is back safely, you can set your heart at rest. Don’t be so melancholic and absent-minded like before.”

“You are right. I am getting confused.” Qiao Nan took a deep breath and rubbed her face.

She had told herself more than once that the most important thing for her right now was to do well in her exams and take charge of her own future. However, she seemed to deviate from her goals. True enough, it was not good to start a relations.h.i.+p while she was still studying.

While Qiao Nan was focused on her studies, something happened over at Zhai Sheng’s side.

After completing the mission, Zhai Sheng had wanted to find a quiet place to make a phone call to Qiao Nan. If possible, he would like to go back to Ping Cheng to see Qiao Nan.

He had only returned to the camp and his mother turned up right then. She was exhilarated that he completed his mission and returned safely to the camp, and so she asked her chauffeur to send her to the camp.

“Zhai Sheng, have you changed your clothes?” Miao Jing kept urging Zhai Sheng to change his clothes.

Zhai Sheng looked unhappy at the formal clothing he wore. “Mom, you should know that I don’t like to wear this kind of clothing. I feel uncomfortable.”

“But today is my birthday. Surely, you will do that for me and accompany me to have a meal?” It was Miao Jing’s turn to be unhappy. Miao Jing wore a cheongsam with a distinct Chinese design. Her long hair was styled into a bun at the back of her head. She looked very elegant and sophisticated.

“I don’t mind having a meal with you on your birthday, but why do I have to wear this set of clothes? I am a soldier. Wearing a military uniform is the greatest respect for you.” There was a glitter in Zhai Sheng’s eyes. “Mom, why do I sense that you are not behaving like yourself today?”

“Not behaving like myself? I don’t think so. You think too much. Alright, since you have changed your clothes, let’s get to Ping Cheng Hotel to have our meal. I have already ordered a cake.” Miao Jing had finally coaxed her son to put on the formal clothing. She did not want to waste this good opportunity.

Miao Jing knew that Zhai Sheng only had military uniforms and camouflaged suits in the army. He did not have any casual clothing, let alone formal clothes.

Therefore, Miao Jing came prepared. She brought a set of formal clothing that was Zhai Sheng’s size to the army.

“Wait a minute.” Zhai Sheng opened the door to his room quickly, went in, and closed it shut.

“Hey, what are you doing? Time is almost up. We will be late if we don’t set off now.” Miao Jing knocked on the door anxiously.

“I will change my clothes.”

“There’s no need to change. The clothing you’re wearing looks very good on you. Don’t change them.” If he were to change, he would be in his military uniform.

Unfortunately, no matter how Miao Jing knocked on the door, by the time Zhai Sheng came out of the room, he had changed back to the camouflaged suits that he usually wore in the army. “This is more comfortable.”

“No, today is my birthday, so you have to obey me. Go and change to the formal clothing from just now.” Miao Jing was displeased. Zhai Sheng looked das.h.i.+ng in the formal clothing. All the girls would fall for him.

“Are we going or not? Mom, it’s your birthday. It doesn’t matter where we celebrate. What’s important is who is celebrating with you. I will make a phone call right now and get Dad to come to the camp. Dad and I will celebrate your birthday with you. Dad and I are soldiers. It is quite meaningful for you to spend your birthday in the army camp.”

If they had the meal outside, he would have to change into the formal clothing. But if they stayed in the army camp, he supposed he would not need to change into the formal clothing.

“Don’t!” Miao Jing was upset. When her son was young and could be cajoled, she was not by his side. When she wanted her son to listen to her, he would not be easily coaxed. “Alright, you can wear whatever you like. You are the one who matters. We have to get going. I have already made a reservation. It’s about time. If we don’t go now, we will really be late. Let’s go.”

As long as he was there, it was fine if he refused to change his clothing.

There was no point if he refused to go.

“Is Dad waiting for us in the hotel?” Since it was his mother’s birthday, his father had to be present as well.

“Your, your dad, he, he is a little unwell today, so he is staying at home and will not be joining us. Are you not willing to be the only person who celebrates my birthday with me?” Miao Jing looked guilty. She straightened her back and pulled a long face deliberately. “You should know about my relations.h.i.+p with your dad. I want to spend my birthday happily. I only want to see the people who make me happy. Why should I invite those who anger me? Are you not going to celebrate my birthday with me since your dad is not going?”

“Dad is not going?” Zhai Sheng thought hard about it. “Alright, of course not. It seems like, besides me, there are other people who can make you happy and will celebrate your birthday with you today.”

Miao Jing’s countenance changed and she looked guilty. Did Zhai Sheng suspect anything?

She quickly remembered that she was the mother while Zhai Sheng was her son. She composed herself and held her head high.

So what if she was up to something? As a mother, it was natural for her to be worried about her son’s future.

“Mom, who are those people who can make you happy?” Zhai Sheng looked at Miao Jing coldly. Since when did his mother start to play these tricks?

“You will know when you arrive. You spend all the time in the army and there isn’t a chance for you to get to know someone else. Humans are sociable beings. When the time is appropriate, it can uplift one’s mood. Getting to know a few new friends can be helpful to one’s career.” Miao Jing believed that what she did was justified and right.

Zhai Sheng shut his eyes to rest. He did not expose her lies, but the atmosphere in the car turned stiff instantly.


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